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Rosalind Hengeveld
Rosalind Hengeveld
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June 20, 2014
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about me

Website Editor, Bridge Magazine IMP, Netherlands. 

My last name ‘Hengeveld’ is pronounced [‘ɦɛŋəvɛlt] or as if ‘heng-a-velt’.


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Bridge Accomplishments
National champion, women pairs, 2012
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Delftse Bridge Club; Het Buitenhof
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Mason Barge's bidding problem: --- QJT953 KT97 965
4: South-African transfer to 4.
How to Show 5-5 in the Majors
We play 2NT-3 (Puppet)-3NT (no major)-4 as showing 5-5 majors.
Ron Smith's bidding problem: J2 73 AKT85 KJ94
3 showing ‘either’ a Choice of Games or a big heart raise will not work, as partner will not know what to do with many a hand. As I play, 3 is Choice of Games and 4 would be the big heart raise.
What does this 4!S call mean?
I remember passing a nine-card diamond suit with short spades over partner’s 4 opening bid, because 5 would not be natural (4 made; don’t remember more details).
Edward Jones's bidding problem: QJT9xxx AK JT Tx
Pass: for 4 to make, partner needs about three quick tricks and would have opened.
James Huntington's bidding problem: AK875 AQ AQT9 93
2NT (natural 19–21 in pass-out), strong feelings this is too much to pass.
What does this 4!S call mean?
When 4 was bid with a jump, such as here, it is supposed to set the suit and 4 is Kickback. When hearts were bid without a jump, such as (4)-4 or (3)-3, then 4 is natural.
Tired of Passing Yet Another Weak Two Bid in Clubs
Was the board still to be played or had it already been played? In the latter case, easts action is still illegal but not really harmful.
Tired of Passing Yet Another Weak Two Bid in Clubs
The Dutch world class internationals Sjoert Brink & Bas Drijver use their 2 opening bid as either the usual very strong options or a weak two in clubs (!). They must have been even more tired of passing yet another weak two bid in clubs. Personally I am not won for ...

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