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Ron Steele
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Sept. 11, 2013
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2NT as a response to a reopening double
2NT as a response to a reopening double
I agree with RF and follow this rule : unless discussed the first option for any bid is natural.
Michal Rosa's bidding problem: Q6 764 AKQJT5 A5
I bid 5D but wonder if the 4D bidders think it is forcing?
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: AJT96 AJ9 9 AK65
double - just old fashioned, I guess
Jean-Charles Allavena's bidding problem: JT9xx AKQx Jx Kx
endplayed into 3D
Ron Steele's bidding problem: 963 Q3 AKQT976 J
Partner does show 5 spades and support doubles are on
Mark Jones's bidding problem: Q842 J6 --- AKJT987
partners 7C bid most likely implied a heart void. Pass is now forcing and should I hold the HA I could bid 7NT. I don't have this card so I double.
Rafael Sacramento's bidding problem: 3 K4 AKJ83 A9543
unless you play 4D in a 5-2 fit rather than 5C in a 5-4 fit. But as a practical matter 4D may work better
Mark Jones's bidding problem: AQJT97 --- AJ94 JT2
"alone again naturally" I am not sure of the 6D bid but I do know that if 6D suggest a place to play then 7D must have play. If 6D suggest 7S partner can correct.
Donald Lurie's bidding problem: A532 A95 KJT5 97
Pass - minimum balanced

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