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Sabine Auken
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July 22, 2010
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World Champion and author of I Love This Game

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Who Will Direct the Directors?
Yo have a really good point, Roland. However, in this case the partnership did have the systemic agreement, that 1 can be bid with a 3-card holding and the agreement was noted on the convention card. So it was not a case of "just bridge".
Who Will Direct the Directors?
Thank you, Kit. Your line of reasoning is immaculate!
Some interesting and difficult boards in Germany
Hi Luc. Very nice write-up. Always nice to read what has happened at other tables on hands one has played oneself. On board 1 you have the vulnerability wrong (possibly because you switched around NS and EW). So your side was not vulnerable, whereas the other side was. That makes ...
Public statement from and myself
The homepage of the Spanish Bridge Federation classifies the Barcelona tournament as a national event I saved a screenshot just in case that entry somehow gets miraculously altered at a later stage.
English-German translations
overcaller = Zwischenreizer advancer = Partner des Zwischenreizers Just when you thought everything in German is combined into a single word. :)
ACBL Nationals Start times
@Bob as much as you like playing against juniors, it may not be enough to gain you admission to Junior events. @Peg I was being half serious, half joking. Actually I feel very strongly that the top competitive events (in this case ACBL+ events) should take place at times, when ...
ACBL Nationals Start times
How about this idea instead: Junior events start at 1 and 7:30. Everything else starts at 10(11) and 3(4). Some scientific evidence to support the proposal:
ACBL Nationals Start times
"Christina, I'm sure a little bit of what I'm saying has to do with what I'm used to." Hey Bob, you just admitted to being affected by status quo bias! :)
ACBL Nationals Start times
@Bob I found your comment interesting. There was a period of about 10 years in my life, where I tried very hard to combine having two children, a very demanding job in the financial sector and high level competitive bridge. I did not attend any American Nationals at that time ...
ACBL Nationals Start times
Since we are still at the world championships in France: à chacun son goût. As pointed out by others the playing schedule issue has been discussed several times before and the outcome seems to be the same every single time: people have different tastes and preferences. Seeing that is the ...

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