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Ryerson Schwark
Ryerson Schwark
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April 11, 2012
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22 hours ago
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bridge player

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2 over 1
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Slow double - should I pull anyway?
I'm too old-fashioned. This doesn't look like an opening bid to me.
How Do You Raise -Part 2
Square hand is a minus.
What bridge really needs to become relevant again.
If Bridge Players could win millions of dollars, we'd have a lot more interest in the game. We'd also have even more cheaters...
What bridge really needs to become relevant again.
I suck at poker. But I can watch poker on TV and immediately get it. I'm OK at bridge and sometimes watching vugraph, I still don't get what the pros are doing. I don't think that's 'fixable'. It's just inherent to the game.
What bridge really needs to become relevant again.
Time moves on. I don't believe anything can make our game 'relevant' again. Best we can hope for is more accessible and a slower decline.
ATB - Poor slam
I'm with the majority here. West should show his spades. East should rebid his clubs.
Do You Count Your Cards?
Ditto. 3-3-3-4 takes me a few seconds, then I look at them.
One Disillusioned NLM
I'm not good enough at bridge to have an opinion on what should have transpired. What I can say is that it is an unfortunate flaw to our game that this event could transpire at all. While I recognize that many far more knowledgeable than I have tussled with ...
ACBL plans to end all child care at NABCs?
Does anybody in this thread actually need childcare at the Hawaii nationals or do we all just love complaining? Maybe in another era it makes sense, but I think it's a bad idea for the ACBL to do this now. I can well imagine that the problems that cropped ...
What It Was Like Negotiating Hotel Rooms On Behalf Of The ACBL
I am not an expert at this, but I've had such experts work for me and they can achieve real magic. I imagine that making this magic happen is hard for the ACBL because the way you do it is you shop the event around to various cities to ...

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