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Paula Leslie's bidding problem: QJT9xx AKx Qx xx
I'm speculating here but... I think the reason for inverting is that you give the opener an extra spade bid which means their support bids are better defined rather than actually being able to play in 1♠ Plus you get the advantage of having the 1♥ bidder on lead ...
Paula Leslie's bidding problem: QJT9xx AKx Qx xx
Wrong place!
Playing Weak NT. How to bid after 1m=1M with 4 card support.
With one partner in a 5cM WNT context we played a 1NT rebid could contain 4 card support if 4333 only. Probably a Klinger idea as we were playing Keri at the time over both 1NT openings and rebids. Cannot remember any gains or losses from it though.
Zero-max imps (new scoring method)
Interesting idea Ian - can't see it catching on though. I have issue with this statement. "Theoretically you shouldn't be able to do better than the optimum score for the hand unless the opps make a mistake; they should suffer but you should not gain" Sometimes you can force ...
Gold Coast Ruling
That AC ruling makes no sense as a X would have been pulled to 5H a large percentage (100?) of the time anyway. So 5H needs to be part of the weighted score.
Richard Granville's bidding problem: A953 QJT42 9 K72
What happened at the table on this one Richard?
Richard Granville's bidding problem: A953 QJT42 9 K72
I found it quite easy - but then I am a pessimist void AKxxxxx KQx QJx void AKxxxx Axx Qxxx
Three-card major suit openings by Jais and Trezel
"won" in inverted commas as if board 40 of the semi final had been scored correctly then Germany would have lost to Canada. There was also some debate at the time as to if the methods were legal.
Mixed Open Pairs Final - Session 2
I don't understand your comments on board 20 re scoring 0 for a 1NT bid. Is partner really going to pass it?
Mastering the Robots
Emily - Funbridge has it's own engine so the bots are different to BBO. From what I have experienced they play a pretty good game. From memory I haven't come across any of the situations Steve describes while playing Funbridge tournaments.

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