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Scott Stearns
Scott Stearns
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June 14, 2011
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48 minutes ago
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Bridge Pro

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Favorite Bridge Memory
my first swiss vs Meckwell
Bridge Accomplishments
not as many as I'd like
Favorite Tournaments
Greenville, SC; Atlanta, GA, NABCs
Favorite Conventions
Weak NT; Flannery
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
The Nicest Guy
To call Mr. Jacob's action ethical is to imply that people who wouldn't copy it are somehow unethical, and that's not quite right, as they are merely following the rules. It does, I think, show a (commendable) generosity of spirit and a very sporting attitude.
the most volatile board ever?
Burns 1st Law: Always pick a trump suit where you have more than the opponents. There's a couple more, but they're more esoteric, like don't try and make 3NT on a crossruff.
Unnatural One-Notrump Overcalls
Having the Raptor shape shown by a bid right away is quite convenient, as Bob says, as it does things like: 2C over 1 diamond rarely has a four card major now Eliminates the need for ELC but the ability to overcall 1NT is nice at times, too. One Scanian ...
Ruling question regarding an unalerted jump cuebid
Michael : Sorry, no, I was talking to Ai-Tai. I've been right behind you this whole way.
Ruling question regarding an unalerted jump cuebid
Again, you're basing your ruling on your bridge opinion of North's actions - that's not how it's done.
The Death of Teams
I think they still do this in novice games in district 7, where you have randomly assigned teammates that you BAM with.
Ruling question regarding an unalerted jump cuebid
Mr. Carlisle (and others) : but your opinion of the bridge actions of N-S does not affect their ability to receive a proper bridge ruling. They are not required to play perfect bridge.
Interview with WBF President Rona
Montreal Women's Teams. 2002?
The Death of Teams
Well, it probably wouldn't bother the Manson Family.
Adjusted Master Points
Second Max's comment. A reasonable solution to a fairly small problem.

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