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Implicit private understanding?
8-12 is the most common range. If you can open all or most of these hands you have a tremendous advantage. Consider this sequence: 1C (P) 2H ? where 1C = 8-12 with hearts and 2H = 4-11 with hearts. Australian pair Marston and Burgess had great success playing this system. Others who ...
Implicit private understanding?
David 8-12 openings are theoretically superior. There were a number of top pairs using strong pass systems until they were outlawed.
Rashomon Redux
Please, it is Rashomon not "Rashoman".
1z rebid by opener after 1y response by passed hand.
1Z is certainly forcing for me and all with whom I play.
Implicit private understanding?
""This is what happened on Board x. Should I be upset?" I'd certainly volunteer." If you did not know that such a 1NT overcall is obviously not a psyche, then you are the totally wrong person to volunteer for such a task.
Ethics, gamesmanship and the law
งAt my club, I'd tell the owner if this happened two or three times, and he'd talk to the guy. He runs an excellent club but insists on a high degree of decent behavior.ง About what would he talk to them? They do not have to tell ...
Ethics, gamesmanship and the law
"I think lying about a previous hand potentially deceives an opponent about the state of the match. At least in principle this could effect play later in the match. I personally would find that unethical." If you do not want any old answer, do not ask. I do not think ...
Implicit private understanding?
What about the Polish NT overcall, the one the Americans call Raptor? That shows 2 suits and may even have a void
Implicit private understanding?
Tom, in the early days we even played strong pass in club events, let alone a few ventures in T. Rex, the most difficult system I have ever seen. Unfortunately club regulations have tightened. However you will see 10-12 NTs. various forms of Multis and other 2 bids including Muiderberg ...
Is this "Reverse" Forcing?
A reverse bid is a second bid in a new suit at the two level by opener in a higher ranking suit than opener's first bid suit.

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