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Rosalind Hengeveld
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June 20, 2014
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Chair, Players Council, Netherlands Bridge League; Website Editor, Bridge Magazine IMP, Netherlands


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Arthur Zhou's bidding problem: Q752 --- J32 KJ8532
1SA, Raptor: perfect at this vulnerability with 6-4. Bidding ‘problems’ suitable for Raptor are abundant on this forum, challenged as such only by ‘Bridge World Death Hands’. (No methods were stated.)
Péter Talyigás's bidding problem: 853 J72 AK AJ653
I agree the method is unplayable: something has to be a general game force, neither guaranteeing nor denying anything. 2 – called ‘third suit’– would appear to qualify.
Phyllis Yates's bidding problem: K73 J9xx JTx Txx
Depends on what 2NT means. If 20–21, I pass, as this is a bad 5, opener is about twice as likely to have 20 rather than 21, and it is matchpoints.
Lebensohl or not?
It makes some logical sense for Lebensohl not to apply. However, it makes more practical sense to have your system be as consistent as possible and not alter it unnecessarily after partner has passed.
Bridge is Sixty Percent Bidding?
I get the impression that being no more than a ‘competent’ player but an excellent bidder gets you pretty far at about any level.
Upside down signal from H(H)T9
Note that in the first situation, partner is unlikely to have led the ace as the opening lead. If they now lead the ace, they have probably figured that you are likely to have values in the suit or that it is the best remaining chance of setting the contract ...
Upside down signal from H(H)T9
I play that the highest card that can have a meaning of ‘high’ is the ten. In other words, only number cards can have a meaning of simply ‘high’ of ‘low’; court cards (jack or higher) have special meanings.
Pete Marvin's bidding problem: Q95 AK853 J954 9
2: I play this as a modern convention called ‘K2’ (named after the mountain and invented by Berend van den Bos & Joris van Lankveld). It shows a weak (5–10) hand with exactly five hearts and at least three spades, not 5332. This hand is ideal. Advantage over 2 ...
Bridge is Sixty Percent Bidding?
CONCLUSION After 254 votes and 125 comments a whopping 84% of voters believe that Garozzo was right or that he even underestimated the edge of bidding. Comments supporting this view range from ‘feeling’ – my intro left nothing wrong with that – via various arguments to hard data (Emily’s lunch break ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: A74 --- KQ9865 9643
I would surely have opened this promising hand, in my system with 2, which includes a weak two in diamonds (we can find the three-card spade suit), else with 3 or 1.

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