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Sam Marks
Sam Marks
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July 29, 2010
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Bridge Teacher
United States of America

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Bridge Club of Atlanta (owner)
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System Notes and Online Play
I think it depends on the event.
best practice online?
That is why I give my opponeents my lead agreements when we first sit down. They can scroll back through chat if they need to later. By the way, in the BBO/ACBL games I am playing in, I tell them second from touching honors, many of our opponents have ...
Virus vaccine certificate
Lets be very clear, David is not mandating that everyone get a vaccine. He is asking if a private business should mandate that only people who are vaccinated be allowed in their doors. As a Bridge club owner, I think this is a great idea. If people don't want ...
Sam Marks's bidding problem: AKT2 7 KQ74 8543
So partner had a good hand with 16 points, 3-3-3-4 and wanted to show extra values. We were not on the same wave length. My thoughts were like JD, I figured 2 places to play, doubt about NT. I trotted out 4D, partner bid 4NT and I passed. Down 1 ...
Sam Marks's bidding problem: AKT2 7 KQ74 8543
I did specify over 1NT. It is common to play 3NT directly after a weak 2 double shows stoppers in the opponents suit. You are more likely to want to go slow if you aren't sure where to play.
A set of BBO feature requests
I have been at 6 min boards for Open and 7 min board for 499. Once players become used to BBO, I think that is plenty of time.
A set of BBO feature requests
There is no way to see a traveler when directing. One of our biggest asks. You can click on norths, one at a time to see what they did on the board. A slow and laborius process.
A set of BBO feature requests
I generally run limited games at 3 board rounds no matter the size. That gives slow pairs a chance to catch up. Open games I prefer to run 2 board rounds. 1 board round would run to slow or have a lot of unfinished boards each round.
How should the director adjust on BBO?
As a director of virtual ACBL games, my answer is not to worry about it. Try and finish the hand, if you can't finish, accept the result. If it looks wrong ask the director to look at it. GIB handles 90% of adjustments. I only look at them if ...
Help with Virtual Club Game
Do not use the include list. Instead check your friends list. That should have all your players. You can add them to the friends list but you then must do a "fake modify" of the tournament.

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