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Ross Amann
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June 7, 2011
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Feb. 17
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Play in 4!s (IMPs)
This hand needs dummy entries. Which are the QJT in trumps. Ruff a H then lead a low spade towards them. Plan on winning next S lead in Dummy, ruffing next H with the AS, then returning to Dummy with a D ruff to draw trumps and develop clubs.
BW 2/1: Opener's 2NT Rebid
They will make no sense ar all. “we” preivously voted that the 2M bid does not show 6. So this voting system will make as much sense as our current US government.
BW 2/1: Opener's 2NT Rebid
Stoppers are for children.
A recent simulation analysis from R. Pavlicek
Paul, thx for alerting me to Pavlicek’s research. To summarize it, at game level, the human declarer outperforms DD by 9.75 tricks to 9.71. However, after the human opening lead, DD makes 0.25 tricks more for 9.96 tricks. So the disadvantage of the blind opening ...
A recent simulation analysis from R. Pavlicek
Is the DD bias really one-sided. It is usually claimed that unfortunate opening leads lose 0.25 tricks per hand. This will not happen with DD analysis...also defenders will switch suits as needed...and unblock to avoid endplays. At least the first two of these seem more important than ...
A Great Read
Extra values? Have you been watching this match? If they had any semblance of extra values, they would be in slam...or at least looking for it.
God has dealt you a par hand. Are you worthy?
Kit's line is best: it works against East's 3-4-1-5 and 3-4-2-4 (where Khokhan's line fails as you need to cash 3Ds early). Khokhan's line works against West's 4-4-3-2. Both lines work against West's 3-4-3-3. Unfortunately, this means the hand is not suitable for a ...
God has dealt you a par hand. Are you worthy?
If you play QC, it is covered by the K.
AI and Chess
We should admit that we have no idea how a neural network learns bridge, go, shogi, bakgammon, whatever in 24 hours...outclassing millions of years of human thought and thousands of years of machine computation. I doubt it will take more than a day or two to produce a superior ...
Thank You to Vugraph Operators
The Reisinger finals Vugraphs were excellent...even with players changing tables every three boards. For most of the 18 rounds, all ten teams could be followed.

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