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Sasha Cooper
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Aug. 17, 2014
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Sasha Cooper's bidding problem: K Axxx AJxxxx Kx
As in you think all bids should be natural? Or if not all, then which?
Sasha Cooper's bidding problem: Txxxx AK KQJ xxx
I'm unsurprised it's not a popular choice, but I think there's an argument for passing this hand. It seems easy to construct max hands for P where 3N and/or 4 have no play (or min hands where 2N/3 don't), and there's ...
Sasha Cooper's bidding problem: Txxxx AK KQJ xxx
I would love to have a shape ask, but from the experiments I've done with it it still feels essential to have Stayman and red suit transfers, and after that, if you want responder to have all the normal options, I don't think there's room to get ...
Sasha Cooper's bidding problem: K Axxx AJ8xxx Kx
How would you change the parameters if you could?
Roy Welland's bidding problem: KT65 942 J94 652
Yeah, but LHO might not be done yet.
Roy Welland's bidding problem: KT65 942 J94 652
Would like to see the NS hands. 2x seems like it would have been an interesting contract, esp if N had opened on 5 spades.
Phil Clayton's bidding problem: KJ753 A AQ5 QT53
Yeah, I'm mainly bidding 2N to contest the part score.
Yehudit Hasin's bidding problem: KQT6532 --- 852 AQT
If 3 is our invite I prefer 4, but if (per my prefence) 2 would be invitational here, I like it better. Whenever I GF on these hands, P puts down a 1643 with 3 quick diamond losers.
Winston Chang's bidding problem: 986 AT873 743 96
It would help to know if they're playing fast arrival showing or denying stop. But I don't see much value in bidding in either case. Possibly they're about to stop in 3m, in which case I'll get another chance to compete (and even if 4m is ...
ATB - level lost in strain debate
Richard, I agree it's low frequency, but as stated in the OP *all* 4441s in the range are systemically opened 1N, so there's no reason to think a singleton should be a top honour. As for practicality, such a jump would be a splinter pretty much anywhere else ...

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