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Rosalind Hengeveld
Rosalind Hengeveld
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June 20, 2014
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about me

Editor, bid72 – Fit to bid, the premium app on bridge bidding

Website Editor, Bridge Magazine IMP, Netherlands.

My last name ‘Hengeveld’ is pronounced [‘ɦɛŋəvɛlt] or as if ‘heng-a-velt’.


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National champion, women pairs, 2012
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Delftse Bridge Club; Het Buitenhof
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How High for Equal Level Conversion Doubles?
I play ELC after a (usually preemptive) opposing opening bid at the three level, not at lower levels. When advancer bids a suit and doubler bids the next suit up, they have that suit and the fourth suit and either (rarely both) can be just four-card length.
Overcalling a (natural) 1!c opener when holding a real !c suit of your own
I play (1)-2 as majors 54+, (1)-3 as spades and diamonds 5-5+, and only (1)-4 as natural.
BBO Censorship?
That is what I guessed. But the European Bridge League has a functionary of the same title.
BBO Censorship?
This very comment ran into such an automatic warning.
BBO Censorship?
Bridge Winners has similar mechanisms, in fact. It used to be (or still is?) that having in your post a common bridge term that happens to coincide with the last name of the president of a large country would get it automatically flagged or at least some warning issued. I ...
System Notes and Online Play
As to the time aspect: allowing open notes may actually speed up the game. I have seen people consult the ceiling for several minutes about what partner’s bid means or what their bid should be. Consulting well-structured open notes should take seconds, not minutes.
Martin Lindfors's bidding problem: 876 AT984 95 J72
Pass. A mini notrump – which I play, too – scores lots of points from juicy penalties when opponents tend to ‘when in doubt’ assume they will have game values. By the way, double showing 15+ HCP makes sense in second hand, but since we can hardly pass throughout with 14 opposite ...
Can cheating be stopped in online bridge?
Christopher Monsour: “If I play in an open notes competition, the opponents' notes should be open to me.” Agree. My ‘notes’ have the form of a website and the address is on my convention card (as is a summary, of course).
Can cheating be stopped in online bridge?
Justin Lall: “Those who think looking at your notes would be a feature not a bug are really underestimating how it would change top level bridge if online play were to become the norm.” Correct. However, as long as online play is not the norm but is predominantly a form ...
To BBO: Please eliminate UI from insta-actions
The Dutch online bridge facility, StepBridge, does just that.

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