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Sam Dinkin
Sam Dinkin
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Basic Information

Member Since
April 23, 2012
Last Seen
July 9
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
1st Place Wuhan Grand Prix 2 1-day BAM, 5th Place NA Swiss, Providence, RI, 2014; Silver Medal 2009 Venice Cup NPC; US Junior Team 1993
Regular Bridge Partners
Michael Shuster, Nancy Joe, Kalyan Venkat, Lynn Baker
Favorite Conventions
Weak 1M and 1NT.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Sam Dinkin & Mike Shuster SC
Strong !D. Weak 1M 1st/2nd. Legend:½=1st/2nd seats,¾=3rd/4th
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Sam and Kalyan Strong Diamond
Strong !D, Weak 1M 1st/2nd. Legend ½=1st/2nd seats ¾=3rd/4th seats
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Sam and Nancy IM21 lite
Strong !D, Weak 1M We upgrade HCP with 10+cards in two suits
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Sam Dinkin & Mike Shuster Open+ Chart 6+boards
Strong !D. Weak 1M 1st/2nd. Legend:½=1st/2nd seats,¾=3rd/4th
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Sam Dinkin & Mike Shuster OC+ 1st/2nd
1ST/2ND SEATS ONLY. Strong !D. Weak 1M. (See other side for 3rd/4th)
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Sam Dinkin & Mike Shuster OC+ 3rd/4th
3rd/4th SEATS ONLY. Forcing !D. Strong 1 lev (See other side for 1st/2nd)
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Luke Williams's bidding problem: AKJ85 J5 Q 98764
If partner's double over 3 is penalty, you can pass. Probably best to pass anyway given less than half the high cards and less than that working. Two bids for on the first round seems a lot in this auction. Maybe the best agreement is X most ...
John T Taylor's bidding problem: 5 3 K95 AKQJ8742
I'd set as trump (3 or 3 whichever) and KC/Kickback. If you have the agreement that 6 is nat after asking KC, you can get to a grand if partner has AAAQ.
Daniel Weiss's bidding problem: K K963 AQ65 AQ53
I like 4NT for T/o and X of 4 for penalties. While I do have convertible values, at these colors, game pays better than penalties.
Is this call alertable?
There appear to be two camps, camp 1: alert everything and camp 2: craft a rule that has no more than half the calls in a typical auction not alertable. I don't think alert everything is best. The question is what to alert if you're alerting half. The ...
Is this call alertable?
Ed, no DIC, no director at all, actually. The captains could certainly agree to a different procedure, but since we were all American, we adhered to ACBL style alerts mod the "self-alerting" inherent to BBO instead of partner of bidder alerting.
Is this call alertable?
Roy, your rule leads to all passes being alertable because whether or not XX is natural always implies some extra meaning for a natural pass. The alert procedure suggests advising of negative inferences when the XX (or any other relevant alternative bid) is conventional, but not when it is natural ...
Is this call alertable?
Ed, you wrote: "I infer, from the way the OP speaks of "self-alerting" that the relevant jurisdiction in this case is some online game. ACBL rules (which, btw, do not recognize or require "self-alerting") may or may not apply. Which rules do apply would depend on the game." It's ...
Is this call alertable?
"I cannot for the life of me comprehend why agreements should not be disclosed." For the "natural" meanings of P, XX, 2 and 2 there is not required to be an alert. Oddly pass showing club length, denying club length and denying a stopper are all considered natural ...
Is this call alertable?
Ken, the reason I would have something to tell them if I passed 1 undoubled is that it has an unexpected natural meaning. That is, it promises only 4 despite partner not promising any and partner not having an opportunity to overrule the final contract. That inference was ...
Is this call alertable?
David, you said, "I want things to be alerted (or otherwise described at the time) if there is doubt in the player's mind that the opponents will realise what is happening." That's admirable, but I do not think that's the RA's standard. How is a player ...

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