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June 7, 2011
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Club Ruling
Why are we assuming 4SX goes -2? Beginners will often break hearts and lose the fifth defensive trick. Or if the defnse plays off theee rounds of diamonds, Declarer could force them to break hearts.
Is minus 2800 a fair ruling?
Assuming as Kit does, that West’s explanation is correct and North, learning this somehow, passes, that East, still thinking “values” passes too...then -2800 or so makes sense. But how does North learn this without East’s rembering it? Are we assuming that North and South are entitled to ...
A new slam bidding convention to eliminate UI allegations
Kit, several of the recent appeals have concerned hesitations after COMPLETELY unexpected bids. E.g., partner showing 0/3 key cards after bidding strongly previously (he had two).
A new slam bidding convention to eliminate UI allegations
What percent of auctions go beyond 4S? Those that do usually take their time anyway. Someone should experiment with it. I will get some statistics later this month. Obviously, this convention would only be allowed in knock-outs or other high-level events.
What is the correct TD decision and why?
It is worse than you think. Let us assume you have the exact sequence written down in your system notes with the 5H bid described as invitational. Now they go and poll experts who do not have your system notes and ask them what they would bid...without showing them ...
What is the correct TD decision and why?
Like it or not, we are where we are. East’s slow 5H bid tosses West’s bidding box onto the floor. He is only allowed to Pass...or cause the Director’s some nuisance by trying to bid and getting rolled back to 5H. At this point, At least ...
The value of videos
Amidst all this affirmation of the value of videos, I wonder to what extent their existence is encouraging appeals to Directors and committees. Within the last two or three years, it seems that every NBA player has learned the hand signal that asks officials to review a play from the ...
Looking at any hand, other than the one you are about to play, is a NO-NO. Yet excellent players, with oddles of master pooints, do it frequently. 99% of the time it is their last hand. or one of the opponents’ hands on a board just played, but, unless they ...
The value of videos
Ok. Declarer could have played the JC faster. But, may I ask, who complained about this? And what have we come to? Do we need a time limit, say 5 seconds, for following to suit with a singleton? Or should it be shorter, 3 seconds? Bridge is a timed event!!
Please comment on the Ruling
Please reread the account. South told East "majors." Then, after the hand, he told the Director "maybe diamonds." This fact alone should merit a penalty.

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