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Sara Bilgoray
Sara Bilgoray
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Aug. 23, 2011
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Jan. 2, 2019
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Hanan Sher's bidding problem: KJT3 J93 5 AKJ75
Asking for ❤️ stopper. If partner has it I am willing to be in 3nt.
1!c or 1!d?
Is opening 1 advised on 4-4 or 3-3 in the minors only? What about 4-4-3-2 hands? Do you open 1 or 1?
Limit Bids: Cheating on Shape
Is the following hand : Q, JT87, QJ8, AQJ52 a candidate for a 1nt limit bid after a sequence of:1c -1s, or should I rebid my clubs?
both minors
scoring imp, don't remember vulnerability
both minors
we play 2 as regular stayman and 3 as puppet stayman
both minors
Thanks, I mistyped the hand. Got it right now. as for transfer to minor, would be a problem for us since 3, in this sequence would mean preacceptence of the transfer, and another thing, what if we miss a 5-3 spade fit? (we open 1nt with 5 card majors).
a bidding problem
Up till now I refrained from showing partner's hand, so that I would not influence the responses. I think it's time I showed his hand: Q954 T3 A3 AJ643 I am adding a question now, do you think he bid well or didn't bid well and why?
bidding problem
I agree that 3 is not 4th suit forcing (since we are alredy in game), what I really meant that I needed further description of partner's hand.
Should I compete?
what I actually bid was 4, thinking my partner would understand I have less than 9 points (didnt bid a direct 3), more like 6-7 points, 6 diamonds (with 7 I'd bid 5 and with 5 cards I'd pass 3). after my 4 ...

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