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Ronald Kalf
Ronald Kalf
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April 3, 2016
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about me

I am a retired IT product manager and live near Hamburg, Germany. I Played bridge in the Netherlands seriously 72-78, the last 3 seasons in the 2nd highest team league. BTW the NBB is the second largest bridge association in the world! Systems were KS, Roman Club, Precision, our homegrown LOB (M-openings 8-13 and a 14+ Precision like 1C), Romex, then back to KSU again. Moved to Germany because of a lovely women and stopped playing bridge until retirement at 60. Now playing German standard Forum D and first KSU then homegrown system based upon An Unassuming Club (courtesy of Don Varvel and David Goldfarb) with my regular partner. As you can see from the list, my motto is "Bridge is a bidders game".


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing against Belladonna-Sharif. Playing on Vugraph at the German Bridge Trophy
Bridge Accomplishments
1st bridge life: I don't remember, it's too long ago. 2nd bridge life: winning the northern germany pairs competition 2018
Regular Bridge Partners
Georg Kippenberg
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Bridgeclub Elmshorn
Favorite Tournaments
German Bridge Trophy
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What To Do When Someone Acts on UI?
„They are weak players“ Barry tells us. How about this: 1) we have at most 25hcp, 3N is not possible, 2) I don‘t have a major and neither has pard, 4M is impossible, 3) I have no aces 5 is impossible, ergo 2 is a good contract ...
Tanking to get a read
Ray, I‘m not so sure if lay juries are a good idea.
James Tyner's bidding problem: AQ873 863 K A862
They should substract 1 point for a stiff king but even then there are 12 left and we have come a few days away from the Goren area. Furthermore they should add 1 for a decent 5crd (my rule: containing 3+hcp. Later you can teach them even better evaluation ...
Tanking to get a read
I don‘t know if it‘s legal or not, but if your assumption is correct, I don’t like it. In situations like this pard and I fold our cards together and place them at the table.
2!c With an Unbalanced Hand
What else do you want to forbid? Personally I wouldn’t open 2 with Michaels‘ hand, but I don’t mind as long as it‘s properly explained. Does your 2 have a build in guarantee that opps can‘t have a game?
Defense From the Bermuda Bowl
2!c With an Unbalanced Hand
„Why is it illegal?“ Not everywhere, but they have some funny regulations to protect the innocent in ACBL-land. The majority of us Bridgewinners plays there.
2!c With an Unbalanced Hand
Michael, 1) it‘s inconceivable that your 1 will be passed out 2) you can open 4 (or 4 or 3N).
2!c With an Unbalanced Hand
Two-suiters are awkward if you have to start with 2. My suggestion: don‘t open 2 with a real 2-suiter. 2 is either a WT in or any strong 2-suiter. I can send the follow-ups to 2 (including competitive bidding!) by private mail.
What should TD Rule? Misinformation or Misbid or Extremely Serious Error
„This seems all wrong.“ is a very friendly comment. I‘d call Haralds comment…

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