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Reviving old questions.
I agree with David Caprera, but might avoid splintering on a singleton ace if I'm concerned that it might be a good fit opposite something like KQxx (where some other suit is empty, like Axx opposite xxx, and can use the pitches). Also, it's sometimes o.k. to ...
Thanks, Fred Gitelman
Thank you, Fred & Sheri, for your efforts have made so many lives richer. Good luck in whatever you do.
Anders Wirgren has passed away
I am saddened by this news. Anders and I corresponded a number of times on bridge and other matters. He was a terrific analyst. Shortly after the publication of my book 'Card by Card', on which I had worked diligently and with which I was quite pleased, I got a ...
The Best Bridge Writer
1. Reese. 2. Kelsey. But I keep reading about the monks ...
Diving Duck Blues Played with Finesse
This is a fascinating deal. I think I prefer to cross to dummy in clubs to play a spade to the king. If it loses my main hope is 1S+4H+2D+5C. If it wins, I take the cJ. Now if clubs behave, I throw the spades away on ...
Thanks for another great article, Sartaj. I like the club plays, but for me clubs would have been 6-1 ...
The Fantunes bidding system
Thank you, Bill, for an informative and well reasoned post. I enjoyed reading your book; the Fantunes system always struck me as something genuinely new in a world of imitative bidding systems. My intuitive assessment, and I have not played the system, has always been that the two-level bids had ...
Transfer Advances of Overcalls
I wrote about transfer advances in "The Contested Auction", part of a look at competitive transfers in general and how well they work at various levels. I highly recommend Rubens' original articles in the Bridge World.
Martel and Stansby to Go Separate Ways
Congratulations to Martel and Stansby -- 30 years together at the top is an outstanding achievement. Murray and Kehela should also be on any list of great 30-year partnerships. They played in the 1960 Team Olympiad and the 1990 Pairs Olympiad.
I think rebidding 1 is normal with a 4=4=1=4 19-count, but perhaps 2 is practical with this one, with its black concentration and weaker hearts -- we may want to avoid 6 on a nonsolid 4-4 fit, and it feels like 3 left some ...

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