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Ross Amann
Ross Amann
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June 7, 2011
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Nov. 21
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Major Disagreement with NT Interference
Life is too short to insist on 5 cards in the major...or in the minor. 4-5 is preferable since partner tends to pass the minor with three. But, how often will they catch you in a 4–3 2C or 2D contract?
From a bidding box when is a bid final?
This Claim that a bid is made because someone saw it invites spurious claims, usually by bullies intimidating inexperienced players. Similarly, Assertions that Declarer played a card because a defender saw it occur too frequently at local clubs and cost the ACBL members. Have we all forgotten Zero Tolerance?
What would you do?
It took me too long to figure out I was East.
Top Bridge Pros' Tax Woes Continue
Please, I have nothing but the best wishes for H&H. I am proposing a Plan B to keep Fantunes out of US events. Of less importance: I have heard that Nickell pays his teammates in full accordance with US laws. He is a class act. I would applaud the ...
Ok. Let’s try another way to skin this cat. How much have Fantunes been paid for their participation in US events? Do they apply for US tourist visas? Or for Green Cards? Are these payments reported to via 1099-Rs? Or they considered bridge instructions delivered in the Cayman Islands ...
A simple suggestion. Could the ACBL request voluntary statements from the 20 or so known bridge sponsors that: 1. They believe their hired teammates are honest 2. Are willing to accept penalties if any of their teammates are disqualified for cheating. I suggest that the ACBL ask Nick Nickell to ...
Has Zimmerman ever apologized for paying them millions of dollars to cheat? If he has, I will gladly delete,this comment.
In tempo
When you don’t know what to do, duck.
What did Larry Cohen say?
Is there anything wrong with AD, heart ruff, AS, KS, QS then runnig clubs? This makes with trumps 3-2 and clubs 4-2 as well as 4-1 spades with 3-3 clubs. The other candidate lines all seem to have problems with 5-1 clubs.
2018 USBC analysis & Levin - Weinstein profile
Fantastic about how many times they make after L's doubles vs W's?

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