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Ryerson Schwark
Ryerson Schwark
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April 11, 2012
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6 hours ago
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bridge player

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2 over 1
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Most of the time I'm thinking. Sometimes I've failed to notice that it's my turn to bid because for whatever reason this is far more obvious to me at the table than online.
Does this hand qualify for a bit of poker like approach?
Up 20, last hand, why would I want to create a swing? Just bid up the middle and count on opponents to do stupid stuff trying to make up that deficit.
BBO deletes play "History" with ZERO notice!
I have no skills in coding, but I would happily buy a few beers for coders who helped advance the state of computer bridge.
BBO deletes play "History" with ZERO notice!
They don't have an professional communicators on staff as far as I can tell. I wasn't able to access tournament results for days, so it was no loss for me.
BBO deletes play "History" with ZERO notice!
You have no idea what the software issue is that caused them to do this, but you have the solution. Right. I get that we're all a little frustrated at the moment, but you don't do this unless you have to. No, they maybe couldn't have given ...
Apportion the Blame
Perhaps she just misread the auction. My brain does this sort of thing from time to time.
OUCH Cloudless Sky Makes for Gray Day
I am sure BBO is doing their best. They have a huge flood of new players creating a whole host of problems. People think you can spend money and software problems go away, but in software, everything takes time. There's a classic book in the software industry called "The ...
Apportion the Blame
East went low. Apparently East has played with West before.
Should This Be Legal?
To david burns and others, the question the original poster asked was: "That led me to wonder, with misclicks being a fact of life online, should it be legal to devise a system (or specific rebid) to say I misclicked at some point?" Feel free to debate the appropriate ethics ...
Should This Be Legal?
I am not fond of rules that require you to mind read. If it functions exactly like a psychic control, I think the rules ought to treat it as a psychic control.

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