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Samuel Yake
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Aug. 26, 2015
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March 22
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Something bothering me about bridge...
Sabrina, I like and agree with your comment, but I have had partners who are vision and/or physically impaired so that it is difficult for them to totally prevent people seeing their cards--they are just vulnerable. When you see opponents then try to aggressively look at their hands, it ...
Fact Instead Of Fiction: A True Report on the Denver Regional
After reading this article a second time, I find it even harder to swallow. As a mediocre bridge player myself, but with some experience playing against professionals/experts, one thing that always stands out is their intense focus and concentration--that's partly why they are experts. This article portrays the ...
Fact Instead Of Fiction: A True Report on the Denver Regional
Having read through this statement, I'll say that it sadly just does not have the ring of truth to it. For anyone to think that the rules call for a 10-10 tie when teams sit in the same direction is preposterous! Let alone a grouping of players with this ...
Recent Disciplinary Actions
Thank you Art. You stated my point exactly. In fact, you said it far better than I did!
Recent Disciplinary Actions
Speaking generally (and not in specific reference to this case, of which I know nothing), here is my problem with these ethics cases--is it reasonable to believe that a given ethics case is the ONLY time that the people charged committed a violation? Common sense and experience point to thinking ...
The Whole Story
I would like to believe that everything done was just a silly mistake. However, I have one concern that I find difficult to surmount. That is, someone of Passell's ability can easily remember every single card on a deal that he just played as declarer. Therefore, he should have ...
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