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Anders Wirgren has passed away
I am saddened by this news. Anders and I corresponded a number of times on bridge and other matters. He was a terrific analyst. Shortly after the publication of my book 'Card by Card', on which I had worked diligently and with which I was quite pleased, I got a ...
The Best Bridge Writer
1. Reese. 2. Kelsey. But I keep reading about the monks ...
Diving Duck Blues Played with Finesse
This is a fascinating deal. I think I prefer to cross to dummy in clubs to play a spade to the king. If it loses my main hope is 1S+4H+2D+5C. If it wins, I take the cJ. Now if clubs behave, I throw the spades away on ...
Thanks for another great article, Sartaj. I like the club plays, but for me clubs would have been 6-1 ...
The Fantunes bidding system
Thank you, Bill, for an informative and well reasoned post. I enjoyed reading your book; the Fantunes system always struck me as something genuinely new in a world of imitative bidding systems. My intuitive assessment, and I have not played the system, has always been that the two-level bids had ...
Transfer Advances of Overcalls
I wrote about transfer advances in "The Contested Auction", part of a look at competitive transfers in general and how well they work at various levels. I highly recommend Rubens' original articles in the Bridge World.
Martel and Stansby to Go Separate Ways
Congratulations to Martel and Stansby -- 30 years together at the top is an outstanding achievement. Murray and Kehela should also be on any list of great 30-year partnerships. They played in the 1960 Team Olympiad and the 1990 Pairs Olympiad.
I think rebidding 1 is normal with a 4=4=1=4 19-count, but perhaps 2 is practical with this one, with its black concentration and weaker hearts -- we may want to avoid 6 on a nonsolid 4-4 fit, and it feels like 3 left some ...
I like to play the pass of 1 redoubled for penalties. Hands where you want to say "I have no opinion where we should play" might be more frequent, but when they occur we may survive without having a pass available; on the other hand if we want to ...

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