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Alert the Polish Club sequence 1!C-1!D-1!H ?
It wouldn't have occurred to me to alert 1♣-1♦-1nt (18-20 BAL) but thinking about it now I suppose it is a potentially unexpected meaning. I will definitely alert it if I ever play Polish club at the YC.
The next-to-last mistake
Hi Frances, This is a nice structure. Do you know if it is widely played in the expert community? I'm curious to why 3C is the enquiry not 2NT. The latter would allow an extra step to sort out whether the majors are 5-4 or 5-5. Do you find ...
Ryan Stephenson's bidding problem: KT95432 AKQ4 7 2
Thanks all. I thought it was a little closer than the vote suggests but I guess you have more to gain by bidding on as 6D is likely to be cheap and others may buy it in 5S. The actual hand is irrelevant as partner has nothing resembling a 5S ...
ATB - interesting hand
I do play this in one of my partnerships. The one time it came up we played in 2NT= for a good score.
Over my shoulder
Gavin's road to victory series from 6(!) years ago is excellent
Complex Hand
Kit, Do you play anything different if their double shows a hand that would have doubled 1NT? Albeit this is probably an unlikely agreement against a 14-16 NT.
Ryan Stephenson's bidding problem: J QJT9654 A86 AK
X (or pass)was the winner - 5H one off and 4S going for at least 800. Partner had KQ82 872 KJ75 95.
Kieran Dyke's bidding problem: 9 AT2 KT987532 J
Thanks - missed that one. In an ideal world the only debate should have been the size of the PP.
Kieran Dyke's bidding problem: 9 AT2 KT987532 J
Is this a UI case?
Transfers after 1m-1M-2m?
Even with no specific agreements I would assume that 2D may not be natural. So would bid 2H anyway on the North hand and have a similar sequence.

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