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Ron Zucker
Ron Zucker
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Aug. 26, 2010
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May 17
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about me

I'm neither as good as I'd like to be nor as bad as I fear I am. I'm exactly the guy you play against most. I'm not incompetent, but you don't fear me. Since I'm not good enough to be arrogant, I aim for polite instead.

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Favorite Bridge Memory
before the days of bidding boxes, LHO and pard passed. RHO heard 1C from another table, so holding 4-4 in the majors and an opening hand, he doubled. I hadn't been paying attention, looked at my hand and counted 10 HCP, so I redoubled. LHO called the director. "What seems to be the problem?" "We're playing in redoubled." "What redoubled?" "Nothing. Just redoubled."
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Advise The Tournament Chair: A Tale Of Three Pairs
Former tournament chair here. Has your recorder been a part of this? Our recorder was the best ally I had in a couple of these issues. Admittedly, I was blessed with a wonderful recorder who was both a respected bridge player and the gentlest person I could have hoped for ...
ATB? Other? Not sure
OK, we've thrashed this out pretty thoroughly, and I appreciate all the feedback. I take the (relatively small, but definitely there) charge. Now I'm left with a few questions. 1) I mistranscribed the hand. East had Kx of D. I like 1NT even more now, since it's ...
ATB? Other? Not sure
4C is ace asking, but no trump involved. Since I wanted to know about spades, I chose that.
ATB? Other? Not sure
Yes, I commented on that above. I meant to say that SEVEN NT makes. Thanks.
ATB? Other? Not sure
Funny you should mention this. Mike Richey, Vince Wilmot, David Genne and I were discussing this before the unit game. Sadly, Jim, my partner for Saturday, wasn't there. :D
ATB? Other? Not sure
Yeah. I was West. And I took it as intended. I don't think I did anything unconscionable. I just hated the auction the whole way through. I admit that, if I'd gotten a 1 key response, I was going to just chuck it all and bid 6NT, because ...
ATB? Other? Not sure
Clearly 6NT should make. You just win the diamond lead and play A, K and another club. You have 4 clubs, 4 hearts 2 diamonds and 2 spades for a completely satisfying 12 tricks. Going down in 6NT by your opponents was... creative. And again, my problem is that I ...
Alert! Yes please?
1 - 1NT (8-10 HCP) 2 - 2NT 3NT Alert "We play penalty raises of stupid bids. Given that I can't possibly have my 2NT bid, he shows no extra values with his 3NT bid."
How good does grand slam have to be at IMPs?
Because his response, given that he's shown so much of his hand, is going to be 6 if he holds the K.
How good does grand slam have to be at IMPs?
Wait, Yu. You MAKE grand slams? If I made them more often, I wouldn't have to ask this. (Though this one did, indeed, make, but I felt a little sick when I played the A and LHO played the 8...)

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