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Sam Dinkin
Sam Dinkin
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April 23, 2012
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19 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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5th Place NA Swiss, Providence, RI, 2014; Silver Medal 2009 Venice Cup NPC; US Junior Team 1993
Regular Bridge Partners
Cenk Tuncok, JoAnna Stansby, Michael Shuster, Nancy Joe
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Silver Life Master
Dinkin-Baker Precision
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Sam and Kalyan
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VOTE on VP Penalty for both teams in Round Robin match that finishes late
If a penalty is assessed to both pairs, then it should be half the penalty assessed to a single pair that accepts fault.
Bid-a-Lot Precision
Maybe Blue Light Club?
Convention Chart Revisions
Good point that single-suited takeout is part of Cappelletti vs. NT. My point was that while these treatments are permitted for overcalls, they're banned for opening bids even on the highest chart.
Convention Chart Revisions
The Open+ chart with 6+board matches allows opening 1NT artificial non-forcing as long as it's 10+ HCP and it has no voids and no more than 10+ cards in two suits. I.e., the same patterns as a natural NT, but permitting small singletons. Quasi-natural 1 and ...
Convention Chart Revisions
My mistake that we could open 9 counts if it was Rule of 19 not Rule of 18, but still, it doesn't change to near average.
Convention Chart Revisions
Sounds like folks are going to have to switch to natural suit bids with the less-than-near-average-two-suiters, X to show a two-suiter and 1NT to show a 3-suited takeout.
Bid-a-Lot Precision
There's something to be said for 8-12 2 showing clubs and that is in line with original Precision. Personally, I'd rather have just one bid in the 1-2 suite showing minors. A half-measure would be weak-two range for 2 and 2 6+m ...
Bid-a-Lot Precision
15+ and 8-9 together are a bit more challenging for offense to deal with than 13+ 1. Of course it's also more challenging for the defense to deal with. Most players would have trouble playing against such a system. It would meet some, but not all of the ...
Bid-a-Lot Precision
Eric, the ranges are just as narrow as Precision for the limited openings. The strong club (WBF defines 13 as strong), and the 3+ (same as 1969 Precision) are all quite similar in initial information. Playing 5-card majors, the 1 can be quite nebulous. Playing 4-card majors, it ...
Bid-a-Lot Precision
I'm playing a prototype of this system with Nancy Joe whose bbo name is ibidalot

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