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Ronald Kalf
Ronald Kalf
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April 3, 2016
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about me

I am a retired IT product manager and live near Hamburg, Germany. I Played bridge in the Netherlands seriously 72-78, the last 3 seasons in the 2nd highest team league. BTW the NBB is the second largest bridge association in the world! Systems were KS, Roman Club, Precision, our homegrown LOB (M-openings 8-13 and a 14+ Precision like 1C), Romex, then back to KSU again. Moved to Germany because of a lovely women and stopped playing bridge until retirement at 60. Now playing German standard Forum D and first KSU then homegrown system based upon An Unassuming Club (courtesy of Don Varvel and David Goldfarb) with my regular partner. As you can see from the list, my motto is "Bridge is a bidders game".


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing against Belladonna-Sharif
Bridge Accomplishments
1st bridge life: I don't remember, it's too long ago. 2nd bridge life: representing our club in the schleswig-holstein club pair championship 2016 and winning.
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Jochen Henne
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Bridgeclub Elmshorn
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Henry Bethe's bidding problem: AK9 KQ7 T AKT954
Yip, EK is my all time bridge hero. The first bridge book I ever red was HTPWB. We had our most successful time playing KSU.
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: AK9 KQ7 T AKT954
I have played KSU in the 70s according the Bridge World notes ( and played it 3-4 years ago before we changed to our Polish Club variant. There is a Google group on KSU ( ...
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: AK9 KQ7 T AKT954
Richard, in the KS that I know, 2 is not artificial, although it doesn't necessarily show length. So between 1 and 2 you would choose 1 not 2. Bill is right however, the hand is strong enough for 3. A hand that would ...
What do you think?
As I have written upthread you can read "5-13 hcp, max 3crd M" on my CC. As for your second question, this is a difficult topic. I have asked if I should alert and the answer was "no". Our 1M is limited to 18 WP so it is reasonable to ...
What do you think?
Michael, I'm not discussing your style. As long as you are successfull, stick to it. Just as I stick to passing with a misfit even if I have 6/7 hcp long as I keep getting more good then bad scores. That is not the point though, we're ...
What do you think?
"the only way 1N can be a "psyche" is if it's made on a GF hand" ridiculous.
What's My Range?
Okay, I'll try again. Suppose you open 1N with 15-17 hcp and any and all 5-3-3-2-shapes, no exceptions possible (are you sure that you open 1N with xx, AKxxx, Axx, Axx?). Further assume that 1-(1)-1N shows 7-10 (remember: I stated THAT is the relevant question ...
What's My Range?
David, I repeat: "you do not need a classic NT-shape now that pard has bid a natural 1N". You just agree with partners suggestion to play in NT. Why bid a 4crd m when we can play 3N? It is obvious of course that you don't have a hand ...
What's My Range?
Those questions are not relevant, because you do not need a classic NT-shape now that pard has bid a natural 1N. It is invitational opposite the range of partners 1N, so that is the relevant question.
What do you think?
Louis, not allowed by the bidding system that we have agreed upon. As for your 2nd question, you can deviate from the system if you think that you will get a better result by passing. But if you always make the same deviation, you have de facto changed the system ...

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