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July 19, 2010
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The Kibs Are Not Alright
"If it is fairly obvious that players were cheating, why were they not reported for cheating?" Many players *were* reported for cheating, at least one was disqualified, and that was before the committee. I meant to imply that once players know there is a group of world class players watching ...
The Kibs Are Not Alright
It's fairly obvious that many players were cheating in the recent online tournaments. The committee of well-intended world class players that was formed to combat the problem might be useful for determining who *was* cheating during those events, but (IMO) will not prove useful in preventing future cheating since ...
Anti cheating committee
I consider Justin Lall to be among the most talented and honest players alive today and it is a shame that he cannot speak openly about his thoughts on the current state of bridge on a website purportedly dedicated to bridge. Since I recently posted that I agree with much ...
Anti cheating committee
Hey Justin, I agree with almost everything you have said. Online bridge is a complete joke, and will probably always be so. I still have hopes that we can play old fashioned events in person where only a little cheating takes place.
It Happened One Day
Nic, My only thought is that (given what we know) if Schwartz ended up at approximately 76% that the criteria you are using for analyzing cheating on opening leads might be invalid.
Anti cheating committee
So far, my experience with online bridge has been frustrating to the point where I no longer wish to play in online events. The problem of cheating online has existed for a long time but nobody cared much since most play was considered just practice, or unimportant. Now that we ...
Youngest Life Master
Amazing achievement. Congratulations Andrew!
Is this call alertable?
In many auctions, XX shows extra values and pass does not which is logical. If XX shows 3 card support, and pass denies, (IMO) pass should be alerted. In the auction posted, pass could logically have several meanings: minimum balanced (for the auction), balanced but no spade stopper, a willingness ...
Is this call alertable?
SInce it has been discussed as "offer to play" (even if that is somewhat logical) I believe it should be alerted as (IMO) should all partnership agreements. If XX has a specific meaning on this auction, such as a demand to pass, or t/o of spades, then failing to ...
It Happened One Day
NH, There is no allegation in the OP. It states that dummy illegally communicated information to declarer *during* the hand, that is a fact, not an allegation. If it can be shown that there has been a pattern of similar behavior by the same pair, you can call it whatever ...

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