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Scott Tumperi
Scott Tumperi
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March 24, 2012
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March 24, 2015
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
In my first year or two playing, I played in a handicap KO at a regional (Atlanta I think). We played against the Aces and on one hand I opened 1 NT and I alerted my partner's 2H bid. RHO was Jim Jacoby, and asked what the alert was. With as blank a look I could muster, I fumbled over some words and said, "That's one of those Oswald Jacoby transfers."
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Charlottesville - Jefferson Bridge Association
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MABC Regionals
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Paradigm Shift for ACBL
I think offering a lower price for online would cause two problems: It is charging "more" for cash. It is also costing more in the situation where using credit cards comes with a 2% or so fee for the sponsoring organization. OK, now to potentially open a can of worms ...
Paradigm Shift for ACBL
This year we have started offering entry coupons at MABC regionals. This doesn't do anything for seeding, etc but it shortens the lines at the beginning of play. People can purchase entry coupons for their entire stay via their credit card (the MABC eats this cost)when they arrive ...
Past instances of cheating
Interesting. All we got was most of our expenses covered and the satisfaction that a team from a lowly state school in Charlottesville beat the tar out of Harvard in the semis and beat Cal Tech in the finals.
Past instances of cheating
Wow. What is the current $$ that the ACBL gives to teams to go to the nationals? I remember getting some $ to defray our costs, but we did have to use our own money (perhaps between 1/3 and 1/2 or so) to cover our costs. Granted, both times the ...
Past instances of cheating
Back in the dark ages (late 80's early 90's) the extent to which we planned anything in our on-campus qualifier was that we "seeded" the field, so that the top two pairs wouldn't sit the same direction. As in many types of bridge, there are always ways ...
Past instances of cheating
So ironic how this person shares the same name as a player from the Washington DC area who is easily one of the most ethical players in the game. You've got a deal. If you are in Gatlinburg I will buy a copy as of your book long as ...
Past instances of cheating
As I explained earlier, the person involved did everything at the table. i.e. not knowing hands in advance. To be more blunt, as I was told at the time, the "gentleman" had gotten his teammates to go along with this enterprise. When I asked the directors/ACBL people at ...
Scott Tumperi's bidding problem: AJT74 83 AT854 7
4 found partner with the perfect hand: 6 AKQ73 KJ632 105. Opening lead was the K, so made 7.
Scott Tumperi's bidding problem: --- AKQJT5 6 AJ9542
West (Meckstroth) held Axxx x KQxxx xxx. My guess is that had I been able to bid leaping Michaels, he may have bid 5S and then we aren't getting to the grand anyway. doubleing and hearing the 3 free bid by p gave us a chance to find ...
Scott Tumperi's bidding problem: --- AKQJT5 6 AJ9542
Both tables bid 6 over 6 for -500 and the push. Over 5 if p bids 6, then I think the grand is at worst on a hook, so you settle for the 500 anyway.
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