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Ron Steele
Ron Steele
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Sept. 11, 2013
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Bob Johnson's bidding problem: 75 A863 K5 AQT63
2C. at MP and nv vs vul I would prefer 3C to pass
Bob Simkins's bidding problem: KQJ4 842 Q8 AK86
wish I had a game try available. Cold opposite AXXXX, X, XXXX, QXX
Howard Sandler's bidding problem: J954 J8 Q9854 32
sometimes it pays to be a coward.
David Coles's bidding problem: T54 T65432 T92 8
9-10 card fit, partners spades are well located, I have a singleton club. Yes I think I am making.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: K532 5 A87 AK987
Without specific agreement this double is penalty
Eric Leong's bidding problem: AT643 A53 763 AK
its imps = make a Meckwell game try
Yehudit Hasin's bidding problem: AKQJ T AKJT AJT4
Yes I know that nearly every one who opens 2C rebids 2S but over the years I have better results rebidding 3C followed by up the line bidding.
Bob Heitzman's bidding problem: K KQ9543 KT42 AJ
Pass - play fast arrival in this game forcing auction.
Wayne Hollingsworth's bidding problem: --- AKT52 AQ AKT753
6 Spades.If partner is long in D he will bid 7 and I expect to make. If he is two suited (both m's) he will bid 7 clubs which I also expect to make. If he is screwing around I hope this is a six man team.
Bernard Yomtov's bidding problem: xxx Jxx AK9x K84
assume I am playing Drury I have no fear of missing a M suit game. I also assume I can handle NT by partner. As for defense I have a natural lead. I simply cant find a reason to risk qualifying by opening this dog. However were I way behind ...

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