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Aug. 23, 2015
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May 7
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Trick 1 Pause, Platinum Pairs
"Kit, I don't see what the difference is between saying "I have no problem with this trick" and thinking about the hand and taking time after all 4 hands have played to the first trick." One problem is that not everyone who claims not to be thinking about this ...
Department of Large Penalties
That was a different event (Mixed Trials, the thread is about a hand from the Summer Congress) but it's safe to say that we weren't too worried about how that would compare :)
Selection Problems
I'm not sure of the timings of everything but I am under the impression that Yvonne could have arrived slightly earlier than she did by taking a taxi rather than public transport from the airport (there was obviously no point in her doing so as she was aware that ...
Unusual Ruling.
I just meant that this is likely where the director got the idea that he could remove the double from and that doubler somewhat shot himself in the foot by saying this. I do not, of course, think that this means that the ruling was correct: it clearly is not.
Unusual Ruling.
I was asked about this yesterday and said that I thought it was clear to rule back to 4HX-6 and to give a PP to the 4D opener for pulling. I assumed that the opponents got the worse deal of the UI and the MI rulings (edit: added this sentence ...
Sarah Bell's bidding problem: A98642 AQJT98 --- K
Sorry, I can't work out how to edit the problem (or even if I can...). Please assume that partner has shown a hand too strong to rebid a non-forcing 3D, i.e. a GF with a six card suit and something vaguely resembling a flat shape outside it (stiff ...
Sarah Bell's bidding problem: A98642 AQJT98 --- K
You haven't discussed it but it's common amongst the people you play with to play it as a hand too good to rebid 3D, with 6 or 7 good diamonds, GF and a shape that makes 3NT not a stupid contract

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