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Ruth Tobin
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Jan. 27, 2019
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Board 10, November 26th
Our expert robot went up with the K!
Board 5, 26 November, New Zealand vs USA2
Sorry you'll all have to click the link. I couldn't get the hand to appear directly in the post.
Board 15 Nov 12
At our table, South opened 1D so we got into the bidding and made 3H.
Board 22 - November 5th
I found this a tricky hand and wasn’t sure what to bid as South. I was interested in saying 2H as my hand is a 2-suiter but was worried that not showing the extra S might cost. So I decided to say 2S although I wasn’t really happy ...
Board 5, 29 October, Italy vs Bulgaria
Thanks Andy, some good ideas. We're still working these auctions out.
Board 9, 10 September: 2007 Bermuda Bowl USA1 vs Norway 7/8
Thanks Andy, good points. I didn't want to give up but I was worried how 3D would sound. It makes sense that it's NF.
All the best to the Oz teams and to Kate. Enjoy Wuhan!!
Board 16 August 13
Thanks for the advice, Kate. It looks very tough when the opponents bid like this. Good to know the percentage action is to assume partner has something and just bid 3NT.
I'm not able to do BBO this week so I won't be posting Board 21. If anyone would like to do it for me this week, that would be great.
Hand 6 - 30 July
At our table, W bid 3S (cue raise) which I doubled and we also defended 4H for 1 off. Liz led a S which I won with the K and switched to a D. What's the end play position?

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