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June 20, 2014
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Chair, Players Council, Netherlands Bridge League; Website Editor, Bridge Magazine IMP, Netherlands


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Defense against a BSC over 1!C
Yes, I really want 1NT to be natural. Especially not vulnerable we like to be able to bid 1NT before opponents can bid it. Advancer, if unwilling to bid over 1NT, may have to guess which option their partner has. Yes, transfers make lots of sense, I know. However, where ...
Lead from KQT
We play that after a queen lead against notrump (from either QJ+ or KQ10+), if an unexpected singleton or void appears in dummy, third hand may signal attitude with the jack instead of automatically dropping it. That makes the queen from KQ10xx safer. A Bath Coup against a suit contract ...
Lead from KQT
I played ‘Strong King’ against notrump for a while. It works fine when you have a suitable holding for it. However, it urges you to lead the queen from lesser holdings headed by the king. That did not work too well.
Lead from KQT
I play the Q from KQ10+ against notrump only and from strong holdings only: KQ109(+), KQ10xx(+). With just KQ10x, you generally do not want partner to drop the jack on any layout. Likewise, I play the K from AKJ+ under similar conditions. When not holding the droppable honor, partner signals ...
Defense against a BSC over 1!C
Thank you everyone for your valuable contributions. There was consensus on some but not on all points (nor was that to be expected). I drew up a synthesis for our team, based on consensus, but also based on what we are already used to (such as Negative Free Bids). It ...
1!d-1N foring
3 as a mixed raise in diamonds is especially useful and frequent. 3 as traditional ‘Inverted’ with about 3–10 HCP is much too wide a range.
What is a comparable bid...
Easier? Isn't there an ethical issue if, in the above example, advancer bids (1)-1-(pass)-1NT on 7 HCP, where their overcall normally shows about 8–16 HCP?
Defense against a BSC over 1!C
“I really want to play a round where all my opening bids are suction!” Long ago (when it was still legal) I did play a system called ‘Labda’ with Suction-like opening bids. 1 showed a two-suiter (5-4 either way or 4441) in or , 1 ...
1!d-1N foring
The problem is not just or not so much that you cannot end up in 1NT (same discussion as to what degree a forcing 1NT over 1/ is a ‘problem’). The problem is rather that you will be stuck for a bid when you have no major and ...
What is a comparable bid...
The concept of ‘comparable call’ turns out to be more difficult than anticipated. A representative of our regulating authority raised the question whether, after a 1 opening bid out of turn, a (1)-1 overcall is or is not a comparable call. Many more similar cases are ...

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