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Sean McNally
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July 10, 2017
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Deceiving question by declarer
At the last NABC I had two hands in the same session where I wanted to clarify whether they lead A from AK or K from AK. One I didn't have the other honor and one I did. (Yes, I asked the general "leads and carding, please" but they ...
Good luck to the 44 college pairs playing this weekend!
I strongly disagree. (1) Isn't this analogous to saying that those who had a poor first session and can't win, should not play in the second session of the same event since they "have no stake?" (2) I feel that to say such competitors "have no stake" is ...
Terrible Tempo
Peg, firstly I do wait ten seconds in that auction (oftentimes get some strange looks). Throughout the auction I maintain tempo by tapping my foot. I also wait ten seconds after the opps have a keycard auction and someone makes a skip bid to slam. I actually had an opponent ...
Terrible Tempo
I think there's another reason to always wait the full 10 seconds in the auction 1NT-3NT. You are protecting partner who may have a difficult lead decision, giving them some much needed time.
Eric Hendrickson's lead problem: 5 J6 KQJ9843 J97
The choice is clearly between a club or a heart. If partner is doubling with an Ace in each suit it doesn't matter so ignore that case. So only focus on when we have an AK or AK cashing. If partner is short in AK suit, I ...
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: QT94 K973 2 AKJ2
Andy, you play weak NT's NV correct? I think that's relevant since, unless I'm mistaken, a single raise implies support with either 15-17 balanced or an unbalanced raise that evaluates to 15-17 dummy points. Is this correct? (I haven't ever played weak NT's so this ...
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: QJ85 AJ92 A642 2
Why is it impossible to answer the question sensibly? Yes, we should have an agreement here but there are always sequences that, for one reason or another, go undiscussed. That's life. If we had an agreement we would be able to take a more unilateral action (e.g. pass ...
Doubly Good
What we suspect happened was at some point when drawing trump dummy accidentally played a spade instead of a club but somehow no one noticed. We were under a tight time constraint as my partner had to run to the restroom and the first board happened to take some time.
Collegiate Spring Online Tournament Results
I emailed Stephanie and she said that there will be a coin toss to determine who is awarded the travel package. Looks like one of us bid a slam on a finesse and the other is only in game...
Andy Caranicas's lead problem: Q5 T53 A9632 QJ8
Hey Andy! This just popped up in my feed. Yes I was West at the other table. I had xxx AKJx KQx xxx and chose to open 1 because of the suit disparity which made the club lead easier to find. My fault for inserting a little bit of ...

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