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June 7, 2011
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Make 6!S
I can see ways to make if South is 1-6-3-3 or 1-6-4-2 or 1-5-4-3 ...without using that silly 9H in Dummy. Is there a way to combine all of these?
2018 European Championships Results
Hell’s angels played all 32 matches: 32*16 and were way up in the Butlers. What a team Norway almost had!
Does multi go for more numbers?
It should be noted that Kit’s version, which .i also play, does not include a strong hand option for the 2D opening. Thus the 2D bid is not forcing; once we ended in 2DXX. I have seen this version called Wagner, as distinct from Multi. As I understand the ...
Play problem from Eurochampionships
Hmm..a new idea! Going back to my line...after three rounds of Trumps that behave, running the JS gains against QTxx onside and loses to Q stiff offside..
Play problem from Eurochampionships
At least ome world-class Declarer ducked a club at trick 2 and went down one when trumps misbeahved. I prefer taking three rounds of trumps. If they misbeahve, set up spades in three rounds, fingers-crossed, and concede the high trump. If trumps behave, well see my next post.
Legal Agreement or not?
This would be an insane agreement if alerted. That would just incite the opponents to double to show spades. It is obviously illegal and worthy of censure.
Simulation: Richard Pavlicek
Recently we had a post on DD analysis vs world class players. The result was that DD defenders did .25 tricks per hand better...which is, indeed, the old-timers’ estiamte of the cost of the blind opening lead. So, aside from that, DD is roughly equal to expert play.
When your tires are flat
So after partner’s 1S and a 1D overcall, you can bid 1H...and if the “overcall” is changed to 2D, partner is allowed to remember you bid hearts. Hmmm.. is this sequence game forcing? A one round force? Bidding theorists want to know.
Is "could be short" a conventional call?
I alert 1C as 2+ and 1D as 4+.
Matchpoint three NT
What is the exact question? Are we playing for 2 diamond tricks? Or three?

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