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Sarah Teshome
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Aug. 27, 2015
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June 11
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about me

Hello!  I live in the UK, and work for EY.  Bridge has always been just a hobby for me, albeit a pretty all-consuming one.  I have played for England in the Ladies game.  My husband Richard Winter also plays, and has played for England in the open game.  Recently my son Danny (AKA The Hobbit) has also played in the junior team.  Our daughter Sophie has so far proved to be immune to the bridge-bug.  

United Kingdom

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Selection Problems
To Jeremy somewhat tiredly - I personally like pretty well all of the selectors. The only selector that i do not like is the chap that I do not know and therefore cannot claim to like. I have not abused any single one of them and the fact that I disagreed ...
Selection Problems
to Roman - did you know that Gilesy died? We see a lot of Sheila of course but we miss Giles very much. He taught the kids the difference between a rabbit and a hare - the lesson concluding with "And now we're going to eat that hare's brother for ...
Selection Problems
Thank you Roman and welcome home although you've been home for a while. Good to see you back old thing :) Richard says hi and we'd love to catch up at some point, and thank you for finding the link
Selection Problems
Oh don't ask me. Apparently all discussion of the selectors decisions is abusive pace Jeremy Dhondy. They are all volunteers (true) and to be commended for volunteering (also true) and therefore any discussion of their decisions is abominably bad and personally abusive and an equivalent to saying the selectors ...
Selection Problems
I'd be interested to learn of the EBU forum. Last time I suggested one, pearls were clutched, horror was expressed and the EBU wrapped its twinset about itself and declared a general undesirability of such a thing. It's good to hear that we now have one. I searched ...
Selection Problems
Sorry I am late back to the thread but I just wanted to add for Jeremy who said that my last line was unpleasant (the last line in question being "Stop being so defensive and get back to the cricket posts (where your heart belongs) or to the lunch posts ...
Selection Problems
Norman you know I am a big fan of yours. But what I will say is that obsession is as obsession does. No-one should have to pay for your obsession any more than they should mine. There has to be a balance really. If you are privileged enough to have ...
Selection Problems
Head thunk The selection committee had reasons but it is unable to publish its reasons because no vote was taken on the reasons although a vote was taken on the outcome This makes no sense at all. May I direct you to the cricket sub thread or the lunch sub ...
Selection Problems
Ah, the "I don't like what you said and therefore I'm not listening and therefore I will say that things have been said are abusive" school of thought. Total nonsense. There have been no abusive posts. Stop being so defensive and get back to the cricket posts (where ...
Selection Problems
Sorry David - I thought it was pertinent (not the lunch aspect, just the being friends aspect). Now that the thread aspiration is to get Clive to Premier Thread Grand Master perhaps we should all be discussing good lunches we have had in the last week ... Only 91 more posts to ...

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