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Sam Dinkin
Sam Dinkin
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April 23, 2012
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April 12
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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5th Place NA Swiss, Providence, RI, 2014; Silver Medal 2009 Venice Cup NPC; US Junior Team 1993
Regular Bridge Partners
Cenk Tuncok, JoAnna Stansby, Michael Shuster, Nancy Joe
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Silver Life Master
Sam Dinkin & Mike Shuster SC
Strong !D. Weak 1M 1st/2nd. Legend:½=1st/2nd seats,¾=3rd/4th
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Dinkin-Baker Precision
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Sam and Kalyan
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Open+ Chart opens up new bridge territory
Is this the "HUNT" you guys play?
Open+ Chart opens up new bridge territory
Good point that it's easy to defend and takes away a useful bid if opener is not strong. I guess it's mainly useful against strong artificial 1m. Not too many folks play strong one bids so the restriction against using it vs. natural is not that important. The ...
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: K84 AK Q843 AK65
4N if partner interprets it as natural may get passed and fail. Slam may be possible, but the most likely strain is . 4NT KC commits your side to slam on hands where you have enough keycards. If 5m is 18+ with a 5-card minor like GIBs play it, that ...
Soloway Jump Shifts
There's no encryption. An example of encryption would be having multiple different sets of queen ask responses depending on which key card reponder has when he shows one. E.g., 1S-4N; 5C(1)-5D; 5H he either has a black keycard and has the queen of spades and the ...
Open+ 6+board 1NT with small singletons
Kit, that's a good point. The 1NT system is very cookie cutter which allows the judgement of the human who opened 1NT to decide on whether to accept invitations and to decide on distributional hands whether a responder 10 count that GIB will always game force with is enough ...
Open+ 6+board 1NT with small singletons
"your GIB results can't be transferred to the human category" Good point.
Open+ 6+board 1NT with small singletons
Soloway Jump Shifts
Yes, they seem to be one of the more effective slam-bidding tools in the sparse arsenal of splinters, keycard and ...
Soloway Jump Shifts
The GIBs seem to be playing Soloway Jump Shifts again now.
What Methods should Require Advance Submission Forms & Written Defenses?
The purpose of the written defenses is to allow pairs that do not want to spend a lot of time preparing have a set defense to "gotcha" conventions without discussing it beyond saying they'll play the written defense. 1NT with a small singleton is not in that case because ...

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