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March 20, 2012
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Change of Heart
Thanks David for pointing out a typo on the first line: E1. If E does not hold the Q, E always pitches a *spade*.
Change of Heart
Based on the prior odds of the Q is with East being 4/7 (since spades have to be breaking 3-4 to be "interesting"), and under the IMP scoring criteria that David outlined, the equilibrium should be: E1. If E does not hold the Q, E always pitches a club ...
Get to slam or grand slam with precision methods
"Tom" - It seemed unclear if we want to set clubs to be trumps yet. For example, opposite xx Qx Axx Kxxxxx, we may want to play 6H instead of 6C. I have not tried using KC follow-ups to relays. It seemed it is getting more popular. Do people run into ...
Get to slam or grand slam with precision methods
Kit - Thank you for sharing your relay auction. I am intrigued by the post shape follow-ups in your system. Does your partnership assume opener can tell between AK vs KKK? It looked like in the denial cue-bidding stage, after showing A/K in clubs and A/K in diamonds, responder ...
Plan the play in 6!h
Thank you everyone for the analysis and comments. I have some follow-up questions: 1. I understand that the technically correct play on trick 1 in isolation is the go up with the Q to cater for singleton J offside. However, is there any inference I can draw on the lead ...
Define Your Bids Before I Tell You My Defense
Chris W - I have a similar thought experiment in mind, but got to the opposite conclusion. I would like to see if this is because of inherent ambiguity in languages. For now, let's ignore the enforceability of disclosure, as this is a topic of its own. To make the ...
Define Your Bids Before I Tell You My Defense
Danny: While I agree that preempt style may vary depending on a host of factors (and same is true for upgrades/downgrades, psyche tendencies), it seems to create a big disclosure issue. For example, is a player entitled to know if one's opponents are in need of swings or ...
Barrere Wins Senior Swiss
Congrats Alex Perlin!
Congratulations, Alex!
A Beautiful Hand
Interesting hand. I believe this type of problem is usually modeled as an (extensive-form) game with imperfect information in game theory, and in particular, the game is zero-sum from the perspectives of W and S (assuming they are the only two actors in the game). Assuming (similar to what Andy ...

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