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Ryan Schultz
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March 11, 2011
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Flight B NAP Champion 2016 / Flight B GNT 2015 Champion / Flight A GNT 2014 Runner-Up / Flight C GNT 2010 Champion
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Highest Opening Bid You've Ever Made or Witnessed?
With my first bridge partner we had this silly agreement that 5NT and 6NT were both minors forcing to slam or grand slam respectively. During a low level knockout match at an NABC I picked up - - AKQTxx AKQJxxx. After two passes to me I opened 6NT and hoped partner would ...
4!C Cue Bid in Competition
Assumed to be choice of games, but if responder makes another move it shows a slammish hand.
Zero tolerance at club games (club directors' comments are appreciated)
Perhaps N-S committed an infraction, but we have remedies for that. East should have called a director if he felt like there was a private agreement or South gave misleading information. His comments only escalate the situation. Nearly everyone in this thread is acting like they've never been fixed ...
Zero tolerance at club games (club directors' comments are appreciated)
I disagree with the majority here because I've seen this situation at the table several times, and I side against East on this one. The context from the story is that East is upset so he makes a snide remark. South bit his tongue the first time, but is ...
Bridgemates: Rules and Etiquette
I consider it a breach of etiquette if it is your turn to act and you are not paying sufficient attention. This usually manifests as recording the contract after the auction. The board number is usually auto-generated and I've never had to enter the lead before (which I think ...
Save Bundy's Sanity
It sounds like you need to pick 1 from below and live with it: A. Create enemies, possibly stop some people from playing as much, but fight for an honest game OR B. Allow dishonest players free reign, but no enemies and possibly increase table count
I agree with the notion that there are too many tournaments, especially regionals and sectionals. Reducing them makes sense because: 1. It gives tables back to the clubs, which need more support 2. Reduces the staffing/volunteer hours needed throughout the year, which will have positive effects on the tournaments ...
Ryan Schultz's bidding problem: 3 42 KT9542 AQ43
This was also my thinking. How will partner know when to try for 3NT without a hand that doesn't have extras? My 3 could be based on other major suit points instead of a double club stop. 3NT was a success when partner came down with KQJxx QTxx ...
Bridge post-mortems at the table
In my experience pairs that engage in post mortems tend to have weaker partnerships and the analysis is very often incorrect. Moreover, because the post mortem is inevitably negative towards partner it usually causes them to play worse. I feel like my odds of winning a KO or Swiss match ...
Why younger players don't want to learn bridge
Strongly disagree. In the posted thread someone argued that the dummy is one of the greatest mechanics ever invented in gaming. While I might not take it that far, it should probably be in the discussion. There's a reason bridge is hugely more popular than whist.

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