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Ron Zucker
Ron Zucker
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Aug. 26, 2010
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about me

I'm neither as good as I'd like to be nor as bad as I fear I am. I'm exactly the guy you play against most. I'm not incompetent, but you don't fear me. Since I'm not good enough to be arrogant, I aim for polite instead.

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before the days of bidding boxes, LHO and pard passed. RHO heard 1C from another table, so holding 4-4 in the majors and an opening hand, he doubled. I hadn't been paying attention, looked at my hand and counted 10 HCP, so I redoubled. LHO called the director. "What seems to be the problem?" "We're playing in redoubled." "What redoubled?" "Nothing. Just redoubled."
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How should this hand be bid/ATB
Thanks, all. Once it was suggested, it seems clear that 4 was my correct bid after 4. It's clearly last train, suggesting some interest in slam, thus some extra values, but not a likely perfecto that can take control. I think 5 created the problem.
How should this hand be bid/ATB
Leonard, that is the best suggestion I've seen thus far. 4 after 4 HAS to be last train. I chose spades, after all. It didn't occur to me at the table, but I like it.
How should this hand be bid/ATB
Isn't this auction in standard 90+% a doubleton spade? With a 3 card limit raise, most (including us) jump after a jump shift. With a marginally constructive raise with 3, we raise immediately. The only hand with three spades on this auction is a hand that would not accept ...
How should this hand be bid/ATB
Mostly because we play a few times a year, and Jim was (correctly, I think) unwilling to whip out a jump shift to 3 on a stiff undiscussed. If you have that agreement, it would work well here. But how certain are you that the agreement is in force ...
How should this hand be bid/ATB
I commented last night that Gazilli would make this hand much easier. So, for that matter, would my Meckwell-lite influenced precision card with another partner. 1 1 1 2 2 2 2NT 3NT 1 - Strong forcing and artificial 1 - 8-11 HCP, game ...
How should this hand be bid/ATB
I don't much care for 3NT from north after 3. With three dead diamonds, we can easily end up down one in 3NT cold for 6C. (AKxxx AKQx x Kxx is certainly a 3 bid after the forcing NT.) And, at the very least, 4 will ...
How should this hand be bid/ATB
Ah. Here's the nub of the matter. I would also bid 3 over 3 holding, say, xx xxx xxx AJTxx (or, if you'd pass 1S with that, make it AQTxx) How much better, with the Q and AQJxx of clubs, a potential source of tricks, and ...
How should this hand be bid/ATB
ARRGH! Editing. N was NOT a passed hand. E was dealer.
Ron Zucker's bidding problem: 9542 872 A A8753
If it makes you feel less lonely, that's what my partner, whom I respect a great deal, chose. I was, at the time, underwhelmed, but on further review think it's closer than I gave it credit for. I tend to agree with Steve and think this hand has ...
Ron Zucker's bidding problem: 9542 872 A A8753
Partner will understand. He is a capable player, just not world class, but a solid Flight A player. As I said, the question is if you would take action. So I'm mentally putting you down for 1NT.

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