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Roy Welland
Roy Welland
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July 19, 2010
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June 18
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Bridge Player

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winning Vandy with Christal
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any KO
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True North American Championships Coming
Don't sorry about the USBF, they have Marty to make it great again.
Game Of Chance? College Club Shut Down
Hi Ben, Congratulations on your qualification to the Collegiate Bowl. Does the University know that (nearby arch-rival) Duke has a bridge team? Maybe you can email my son Chris and try to set up a challenge match which might help demonstrate how the element of luck is eliminated by duplicated ...
First Time
I will always have the fondest memories of the Buffet Cup in Dublin. It was one of the finest and most enjoyable tournaments I have ever attended. The competition was fierce but friendly and all of the players seemed to really have a great time. The organization was spotless, from ...
Men's Bridge
Marion, Don't feel bad, it seems nobody recognizes me either. I'm just the guy who plays with Sabine. :)
Running The Gauntlet In Poland
Mr Monsour, I was very sad to read your post. That indeed is terribly rude behavior and I am embarrassed. Today, I can only offer you my sincere apologies for having behaved in a manner that was insulting. I recall the 2004 NABC in NYC very well. I was working ...
What hasn't been said yet
Tom, I did call for a ruling regarding the huddle after the round. I did not do so at the table since we were late, but did so when our next opponents were not yet at the table for the next round. I did not follow up during the day ...
Running The Gauntlet In Poland
Your partner claimed saying she had to give us a trick. You said, "did you give them a trick?" knowing she could have made the rest, then when she didn't reply, you entered the score as her not giving us a trick. The accepted claim was for us getting ...
Running The Gauntlet In Poland
Artur, It's true, we were both very disappointed with Josef, but not really any more than at your actions in Tromsø when you tried to correct your partners claim, then entered the wrong score into the bridgemate, and later refused to correct it when confronted. I'm not sure ...
Running The Gauntlet In Poland
John, In your post you printed: (..."and we won't be pre-empting normal pre-empt hands...") Did Sabine ever write that anywhere? Zia's comment that if we don't pre-empt, we will win is based upon his belief that our pre-empting style is far too aggressive, and too often results ...
Running The Gauntlet In Poland
@ThomasBerg You can only just now play the Polish club? What have you been doing all that time since you moved to Poland?

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