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Scott Needham
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about me

Grew up in Kansas, and left as soon as was polite for schooling in LA. Thought I wanted to be a scientist. Huh.


Learned K-S in college and played a bit at the old Wild Whist in Westwood. Then I moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in 1978 and took the next 30 years off (with only sporadic club experience in the Denver area). Started playing regularly again in Boulder, Colorado, and played my first sectional and regional tournaments. Learned to love Bracket 2/3 KOs. Favorite tournament: Palm Springs. Much prefer 10 & 3 schedules. Worst bridge characteristic: Black Hole Moments when I leave the planet and do really stupid stuff, usually when declaring. 


Former scuba diver, beach bum, general laborer, rocknroll bum/writer, ski bum, carpenter, bartender and tax lien investment fund manager. Currently, reformed (retired) lawyer, orphan, very happy husband, parental unit and grandfather.


More personal disclosure than I have ever done. Weird.

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How to bid a strong hand?
1♣ then - after 1♠ - 3N If partner bids 4 -- I presume this is 5+-5+? --, how strong is she?
How to bid a strong hand?
Partner might hold good s; even with RFR, I'm choosing a forcing sequence that lets her bid them. So some route to 2N, opening or rebid, or reversing into s, then 3N if I don't hear what I'd like.
First three classes
Teach Spades first.
Better response structure to 1M openings allowing responded to make short suit game tries without losing Jacoby + bergen/mixed raise.
One of my partners came up with: 1-2 = GF, balanced (no good 5cd suit) with 2-3 1-2N = LR+ with stiff or J2NT-style balanced 4cd raise, 3 asks 1-3m = LR+ with m stiff 1-3 = 4cd LR (she doesn't like 1M-3M = preempt ...
I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore
Echoing what others have said: It is clear that the D did not do her job, which would've entailed finding out what the agreement was, what followups are mandated, who misbid, who is under obligation to stay asleep, etc. But without this information, I don't see how it ...
It bothers me that I can't get this stuff straight--
"One is required to act as if they were not woken up." What I thought. Not what the example states. And hence my Ogust comment.
NT rebids after 1!d - 2!c
There have been a bunch of threads on 1D-2C GF auctions. I prefer 3N = stiff , no 4cd major, long good , limited 14-15. Same hand with 16+ bids 3. 1-2/2N = 12-14 or 18-19, denies 5, does not deny 4cd M but does show stoppers ...
Unless there is a massive shift, I've already lost. Do you want a share of the payout?
We Need a Better Mousetrap
I'd be forced to do something like 1♦ (1♠) 2♥ - (p) 2-(P)-3-(P) 4N b/c 4N would be quant.
Hesitation Blackwood II (Director's perspective)
S/he was trying to remember whether 4N was quant or keycard.

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