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Rui Marques
Rui Marques
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July 15, 2014
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about me

EBL CHIEF TD, WBF Assistant Chief TD.

My views and opinions expressed on BW are purely personal and do not reflect EBL/WBF positions on the matters discussed.

Sometimes staying in the USA, Philadelphia, sometimes staying in Portugal, Cascais 

United States of America

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ACBL Ranking
Rui Marques & Howard Wachtel
2/1 quasi GF
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Rui Marques / Eric Genheimer
2 over 1
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When is shuffle/deal/play appropriate?
Actually you can do 300-320 bds / hr, at least
About Polling Players (II)
To Molva: Relative positions are correct. Diagram is rotated 180. It looks a bit confusing, I agree. My apolohies
About Polling Players (II)
1 - Of course we use our cell phones. The purpose of forbidding cell phones in the playing area does not apply to TDs and officials. 2 - I think I mention it in the article. Yes, it is a possibility.
About Polling Players (II)
Example on page 9 revolves around a BIT but it's not about the usual BIT questions, it's about a potential intention to mislead the opponent (73F). Also, the article was not directed to ACBL-land, and that's the reason for omitting the ACBL specs on polling.
Poor pair game movements
When discussing wrong movements... always comes to mind that even with the right movements in place I often see scoring across three or four sections instead of across the field, and that is "insaner" also!
Is this a hole in the Laws?
Nothing like a poll to plug the hole...
Rui Marques's bidding problem: K852 Q72 KT543 2
Nothing special. Natural, invitational by nature
Rui Marques's bidding problem: K852 Q72 KT543 2
No... but people always think there's a case behind a td's question!
Rui Marques's bidding problem: K852 Q72 KT543 2
It is not a case...
Barometer Scoring For Pair Events
Barometer scoring is one thing, posting the scores is another.

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