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Ron Steele
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Sept. 11, 2013
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Jim Perkins's bidding problem: 5 AKJT983 5 AK54
5C followed by 6H. Partner should work this out.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: 63 JT86 8 AK9642
is 2D - 2S - 3C forcing nf or invitational. If nf that is my choice. If F I must either pass or start w/2C
Shawn Drenning's bidding problem: KJ2 KQT3 987 AQT
+200 may be a top
Passed hand jump to 2NT
I may miss a few part scores but I have never opened a 9-11 point hand that I didn't know what to do with after any response. Much of course may rely on your attitude toward weak two bids in third or 4th position.
Comic NT
I think this ruling was discussed in The Bridge World about 1978
David Thompson's bidding problem: A3 T64 AKQJ KT76
Does everyone see those red marks?
Passed hand jump to 2NT
I have never found opening light in a m to be productive so have little concern with a natural 2NT 11-12. Over a M 2NT is still 11-12 balanced but with a doubleton in partners bid suit. This descriptive bid allows partner to pass or place the contract.
Jarek Langer's bidding problem: KQ753 5 Q8763 A2
opening all 11 point hand simply makes the range for the 2H bid too wide for intelligent decisions. At MP pass may well work while at imps one must bid. A practical solution is to make sound weak two bids but I find those opening all 11 also like to ...
Aviv Shahaf's bidding problem: AJ64 QJT6 985 97
A battle between the LTT and LTC with my extra values I choose the law.
Rasim Sari's bidding problem: QT975 A72 KJ9 QJ
with regular partners I reverse the meanings of pass and 2S based on fast arrival. A 2D bid would not show extras but only express doubt. A type of "last train"

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