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Russell Williams
Russell Williams
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Jan. 25, 2014
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March 17, 2018
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about me

I'm what some on this site would describe as a client, but am trying to get to the upper end of that status at least. Used to practice law, now in business. 

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Women's USBC Final Video Log
This is great.
Sexism In Bridge
One can quietly state the result and ask for a volunteer, such as, "Three notrump North making four. Was either of you paying attention?" Seriously, why not just ask who prefers to check the score?
Sexism In Bridge
Frances, as you probably know, Trump is polling quite badly with every demographic except white males. I read that people of color are about 8% of the UK electorate, but they are about 30% of the U.S. electorate (despite the efforts of our Chief Justice and others to block ...
Sexism In Bridge
Thanks Ida, valuable post Justin. Between boards in the Celestial Duplicate, Helen Sobel raises a fist in solidarity!
Great sportsmanship at the senior trials
Late to the party, but this rings a bell with me. I've been told to hold my hand back on a couple of occasions when my hand *was* back and I felt certain that nothing in my hand could be seen. I did feel a bit irritated at having ...
Russell Williams's lead problem: AKT4 J9 QJT82 K5
East has to consider when determining the lead whether partner has a lot of hearts after 1-1-2. West did remark that the J could conceivably have been a singleton, especially when the K didn't fall out of declarer's hand at trick 1. With only one ...
Russell Williams's lead problem: AKT4 J9 QJT82 K5
Yes, indeed. Maybe even with a 1 response, I think a spade lead would follow from letting the stack counsel a forcing defense, since you know where eight or nine 's are. Partner's 8 would be daunting, but persevering with another high brings the 9 ...
Russell Williams's lead problem: AKT4 J9 QJT82 K5
Thought this would be worth a post because it involved an immediate choice of defensive strategies against a low-level partscore. Does a forcing defense seem indicated, or should it be Ye Olde Safe Leade? Dummy hit with -- QJ653 Q87 QT962. Partner is looking at 98 AT642 76 J873 We ...
What Is The Ethical Thing to Do?
If there really were bridge gods, the defenders would have had extreme distribution and would've been cold for two or three hearts. But virtue must be its own reward. Good sac.
What Is The Ethical Thing to Do?
So in the Flannery example, my mindset must remain that of a preemptive diamond bidder. For instance, I'd handle partner's response in a major according to our system for responding to weak twos in a new suit. After self-immolating from the bidding point of view, there is great ...

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