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Sarper Uslupehlivan
Sarper Uslupehlivan
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Nov. 4, 2011
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May 27
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about me

Sarper Uslupehlivan is a 30 year-old senior data analyst from Turkey. Represented Turkish U-26 team several times, won a gold in BAM event of The World Youth Open Bridge Championships, 2013 Atlanta.

He spends most of his spare time studying and playing bridge, now preparing to play for Turkish Open team in 2018 European Championships with his long-time partner Ugurcan Suzer.


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Defining 544 hands in 2/1 auction
I'm not sure where this went wrong. But I meant the opener having a 544 with a void in partner's suit. The example was 1-2 and we have 5440.
My Favorite Hand Ever
Thanks for this. A must-read article
Sarper Uslupehlivan's bidding problem: --- KQJ962 A KJ9753
I wrote that South's X was takeout
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: AJ93 AKQ32 AQ 76
To me, the only type of hand that wouldn't make a take out double but forces to game opposite a balancing double is a good mini NT with a few spades. So i believe partner probably has 3 spades and 12-15 HCP. He might have still doubled if he ...
How would you decide?
It was the last hand of the semi-finals in Atlanta. You could find the story here as well. It definitely was not hypothetical.
How would you decide?
it was the last board of the semi-final between Turkey-Australia in World Open Junior K/O Championships (Atlanta). The board decided the winner
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: A5 J7432 --- K98643
I'm not sure that 3D shows heart support unless it is exactly agreed, is that the standard approach at these kind of positions? If it is, do we bid 2NT with AJx Ax xxxx AJxx?
Erkmen Aydogdu's bidding problem: AKQ865 KQ84 --- A85
This Poll should have 2 redoubles available : ) There are 19 redoublers now, and probably half of them is looking for a right contract, others are for business. I believe that RHO should have defense somewhere else, most probably a diamond-spade 2-suiter with a short club. So even if he has ...
Han Peters's bidding problem: KQ964 KJ98 --- AJ63
when we pass, if it comes 2 pass pass to us.. Is it clear that the double is penalties?
First Time
When in with the Q, play a to 9, then cash them ending in dummy

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