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Sarah Teshome
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Aug. 27, 2015
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about me

Hello!  I live in the UK, and work for EY.  Bridge has always been just a hobby for me, albeit a pretty all-consuming one.  I have played for England in the Ladies game.  My husband Richard Winter also plays, and has played for England in the open game.  Recently my son Danny (AKA The Hobbit) has also played in the junior team.  Our daughter Sophie has so far proved to be immune to the bridge-bug.  

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Run or Fight - Bridge Philosophy
Where are the diamonds? Does partner open 1 with 4-4 in the minors? Does he open 1 with 3-3 in the minors? I assume he must. Let's assume he does. What is his shape? 1. If he is 3-2-4-4 clubs is our best fit. Add the five ...
BBO format
BBO is such a boon for all bridge players (plus it's provided free) that it seems kind of churlish to complain about any aspect. I've switched to the web based version, and it's fine, really.
Should have known better?
Technically of course you are right, and rules is rules, and if I were a tournament director the pair that didn't announce (if announcing is what you have to do in this jurisdiction) is entirely wrong and should be ruled against. Clearly and definitively. But still, 10 boards without ...
Preferred Jump overcall tactics in 3rd seat
I think the categories up there are too, well, categorising. What if I am irritated? If I am irritated I might overcall 3m with a pile of nothing or a heap of something. I might be down in a match. If they open 1 I'll want to bid ...
Should have known better?
The reason that I am not a tournament director is that I would rule against the EW pair despite the rules in this particular jurisdiction. Any pair capable of playing 10 boards against another pair without knowing what their NT range is, really needs a harsh ruling to WAKE THEM ...
What exactly is active ethics?
Competent authority is definitely an oxymoron. This is a tax joke. This is probably the reason why tax people are not stand-up comedians in their spare time. It's probably also appropriate in a bridge context though ....
Selection Committee or National Title? Gimme One Good Reason....
It has a selection committee, which does get appointed with the tap-on-the-shoulder method nicely described above. But it is actually rather a good one. It's entirely well-intentioned and does the best it can with the relatively limited number of players who (a) are available and (b) play at that ...
The family of bridge
Somehow, I get that :). I have a partner nicknamed the SatNav. This might or might not have some link to the fact that the final destination (always with a majestic leap) is murky and we might in fact have ended up at the local Co-op rather than wherever it is ...
Selection Committee or National Title? Gimme One Good Reason....
I've never been on a selection committee and nor would I ever want to be, TBH. If the team's done well it is the team that has done well, and if the team does badly it is because the selectors were imbeciles. So it is a job that ...
Men's Bridge
This is a difficult issue to articulate, and I hope that you will all have patience (and maybe a little kindness too, it wouldn't go amiss) with me. For me, bridge administration has become peripheral and lost and ossified. I explain perfectly mainstream (now) business practices about inclusion, and ...

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