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Scott Stearns
Scott Stearns
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June 14, 2011
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Pro

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Favorite Bridge Memory
my first swiss vs Meckwell
Bridge Accomplishments
not as many as I'd like
Favorite Tournaments
Greenville, SC; Atlanta, GA, NABCs
Favorite Conventions
Weak NT; Flannery
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Learn Precision in 15 minutes
Since time really is of the essence, scrap the precision 2. The hand type doesn't come up enough to justify wasting a whole bid on it and discussion.
My mom doesn't like people to say "good luck" before the game starts; she'll say "break a leg." though
Weak NT's and Two Way Stayman - using "spare" bids
I wanted to use the first sequence to be invitational. Show 5M invite by bidding 2 major over 2 diamonds.
Weak NT's and Two Way Stayman - using "spare" bids
Chip Martel pointed out to me that 2-way stayman, which I love, doesn't really handle 5-5s all that well. After some thought, I concluded he was right (shocking, I know.) So consider using any "wasted" bids or sequences to handle 5-5s. The easiest one is 5-5 majors; throw that ...
Worldbridge in direct contact with higher powers
In Philly starting with the Open Pairs cost you $750 per pair though you got at least 9 sessions out of it guaranteed. I think starting with the Rosenblum was around $3000 per team. Everyone really should try and play in the World Open Pairs at least once in their ...
What would be your ruling?
What I find most interesting is the % of people who have used a male pronoun in their response given that OP clearly said S was a she. Things that make you go hmmmm. As for the ruling, S must suffer somehow. N should also suffer for overcalling 1NT; that really ...
Critique this auction
But 3 takes up so much room as compared to double. You have a good, slammish hand, and double allows you to find out more info at a lower level most of the time. I have 15 points and 4, I'm not worried about the opponents bidding ...
Critique this auction
My critique of the auction: it was bad. The enj.
Critique this auction
How, when your negative double showed 4? 3 should indicated a double fit.
Feedback: ACBL Convention Charts
Mr. Morris, you may not be familiar with southern English, but rest assured I was not accusing only you of bitching about every little thing, although I do find your caviling in this and the hotel cancellation thread a bit overmuch. Rather, it was more yours was the straw that ...

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