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Scott Needham
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about me

Grew up in Kansas, and left as soon as was polite for schooling in LA. Thought I wanted to be a scientist. Huh.


Learned K-S in college and played a bit at the old Wild Whist in Westwood. Then I moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in 1978 and took the next 30 years off (with only sporadic club experience in the Denver area). Started playing regularly again in Boulder, Colorado, and played my first sectional and regional tournaments. Learned to love Bracket 2/3 KOs. Favorite tournament: Palm Springs. Much prefer 10 & 3 schedules. Worst bridge characteristic: Black Hole Moments when I leave the planet and do really stupid stuff, usually when declaring. 


Former scuba diver, beach bum, general laborer, rocknroll bum/writer, ski bum, carpenter, bartender and tax lien investment fund manager. Currently, reformed (retired) lawyer, orphan, very happy husband, parental unit and grandfather. (Some have asked: The picture is a much earlier incarnation. Though he lurks close beneath the surface....)


More personal disclosure than I have ever done. Weird.

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Over Their Weak Notrump
Some time ago I found a structure for Intervenor's strong hands -- for those who have made game sitting over the WNT bidder -- that allegedly was played at some point by Greco-Hampson: 2NT 1. Both Minors two-suited with Opening Values 2. Invitational Jump Shift in any suit 3m Strong Brozel ...
How would you bid these hands.
DW: In fact, when I looked into it, I found that most who use the 2N SI relay in XYZ only do it with 4M and big m fit--the 5M-4+m slammish hands take care of themselves with R's 3m rebid (provided 4cd support is enough for the p ...
How would you bid these hands.
SB: Using the 2 GF instead of the 2N SI relay, N will not show the short unless S provokes a cue bid auction. Several possible auctions, e.g. 1-1/1N-2 (GF)/3 (deny 3cd, 4cd)-3/3N or 1-1 ...
How would you bid these hands.
Just about any structure you like -- I'm with Moese -- can reach slam as long as you recognize that the N hand is slammish and push.
Is this agreement announced or alerted or not mentioned
"Good" or "excellent" 11?
Scott Needham's bidding problem: 976532 Q AKJxx Q
Fair point, but yes and no, I think. The question is whether and how to get started. Systems take over after that. Your answer, rebidding s naturally, commits to slam exploration, so IMHO that answers the question. I agree that the continuation questions could simply have said that, whether 1 ...
Scott Needham's bidding problem: 976532 Q AKJxx Q
Obviously, I meant this as an evaluation problem, and I confess that it is somewhat trivial. Rule of 20ers will knee-jerk open. Rule of 22ers can't quite make it unless deciding upon some compromise valuation of two stiff Qs. Obviously, much can go wrong when choosing to open these ...
Scott Needham's bidding problem: 976532 Q AKJxx Q
Which would be checkback, finding 3 s. What constructions don't have 5-level safety?
Complicated 3NT
I nominate this for best article title award in 2019.
Scott Needham's bidding problem: 976532 Q AKJxx Q
And I might add as comment query 2: if it had gone (opps pass throughout) 1-2 2-2 would you intend to develop the auction by rebidding or bidding 4 or some other action?

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