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Ron Steele
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Sept. 11, 2013
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Andrzej Matuszewski's bidding problem: KJT3 A76 K6 AQ92
why is 1D - 1NT - 2D - P -P - Dbl. Worse than 1D - Dbl. - 2D - P -P - ? I would be more comfortable with the given auction in pass out than the one beginning with dbl. Of course if I have cooperating opponents that let me double and then bid only one notrump ...
Tom Allan's bidding problem: AQJ8 AKT85 K64 8
1NT-easier to play than defend. Double invites partner to compete in clubs and two hearts is beyond contemplation.
JoAnn Sprung's bidding problem: Qxx 97xx 6 K8xxx
Partner is Vul. but at MP I must give him a little room - Pass
Bernard Yomtov's bidding problem: Kxxx QJxxx Axxx ---
I double out of fear. Should I overcall and the opponents raise the stakes in clubs I fear I am not strong enough to compete and may lose the boss suit.
Drew Casen's bidding problem: QT32 5432 K8732 ---
pessimist or optimist? at imps I'm a bidder - double
Tracy Brines's bidding problem: AT A87652 6 QT54
thought this was a lead problem.
Art Korth's bidding problem: J52 653 QT874 32
I suspect the opponents are headed toward 3NT - if so I prefer a spade lead. The vul. should protect me if doubled.
Gavin Wolpert's bidding problem: AKQJ9 Q43 85 T92
2H is forcing but under the given facts I chose 3C. This will not be passed, will give partner a chance to support spades with 3 small and does not rule out 3NT. I would pass only playing extremely light opening bids.
Art Korth's bidding problem: AKJ953 AKT98 2 8
"Stupid" implies mental dullness and is certainly not applicable to the originator of this post.
Art Korth's bidding problem: AKJ953 AKT98 2 8
the cue bid may be ill chosen but "stupid" is hardly a well chosen word.

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