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Ron Steele
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Sept. 11, 2013
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Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: J7xxx Qx AJ8xxx ---
Much depends on the sophistication of my opponents. In a flight A KO they will have methods to counter 2 suited overcalls while lesser opponents may flounder.
Bob Dean's bidding problem: 942 KJ52 Q4 AJ63
offensively Just an evaluation problem. Defensively see the above comment.
Mason Barge's bidding problem: A82 QT7 9532 AQ4
With partner getting tapped looking for +140 in hearts may be unrealistic. I don't expect + 300 in 3D doubled but 100 may be enough. To echo Boxley why did I make the takeout double?
Martin Lindfors's bidding problem: A974 KQ432 94 54
1 Spade seem enough for now.
JoAnn Sprung's bidding problem: K92 AKQ63 --- KJT84
I will sacrifice the ability to show the specific 4-4-4-1 hand for the bountiful penalty at imps.
David Sackett's bidding problem: K98 AKT6 Q86 K96
Years age the Philadelphia pair of Jordan and Robinson postulated that a 1NT overcall had a tendency to deny 4 hearts. I have never waivered from this and it has served me well.
JoAnn Sprung's bidding problem: K92 AKQ63 --- KJT84
I think I'll try for two birds rather than one.
Alert required?
Just practice "active ethics" and alert the bid
What is this 2NT?
The better question is "what should it be" My agreement is simple - if not discussed the bid is natural. This is probably not best but is usually practical.
JoAnn Sprung's bidding problem: ATxxx Axx xx Axx
I bid 4H but believe many who espouse this as a cue bid would with a different hand consider 4H as last train.

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