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Ron Karr
Ron Karr
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March 27, 2011
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Feb. 5
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Bridge Player
about me

I've been in & out of bridge for years.  Mostly out til a few years ago when I retired.  Starting to get more serious.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Having an 8-0 record in the then-largest Swiss Teams at '79 Las Vegas NABC. We TIED for first.
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Yet to come
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Dan Raider, Polly Siegel, Jim Long, Manuela Marani, Dave Wheeler, David Neuman, Sigmund Malek
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Palo Alto, CA
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Silver Life Master
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Board 1 from the 12/27/2016 Common Game
I as North saw too late that the hand can be beaten by NOT cashing the club ace. Surely W is not going to make the double dummy play of ducking a club.
Board 1 from the 11/10/2015 Common Game
Seems like a pretty clearcut 2 overcall in direct seat as well. How is South then going to handle an invitational 5-5?
Board 1 from the 08/29/2015 Common Game
The point about raising on a 3-card suit in general is well taken. However, on this particular hand, there are other issues. You have an 8-loser hand opposite a passed partner. A raise to 2 is likely to get us too high (not to mention in the wrong strain). I ...
Board 5 from the 08/26/2015 Common Game
I puzzled over this too, but I think this is the double-dummy line: Whatever the opening lead, start by cashing 2 clubs, 2 hearts and the spade A. (Cashing 1 diamond is optional, but you can’t cash both.) Now ruff a heart with the spade 8. If LHO overruffs ...
Bypass Spades?
Some examples of the advantages of rebidding 1NT with a balanced hand: --When partner has 5 hearts and a weak hand, he has the option of rebidding 2 knowing you have at least 2. This is too dangerous when opener rebids 1 because hearts may be short. So ...
Ron Karr's bidding problem: AQJT94 972 J JT2
I had this hand at the table and passed. I thought the 3 low s was a negative factor, because other things being equal, partner was more likely to have the remaining s than responder... since neither of them took action. I also thought that in matchpoints it was less ...
What is this Forcing Pass you speak of?
I'm unclear as to when N would ever voluntarily bid 5 in a non-forcing pass situation. If S has the hand Kit mentions above and N has a great hand, say xxx KQxx Kxxxx x which will likely go down 1 while 5 probably makes, it seems ...
What is this Forcing Pass you speak of?
Just to clarify the meaning of “forcing pass” vs “non-forcing pass” in this situation, as I understand it: Forcing: S is interested in proceeding to 5 but isn’t certain. He wants N to bid 5 with a suitable hand, otherwise double as a consolation prize. Non-forcing: If ...
What is this Forcing Pass you speak of?
Josh’s logic makes sense to me so I’m not clear what’s wrong with it. It’s true that any partnership could define the pass as NF, or say that only specifically-defined auctions are forcing, but it seems as though the question here is SHOULD the auction be ...
What's Trumps?
I guess the question is: how simple a rule do you want for playing with an "intermediate" player? Most of the rules proposed so far are not so simple. Since there is a general rule that RKC applies to the last bid suit (when there is no obvious trump agreement ...

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