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The Worst Convention Ever
"How is that evidence in support of your statement that they were the best mixed pair in the world at the time?" Richard you are a funny man at times.
The Worst Convention Ever
Did they finish third in 2 open world championships? The Borins did. How many times did Crane and Schuman represent the US. They also won Far easterns. The Borins were also head and shoulders above the Truscotts if you want to mention them.
The Worst Convention Ever
Hi John. This was the system played for a while by Cummings - Seres. I believe a balanced 24+ was shown with 2s over 2h, forcing of course.
The Worst Convention Ever
Hardly. Look at their results in open events and name any better pair.
The Worst Convention Ever
Cappelletti. By the way, I suspect those who vote for 2H double negative do not know how to play this properly. Try this scheme: 2D all pos 2H 0-4 2S 5-7 flat or 2 suited Majors 5/4 2NT 5-7 3 suited 3C 5-7 5H 3D 5-7 5S 3H 5-7 ...
The Worst Convention Ever
I bet you don't know CMOBDOR. This actually works very well and was played by the best mixed pair in the world at the time, the Borins.
"Other than after 1♦-1♥ when no mini-splinter is available" 2S is available. Not everyone plays 1S as non forcing.
Was thought process wrong
A guaranteed 9 card D fit? What about those of you who open 2nt with a 4414 shape and the stiff D ace? Mind you 5D is obviously a better contract than 3nt.
Paul Harrington's bidding problem: A74 QT7632 JT54 ---
Firstly I dont think the no of h is near 8. With a 5332 shape and even sone 6223 shapes 1nt may well be rebid. Secondly the H are tatty. Give yoursel qjt to 6 or kq to 6 and I would agree. Thirdly you are at an undoubled contract ...
Paul Harrington's bidding problem: A74 QT7632 JT54 ---
Clear cut pass. 2h is a poor bid here.

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