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Scott Needham
Scott Needham
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Oct. 8, 2010
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about me

Grew up in Kansas, and left as soon as was polite for schooling in LA. Thought I wanted to be a scientist. Huh.


Learned K-S in college and played a bit at the old Wild Whist in Westwood. Then I moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in 1978 and took the next 30 years off (with only sporadic club experience in the Denver area). Started playing regularly again in Boulder, Colorado, and played my first sectional and regional tournaments. Learned to love Bracket 2/3 KOs. Favorite tournament: Palm Springs. Much prefer 10 & 3 schedules. Worst bridge characteristic: Black Hole Moments when I leave the planet and do really stupid stuff, usually when declaring. 


Former scuba diver, beach bum, general laborer, rocknroll bum/writer, ski bum, carpenter, bartender and tax lien investment fund manager. Currently, reformed (retired) lawyer, orphan, very happy husband, parental unit and grandfather. (Some have asked: The picture is a much earlier incarnation. Though he lurks close beneath the surface....)


More personal disclosure than I have ever done. Weird.

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Ruby Life Master
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Flannery and the New Convention Chart
GB: You pays yer money.... KQJx AKQxxx x xx: 15count, 4 (conservative) LTC, looks like a reverse to me no matter what suits are represented (4cd always higher rank), even if the long suit is AKJTxx. KQJx AKQxx xx xx not so much, but 15count, only 5 LTC. KJTx AQxxx ...
Jump minor rebid in 2/1
I play the jump as invitational, but I don't like it. IMHO, Norman Kay got much the better of Peter Pender in their old TBW debate.
Scott Needham's bidding problem: AKQxx T8 Q8xx 98
I must say, apart from the fact that the vote loses me $$, that I am surprised by these results. The subject hand is a 6 1/2 loser by conservative LTC, and 13 by K&R and Pavlicek, and that is before partner opens 1. How many respondents allow ...
Alertable or not?
For me, these auctions show unbalanced hands. No alert, but an explanation before the lead.
Can Bergen raises be unlimited?
For some real fun, check out "Compressed Bergen." 1M-2N = 4+ trump and 0+ HCP.
Scott Needham's bidding problem: Kxx Kxxx QJxx Ax
Please drop over to "You hold: Axx AJT AKx KQxx"
Scott Needham's bidding problem: Axx AJT AKx KQxx
Please drop over to "You hold: Kxx Kxxx QJxx Ax"
Responder's Second Bid in Competitive Auction
Re: the RFR options, if playing REF I like the 2 call here to mean "I am two-suited and VERY weak, POC." Similar after 1m-1/1N-2, uncontested.
For the mathematically inclined and directors:
GR: Thanks. That was my intuition, especially the part about having a good game, but I haven't trusted my math intuition since those damned Hamiltonians.
For the mathematically inclined and directors:
I have taken to a procedure such as the strict liability idea advocated by Perkins, above. It seems to work. I am more interested in which procedure would give the offenders the worst hit to their score, assuming that this is a solvable math problem. This issue arose when a ...

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