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Scott Brozell
Scott Brozell
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Oct. 14, 2015
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Feb. 27
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about me


My articles feature droll, quirky, even luny humor.

The Bridge World is a great magazine !

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One among many: losing to Jacobs,Katz; Zia,Rosenberg; Weinstein,Levin in round 2 of the 2006 Spingold.
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Buck the Odds
On page 1 you could indicate your bidding system. Page 2 leave -> lead The second paragraph on page 7 might be edited for clarity, perhaps: However, this won't work even if it does. East will win, and -> However, a successful club ten finesse cannot prevent a diamond attack. East ...
Buck the Odds
In addition on page 3 the first instance of 'signals' should be leads; thus: North leads the queen of hearts. Standard signals. -> West leads the queen of hearts. Standard leads.
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: T K96 AQT53 A752
I agree with the more or less gist that double is risky but normal and the result was unlucky. The full deal and results suggest variability of E/W bidding; in addition to the already mentioned E opening 1C instead of 1D, some W may have opened 1S (perhaps leading ...
Mastering the Robots
A. bot-manipulation and bridge: I am planning an article on this, but here's the jist of my different take. Do you contort your bridge ? (It is your bridge not the robots that you are manipulating.) This is a question of philosophy and strategy. There is a spectrum of related ...
Unusual 2NT
There is a name for this treatment; it's called the impossible partner. (Some play it even if they're not playing precision :)
NABC Individual: Robot Coding Horror?
That's a massive statement ::))
NABC Individual: Robot Coding Horror?
Ask not what your robot can do for you, ask what you can do for your robot. :)
NABC Individual: Robot Coding Horror?
I don't see it. The 8 at trick 2 looks reasonable although given dummy's weak spade spots and the lack of a balancing double, i might have chosen the T. If South is AKQ 985 J983 AT4 then the club shift puts on the pressure.
NABC Individual: Do Robots Dream of Endplay?
Yes, i agree that the Q at trick 5 was not optimal.
Unusual 2NT
2NT is a transfer to the partnership desk. It is not alertable because that can only send UI. :)
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