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Sarah Teshome
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Aug. 27, 2015
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about me

Hello!  I live in the UK, and work for EY.  Bridge has always been just a hobby for me, albeit a pretty all-consuming one.  I have played for England in the Ladies game.  My husband Richard Winter also plays, and has played for England in the open game.  Recently my son Danny (AKA The Hobbit) has also played in the junior team.  Our daughter Sophie has so far proved to be immune to the bridge-bug.  

United Kingdom

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Bridge and Sex on the High Seas
Sorry I'm not playing at the YE but No2 is planning to attend. You will be able to spot him. He's currently sporting a massive afro (he tells me that it is the biggest afro at Cambridge University) plus he's around 6'5" minus the afro. I ...
Bridge and Sex on the High Seas
Kevin you disappoint me. I frankly feel misled clicking into an article entitled bridge and sex on the high seas. Because there wasn't any bridge and there wasn't any sex!!! if you're planning to write 50 shades of finesses you definitely need to include either some sex ...
I DO NOT Know What To Say.
The US doesn't have an effective minimum wage policy therefore in order for the people parking your cars actually to be able to live tipping is the norm. Heavy tipping in fact. Tipping rates vary by country but the US is the most expensive by far. The countries where ...
Opening 1 NT point range on convention card
I play a weak no trump in the range of 12-14. I would open that hand a weak no trump every day of the week and twice on sundays. On my convention card the range of my weak no trump is disclosed as 11+-14. So I reckon I am ...
Steve Barnfield
Just worked it out ... wasn't worth the effort
Steve Barnfield
Living in Yorkshire which is far from the Brazilian rainforest I must admit that I have no effing clue who Anon is. I probably could work it out if I cared enough. But i'm just delighting in the fact that he turned out to Coventry and had to sleep ...
Steve Barnfield
Oh it isn't really - that's just a London thing. In Yorkshire, he's just known as 'our Jim'. Although I have to tell you he once told me off for calling him Jim. He was TDing my section and I stuck my hand up and said 'Jim'. He ...
Steve Barnfield
You could, for the erudition of your North American fans, explain that Biscuits is a very famous and fair tournament director in the U.K. you might even give them the full benefit of the Biscuits song. I can’t think of a better way to honour Steve
Reviving old questions.
I don't think that answers my question but thanks anyway
Steve Barnfield
Wonderful DB, thanks.

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