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Ryerson Schwark
Ryerson Schwark
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April 11, 2012
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"the reflexively anti-ACBL barking seals"
As well as yours proving the ACBL critics right...
"the reflexively anti-ACBL barking seals"
I don't. It's the typical whine of somebody who doesn't want to hear criticism. There are certainly vocal critics here, but generally the ACBL gets skewered here when they have it coming. They had it coming in this case. Asking members to buy one particular membership type ...
My frustration with the ACBL reaches at an all time high
There is no "yes" here. There is "Haha, fooled you, you already paid for the 3 years, now pay for 3 MORE and we might do what we said we'd do three years ago." Or maybe realize that you did a disservice to this member and he's mad ...
My frustration with the ACBL reaches at an all time high
Yes. If you're a paying member, they should record your points. Full stop. You shouldn't have to pay some particular special rate to qualify.
My frustration with the ACBL reaches at an all time high
It seems more than a bit crazy that you have to pay off the ACBL to get them to register your points.
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
I'm sad this needs to be posted. My convention card is on the table at all club games for any opponent to review, never mind tournaments. This ought to be standard practice everywhere.
Question for Accountants (of benefit to Pros)
I think this is pretty much the answer. You get nothing in return for a gift. You are clearly getting something for this, so it isn't a gift, it's wages.
An Open Letter to ACBL Unit and District Officers
My Executive Summary: Some poorly designed rules were stretched. Those whose rules were stretched are considering seriously overreacting by creating onerous new rules to make sure nobody does anything new ever again. ___ The obvious answer to this seems to be to fix the poorly designed rules, then move on ...
Is this too big a position?
If partner is known to be aggressive, and didn't find an opening with his probable 10HCP, then I'd doubt he's the one with extra spade length, giving it to the opponents. It is a position, but I'd pass too.
good ruling?
By barred, did you mean, you were so fed up with the game you walked across the street to have a beer? Because that seems about right here.

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