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Saverio Margiotta
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Oct. 11, 2010
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Late Start in USA - Spain Match
If you are playing HUM and you dont disclose it are you "cheating" or not? That is a question I would like to be answered (I have my own ideas about that though)
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
LOL Gonzalo, really? your wording sounds same as "obnubilament" in the F-N vs Italian justice affair... I dont know what an "unconcious concealed understanding they are not aware of" means, I dont think this wording addresses something which actually exists.
EBL Convicts Fantoni-Nunes
What actually struggles me is that, as far as I understand it, in a few years we might have a new pair formed by Fantoni and Fisher, and it would be absolutely "legal". I think it is pretty much sad.
Bidding theory question
What do you think about the bidding and the ruling?
I'm ok till 4, then I think UI was indeed used. 3 natural (from west point of view) and 4 natural again. After that 4 should be cue agreeing (4 would simply set s) so 4 should have been pretty normal. West ...
Reisinger final round
If declarer has K but partner has J the contract can still be defeated...
Reisinger final round
Hanan, I see the difference between collusive cheating and this case. I agree it is plain different and I never implied it was the same here. I know rules and I know partner using UI gets the blame. However, this is true just in case transmitting UI is not deliberate ...
Reisinger final round
Hanan, first of all thank you for the grammatical error you spotted, I corrected it. If you read carefully my comments, you should agree that I did use the word "cheating" implying a very bad behaviour, but without thinking there was an "agreement" depending, for istance, on how long the ...
Reisinger final round
I see a lot of guys here think that the word "cheating" is offensive, while they did not think the same about the thread "why did they win" where that word, if not expressed, was under all the article. I find it not too much surprising since there the "cheaters ...
Reisinger final round
Mr Pachtmann, I did read what you wrote, still I cant see any (other) reason for a pause over A different from transmitting UI. Wheter you are "unsure" if partner remembered correctly he had to lead by K instead than A from AK holding at game level it just ...

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