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Ron Zucker
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Aug. 26, 2010
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about me

I'm neither as good as I'd like to be nor as bad as I fear I am. I'm exactly the guy you play against most. I'm not incompetent, but you don't fear me. Since I'm not good enough to be arrogant, I aim for polite instead.

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Favorite Bridge Memory
before the days of bidding boxes, LHO and pard passed. RHO heard 1C from another table, so holding 4-4 in the majors and an opening hand, he doubled. I hadn't been paying attention, looked at my hand and counted 10 HCP, so I redoubled. LHO called the director. "What seems to be the problem?" "We're playing in redoubled." "What redoubled?" "Nothing. Just redoubled."
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While I think 2 is a better rebid, I can live with 3. However, when opener jump raises, responder has a stiff in opener's first bid suit and terrible trump. I think I would pass 3 at MPs. With that said, if either 3 by ...
Calling all Bergen Raisers!
I would bid 3 preemptive as well, especially at MPs. (This is actually harder, I think, at IMPs. I do have an ace, after all.) But if the suits were reversed such that this was discussing spades, I'd bid 2. Then I'm at least eating the ...
Is it a demand or a suggestion?
FWIW, Kevin (declarer's LHO) held the AQ of spades, so a spade lead doesn't beat the slam. That said, the discussion of the bidding has been educational.
Is it a demand or a suggestion?
I respect all the people saying that I've misbid so badly that asking now is missing the point. But without making excuses, I will suggest that I think 2 is not such a terrible bid as a passed hand. (4 is another question. On review, that's ...
Is it a demand or a suggestion?
Again, I'll accept that. I was certainly pushing way too hard for MPs, where they pay for plus scores. The room bid 2 with my hand, and I think the room was right. I accept that. I didn't make this an ATB. Any blame for a bad ...
Is it a demand or a suggestion?
I don't think the idea that 5 asks specifically for second round spade control is controversial. I actually believe that to be fairly standard, at least in the U.S.
Is it a demand or a suggestion?
That's fair. But if I held the CA instead of the CK, my previous auction would have been about right. I'm stretching, but, given my passed hand status, not outrageously. So, say I held the CA, I would still hold a minimum for my bidding. Would it then ...
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy
When playing precision, yes, that's definitely an opener, even vul, except in 4th seat. Partner won't hang me. If partner opens in front of me, that's an invite if partner opens a bid that could be 14-16, but I'm passing after 1-1-1NT (unless that ...
Remembering My Dad
G'mar chatima tova to you, as well. May your father's memory be a blessing to you, and, because it caused you to share this with us, to all of us.
Hesitation Problem
So here's the problem I've always had with this thinking, and I'd love to be shown where I'm wrong. Let's say I'm playing with an... ENTERPRISING partner (yeah, I think I like enterprising :), who might bid 4 and then 5 in an ...

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