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Sam Dinkin
Sam Dinkin
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April 23, 2012
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June 12
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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5th Place NA Swiss, Providence, RI, 2014; Silver Medal 2009 Venice Cup NPC; US Junior Team 1993
Regular Bridge Partners
Cenk Tuncok, JoAnna Stansby, Michael Shuster, Nancy Joe
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Silver Life Master
Sam Dinkin & Mike Shuster SC
Strong !D. Weak 1M 1st/2nd. Legend:½=1st/2nd seats,¾=3rd/4th
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Dinkin-Baker Precision
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Sam and Kalyan
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Strong Heart
I tweaked it to be "colors first" so 4+4+MM gets revealed on the first round rather than bal vs. unbal. In other years, I did zoom with balanced hands and go slow with 5+ hands. Point taken that the system itself is not modern. At least the ...
Strong Heart
Since I'm playing the semi-pos, everything's up two steps so NT is not wrong sided as often--all semi-positive non-jump calls are two steps up from the natural meaning. In the case where there's an initial NT response, we often reverse who's captain (an immediate relay break ...
Strong Heart
Crimson death is interesting. Its rule of 18 opening points also requires 10+ HCP or Rule of 19 to open on ACBL Open+ Chart. No 4-card major balanced or (54)mm only accounts for 30% of balanced hands. That implies even playing 1NT no 4+M 10-14 is a waste ...
Strong Heart
Re: semi-pos, Sharko refers to it as "Second Force relay", it's chapter 5. It's two up from the 1-1+ relay.
South has a couple of ways to succeed in the defense. N fewer and less common, but can bid (or X depending on its meaning) to limit E/W to 130.
Strong Heart
Having two unlimited bids, one with a particular 4-card major and the other without is a viable system, but it does mean competitive hands are harder to handle. 8-12 artificial (and not "quasi-natural" meaning also promising the bid suit or natural NT) is not yet allowed in ACBL so an ...
Strong Heart
>I was advocating moving both of these into 1 (and conversely, moving 15-17 BAL into 1). I don't believe this prevents opening any hands. That's clearer now. If 18+ unbal hands are in 1, neither partner has room to describe basic shape and pattern for ...
Strong Heart
2NT-3 inv or better. I have been playing relay for a while and there's not much use in my opinion to the positive track. It's an extra track that does not come up as often as the semi-positive track which takes extra practice time. I just use ...
Asking Laws questions during the game
In the world championship in 2009, I took NPC duties to allow a kibbitzer to attempt to permit an irregularity as permitting me to hold up fingers to echo the match clock. Since the clock was visible if people looked up and turned around, this seems to be an exception ...
Three Card Majors
Instead of "normal fuzzy meaning", I would say literal meaning. That is if it says anything at all only about the length of another suit it is not permitted.

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