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Scott Needham
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about me

Grew up in Kansas, and left as soon as was polite for schooling in LA. Thought I wanted to be a scientist. Huh.


Learned K-S in college and played a bit at the old Wild Whist in Westwood. Then I moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in 1978 and took the next 30 years off (with only sporadic club experience in the Denver area). Started playing regularly again in Boulder, Colorado, and played my first sectional and regional tournaments. Learned to love Bracket 2/3 KOs. Favorite tournament: Palm Springs. Much prefer 10 & 3 schedules. Worst bridge characteristic: Black Hole Moments when I leave the planet and do really stupid stuff, usually when declaring. 


Former scuba diver, beach bum, general laborer, rocknroll bum/writer, ski bum, carpenter, bartender and tax lien investment fund manager. Currently, reformed (retired) lawyer, orphan, very happy husband, parental unit and grandfather.


More personal disclosure than I have ever done. Weird.

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What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
As usual, parts of this rather complete version of the policy can be found here and there around the ACBL site. I cannot remember where I found this version -- and I did not as is my practice copy/paste a citation -- but a string search revealed a copy of this ...
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
Ed, I think this means a "no play." Which is what I do when a table doesn't have dummy down within 2 minutes of the end of the round.
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
There is an actual policy publication: SLOW PLAY POLICY Slow play, especially habitual slow play, is a violation of law and subject to penalty. When a pair has fallen behind, it is incumbent on them to make up the time lost as quickly as possible whether at fault or not ...
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
Kind of exactly what I do in our (9-17 table) club games. I recognize, however, that in any sizable tournament the results tab in the BridgeMate controller is far-r-r away, and presumably there would be separate screens for separate sections. Walking the beat might even be less boring than klatching ...
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
Players are generally prepared to participate adequately against systems prevalent at the level of the event in which they are entered. IMHO, slow play is entirely a question of adequate monitoring by the directing staff: On the floor, in their sections monitoring play in a short walk around the tables ...
How much extra is required for "seriousness"?
How much extra is required for "seriousness"?
This is the reason I prefer to play 3 as Serious/Not when are trumps. It's less ambiguous, but partners don't like the extra memory wrinkle. Without this agreement, and playing Not, I'd cue . Playing Serious, I've decided that 3N shouldn't deny ...
How much extra is required for "seriousness"?
Hat tip to ML above: "It's all about fit and the information previously imparted in the auction." One could turn the OP on its head to focus on the same evaluation problem for the hand opposite any Serious try. Recently, I held AT KQJ84 4 AQ543 Partner held 83 ...
Two-Way Checkback/XYZ Question
Nice hand, Oren. Cherry season much? ;-) It's clear that the auctions are tougher for all of the usual reasons involving holdings, and that may be reason enough to adopt your structure. This is valuable input; we can probably agree that there are miracle hands and disaster hands ...
Two-Way Checkback/XYZ Question
In my view, the good things about XYZ are the ability to stop low with inv layouts and the ability to recover responder's strong jump shifts with the second round jumps to the three level. Thinking about all of the good stuff above made me realize that 4M-5m GF ...

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