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June 20, 2014
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Chair, Players Council, Netherlands Bridge League; Website Editor, Bridge Magazine IMP, Netherlands


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David Parsons's bidding problem: A76 3 AQ852 AJT6
Not familiar with ‘BWS’ (and don’t feel like googling it), but I presume 2 is something weak with hearts.
(1!C) - 2!C
Good criterion: if 2 is natural, we treat 1 as totally artificial and our club bids are natural.
Preemptive or Constructive
I play that 3 is preemptive, 3 (opponents' suit) is a mixed raise (‘constructive’, typically nine losers), and 2NT is a limit raise or better. Only this last bid can be based on three-card support.
Ilai Baniri's bidding problem: AKx Ax Axxxxxx A
Now there is a solution to ‘The Bridge World death hand’: 2NT shows six+ diamonds and three spades, invitational or better. This is playable if you open any strong (like 18–19) balanced hand 1. For this problem no methods were given, so I bid 2NT.
ATB - Missed minor game at matchpoints
In my book, 3 is forcing to game. And four of a minor does not count as a ‘game’. I have all too often been in four of a minor, making six or seven. And that is worse than ending up in five, down one.
Reid Barton's bidding problem: AQ843 AQ K AKQT9
I double, which is basically negative, though easily passable. If partner responds 4NT, meant as take-out, I’ll shock her by passing. If partner bids 5/, she is supposed to have length and to make it.
I am not sure I understand – which should not be too surprising without a definition. Do you mean: Qxx in partner’s suit is a ‘quality honor’ while Qxx in an unbid side suit is not? Is a singleton queen in partner’s suit a quality honor? How about Kx ...
Proposed changes to laws 2017: some examples
#4: Inexperienced players confronted with a claim have a way to insist or request that play continue. Under the current laws, the claiming party could only reply like ‘you either concede or we call the director’, which inexperienced players tend to perceive as a dilemma. This happens a lot. I ...
What do You play when you lead a king, which holds the trick as dummy hits with a singleton at a suit contract?
Suit preference, except when signaler (third hand) has shown a five-card or longer suit: then ‘combi’ signal, with the lowest card asking for continuation, middle and high being suit preference. (But why is this not a poll?)
Odd/Even number of Keycards wich one is more likely ?
The likelihood of an odd versus an even number of keycards depends greatly on the preceding bidding. Also, the proposed method – indicating parity of number of keycards – appears to imply that partner can distinguish between, say, two and four keycards. Experience has shown that this is not always the case.

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