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Ryerson Schwark
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April 11, 2012
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I sympathize, but if you have no agreement, you need to say, 'we have no agreement'. It drives me a bit nuts when partners turn their speculation on what my bid means into an agreement we don't have.
errant claim
Ditto. This doesn't seem worth a debate at a club game.
Joe Jones's Recruitment Strategy
You posted the email address in your own message! They told you where to contact them about teachers. But, never mind, clearly your goal here isn't to actually improve the situation, but to complain about it. So go on cursing the darkness. Never mind the matches and candle you ...
Joe Jones's Recruitment Strategy
And you are posting here, complaining, rather than actually emailing the contact and providing this information. You're complaining that the boat is filling with water when you have the bailing bucket in your hand. They gave you the contact. They asked for help. Why not offer it?
Joe Jones's Recruitment Strategy
Performance-based compensation is hardly new and isn't a 'sham'. Making sure you have an adequate agreement in place on what constitutes performance is important though.
Joe Jones's Recruitment Strategy
I suggest people go read the column directly, because having read it, I do not share the Original Poster's reaction myself. They've done a survey. Good. Data matters. They're building a landing page for new folks coming in. Well, duh. They're updating the teacher database to ...
A GNT Debacle: Too Many Winners
This sounds like a complete trainwreck.
Strong Club Recommendations?
Thanks for the many useful suggestions, everyone!
Card dropped on the floor
Declarer sounds like a bit of a jerk. Who doesn't look away when this happens to allow a player to retrieve the lost card with nobody at the table any the wiser?
Think globally, act locally?
My biggest issue at the club is the hesitation mambo. In general, those who do this dance, however, play pretty badly anyway. I suspect a number of them wouldn't even get what they were doing wrong. I wish the clubs would do a better job of educating on these ...

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