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June 7, 2011
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Question regarding missing information behind screens
I am not proposing that Game Forcing is a complete description or all the information to which opponents are entitled. But, if their defense to 2C depends on this, should they both be allowed to ask their screenmate and bid accordingly? If not, they should revise their defense...perhaps they ...
Question regarding missing information behind screens
If the agreement depends on 2C being a "game force", why don't they both ask the simple Yes/No question? "Game Force? Yes or No?"
King from Ace-King when suit is supported?
K from AK when suit was bid and supported is venerable advice...from Eddie Kantar.
When to open 1C when playing transfer responses
Let 1D guarantee four or more. Open 1C with 4-4-3-2. Also when you are comfortable rebidding 1NT, e.g., with 2-3-4-4 over partner’s 1H transfer. Only open 1D when you pmay need a 2C rebid, e.g., with 1-3-4-5 after partner’s 1H transfer.
Kickback Konfusion
This question could use another possible answer: I don’t play relay systems and l will laugh at your Konfusion
Sportsmanlike Dumping Arises Again
Exactly. Every match has been close and hard fought...with maybe two exceptions. Who can say which teams are stronger?
1NT or 1S??
If anyone cares, the Kaplan-Rubens evaluator rates these two as 19 and 15.
Make 6!S
I can see ways to make if South is 1-6-3-3 or 1-6-4-2 or 1-5-4-3 ...without using that silly 9H in Dummy. Is there a way to combine all of these?
2018 European Championships Results
Hell’s angels played all 32 matches: 32*16 and were way up in the Butlers. What a team Norway almost had!
Does multi go for more numbers?
It should be noted that Kit’s version, which .i also play, does not include a strong hand option for the 2D opening. Thus the 2D bid is not forcing; once we ended in 2DXX. I have seen this version called Wagner, as distinct from Multi. As I understand the ...

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