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April 11, 2012
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Claim ruling poll
This is why I avoid claiming. I'm better at the play than making sure I list all the things that people think I should. It makes the game longer, but after a couple of incidents like this, I just stopped. Why risk losing on a claim what you'd ...
True North American Championships Coming
I note today's date when reading this announcement.
Punish un-convicted team members?
I think the only answer here is that all awards won by the cheating pair are now suspect, and must be vacated. This will, unfortunately, impact teammates, but I think for the game's integrity you need to.
A Modest Proposal For Dealing With Expelled Cheaters
Maybe I'm naive, but I can't see this happening. Even if they ever get re-admitted, who would ever pay them to play again? With no economic upside to re-admission, they'd be crazy to pay this.
ACBL lawyer. Who is your client?
In the corporations I've worked for, advising the board is standard for the in-house counsel. As others have pointed out, the times there is an actual conflict are rare, and in those circumstances the board can always seek independent counsel. The vast majority of legal issues arise at the ...
ACBL lawyer. Who is your client?
I've worked in a number of corporations and the in-house counsel always, always reports up to the CEO.
A rarity: 1NTxx tick (atb?)
Given my defense, I'd pull as south...
ACBL Board of Directors Stands Up for Basic Human Rights
The fact that I'm gay doesn't matter at the bridge table, I hope. But it might well matter if I'm denied a hotel room, a meal, or the like. So I am not going to attend any tournaments in such location. As a dues paying member, the ...
ACBL Board of Directors Stands Up for Basic Human Rights
I agree. There is a very distinct difference between "there is no law on this subject." and "The law explicitly says you may discriminate and bars any localities from making an non-discrimination laws." It does hopefully raise awareness about how weak lgbt protections are in this country.
ACBL Board of Directors Stands Up for Basic Human Rights
If Mississippi or North Carolina had outlawed the playing of bridge as gambling, our discussion of that would be inherently political as the action was one of a legislative body. The issue, to me, is whether the act in question impinges upon the charter of the organization and its rules ...

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