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July 30, 2010
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RHO open 1NT, you have 2524 and 15 points
Serious question. Do good players still play Cappelletti? Imo this is one of the worst ways of competing over NT. Anyway to answer the question, I pass as I have too much in defence.
An incredible bid my partner made
Dont the C pips play a part as well?
Battle of principles
4 or more spades. The x shows minor suit values and cards.
Battle of principles
Who says Sth guarantees 5 cards in spades? I certainly don't and not everyone plays the same way.
Ron Lel's bidding problem: KQx AKQJx xxx xx
No but I certainly want to be there.
Ron Lel's bidding problem: KQx AKQJx xxx xx
I am also curious what the 1H bidders bid over the following responses: 1, 1NT, 2 minor
Suggested Defenses Against a MOSCITO type 1D or 1H opening
Don;t forget that the 1 and 1 openings show 4 card Majors which can be quite poor in terms of suit quality. Do you really want the opps to talk you out of your good Major suits? We played and played against Moscito for years. We preferred ...
Awkward bidding situation....
David he said, "Call me maverick but with 10+ hcp and 3 card support why not just bid spades?" Correct English would have been, "Call me maverick but with 10+ hcp and 3 card support why would I not just bid spades?" Ian's statement was convoluted.
Awkward bidding situation....
Brett and Bart were the Maverick brothers in the eponymous TV show. You have only T5 in support of spades, Ian, not 3 card support.
Awkward bidding situation....
Hey Brett or Bart, it is 2 card support.

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