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Board 16 August 13
Thanks for the advice, Kate. It looks very tough when the opponents bid like this. Good to know the percentage action is to assume partner has something and just bid 3NT.
I'm not able to do BBO this week so I won't be posting Board 21. If anyone would like to do it for me this week, that would be great.
Hand 6 - 30 July
At our table, W bid 3S (cue raise) which I doubled and we also defended 4H for 1 off. Liz led a S which I won with the K and switched to a D. What's the end play position?
Board 15 from July 30 matches
Liz and I got 3NT 2 off when they didn't find the 10D.
Board 4, 30th July
Oops, a little bit different to that, Liz. Liz made the aggressive X in the S seat, 2S from W - and I didn't do well here. I couldn't remember if I'd discussed this situation with Liz so I passed as I was worried she may take it ...
Bermuda Bowl 10.7.19 Board19
Hi Andy - do you have a suggestion how to better bid the hand? Helene is right - when I didn't cue the H and I showed 3 Aces she knows I have the A of spades. But you're right - I could have had 4 H's. As Helene said ...
BOARD ASSIGNMENTS, Bermuda Bowl Match - July 9, 2019
I'm sure Robert is planning to post board 5 (board 21 this week). I'll leave it to him to post it this week as I've already done board 20. I'm away next week and happy to do whatever number after that going forward.
Board 28, 9th July
You did nicely Avril. I couldn't risk defending 4S.
Board 29, July 9 Bermuda Bowl Match
I found this hand very difficult to bid. I certainly wasn't thinking of 7, but I would have liked to have reached 6. We reached 5NT after this auction 1D (1S) 2H (-) 3C (-) 4NT (-) 5D (-) 5S (-) 5NT. I sort of hoped partner would take my 4NT as quant and ...
Helene and I discussed this and our view is that it's penalty. There's too many suits been bid so we feel it should be penalty. We also think it's too grey an auction to invite partner - this is either a hand to bid game or not. If ...

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