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Three-card major suit openings by Jais and Trezel
"won" in inverted commas as if board 40 of the semi final had been scored correctly then Germany would have lost to Canada. There was also some debate at the time as to if the methods were legal.
Mixed Open Pairs Final - Session 2
I don't understand your comments on board 20 re scoring 0 for a 1NT bid. Is partner really going to pass it?
Mastering the Robots
Emily - Funbridge has it's own engine so the bots are different to BBO. From what I have experienced they play a pretty good game. From memory I haven't come across any of the situations Steve describes while playing Funbridge tournaments.
Tainted Boards Left In Play At EBU Event
It appears no one else received an adjusted score in that session so it sounds like Peter was the only one to came forward. Hopefully that was because no one else noticed. Still I wouldn't have been happy being in your position.
Delayed 3NT using lebensohl after double of weak two
I don't particularly want the no stop hand to play NT (albeit a lot of the time it won't matter) but I would like a sensible bidding sequence for my example hand. What would you bid on my example Paul?
Delayed 3NT using lebensohl after double of weak two
I always thought playing Leb fast arrival shows a stop that this showed a game force without 4 spades or a heart stopper i.e. QJx xx QJ10x AKJx Judging by the comments though no-one else thinks this is the case. So how do you all show ...
New Bridge Magazine now online
Great to see some Kit's Korner articles in print too.
New Bridge Magazine now online
Thanks. Has anyone who previously registered on the website received an email stating the first issue is available (I haven't).
Alert the Polish Club sequence 1!C-1!D-1!H ?
It wouldn't have occurred to me to alert 1♣-1♦-1nt (18-20 BAL) but thinking about it now I suppose it is a potentially unexpected meaning. I will definitely alert it if I ever play Polish club at the YC.
The next-to-last mistake
Hi Frances, This is a nice structure. Do you know if it is widely played in the expert community? I'm curious to why 3C is the enquiry not 2NT. The latter would allow an extra step to sort out whether the majors are 5-4 or 5-5. Do you find ...

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