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Sam Dinkin
Sam Dinkin
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Member Since
April 23, 2012
Last Seen
16 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
5th Place NA Swiss, Providence, RI, 2014; Silver Medal 2009 Venice Cup NPC; US Junior Team 1993
Regular Bridge Partners
Cenk Tuncok, JoAnna Stansby, Michael Shuster, Nancy Joe
Favorite Conventions
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Sam Dinkin & Mike Shuster SC
Strong !D. Weak 1M 1st/2nd. Legend:½=1st/2nd seats,¾=3rd/4th
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Sam and Kalyan Strong Diamond
Strong !D, Weak 1M 1st/2nd. Legend ½=1st/2nd seats ¾=3rd/4th seats
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Sam and Nancy IM21 lite
Strong !D, Weak 1M We upgrade HCP with 10+cards in two suits
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Sam Dinkin & Mike Shuster Open+ Chart 6+boards
Strong !D. Weak 1M 1st/2nd. Legend:½=1st/2nd seats,¾=3rd/4th
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Questions about "Vugraph" matches
Get more vugraph accounts so you don't have to split the baby.
Welcome to the USBF JTP Forum
PLEASE VOTE on 3-Way Issues
In the KOs of the major events, the two ways are all one match over a one-day 1.5-day or two-day period with comparison every 14/15/16 boards. I do not see why that should not be the case for a 3-way. If a team is behind in both ...
I was mentor to Kyle and Sarik in the juniors and advised they add symmetric relay double negative track responses after their 2 bid. That system is not really up to finding 7 unless responder commits to the six level earlier, but at least it would have found ...
Yes, 7 is a better final bid. 100% of the blame since I bid both hands.
Equal blame for not playing a full relay after 2 rebid game forcing. E.g., symmetric relay double negative track w/inv KC in four suits: 1-1; 2-2 (bal); 2-2 (4-4 color or 4333 major); 3 (slam inv )-4(1 ...
Win the Wuhan Grand Prix 2 with us
It’s common in Europe to see 2 both majors 4+4+ 0-9 HCP. This is something the Danes played to win the Women’s in Montecatini Terme. Tromsø had Swiss Pairs with matching one round delayed from your score. I just did vugraph last week for U21. They ...
Win the Wuhan Grand Prix 2 with us
Thanks. Fixed.
Online entries for SF NABC?
Sorry I am out of the loop--I managed not to buy entries online for a few NABCs running. If I had found info about it on ACBL or BW, I wouldn't have asked.
Three Card Majors
My sense is that denying holdings that do not imply a sufficient minimum length in other suits is OK. That's a normal negative inference for 1 is 5+ and not longer than hearts for example. But saying promises no more than 9 cards in ++ at ...

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