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Ryerson Schwark
Ryerson Schwark
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April 11, 2012
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July 17
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Financial fraudsters are targeting ACBL entities
I imagine some of them would if they could. My experience dealing with this as part of the customer facing team at a large utility was that many of these fraudsters are international and come from countries that our law enforcement can't reach. Educating consumers to not fall for ...
I'm with both of you. I think there's more than 100% to go around here.
Pass, Pass, Pass, ?
Agree. My understanding of the typical treatment of a fourth seat 2 level bid is a full opener with 6 cards.
Curious accusation in Philadelphia
Please take this advice. This kind of behavior needs to be hammered.
Platinum Point and Membership Stats - ACBL?!
Don't care. I am in the vast majority in that I may well some day become competent when I have time to actually play. But if you don't master the game early, I don't think you are ever going to really compete at that level. So what ...
CAS Ruling on Fantunes
To steal a line, "CAS has made its judgment. Now let it enforce it." Deny them.
Claim ruling poll
This is why I avoid claiming. I'm better at the play than making sure I list all the things that people think I should. It makes the game longer, but after a couple of incidents like this, I just stopped. Why risk losing on a claim what you'd ...
True North American Championships Coming
I note today's date when reading this announcement.
Punish un-convicted team members?
I think the only answer here is that all awards won by the cheating pair are now suspect, and must be vacated. This will, unfortunately, impact teammates, but I think for the game's integrity you need to.
A Modest Proposal For Dealing With Expelled Cheaters
Maybe I'm naive, but I can't see this happening. Even if they ever get re-admitted, who would ever pay them to play again? With no economic upside to re-admission, they'd be crazy to pay this.

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