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Sean McNally
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July 10, 2017
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Collegiate Spring Online Tournament Results
I emailed Stephanie and she said that there will be a coin toss to determine who is awarded the travel package. Looks like one of us bid a slam on a finesse and the other is only in game...
Andy Caranicas's lead problem: Q5 T53 A9632 QJ8
Hey Andy! This just popped up in my feed. Yes I was West at the other table. I had xxx AKJx KQx xxx and chose to open 1 because of the suit disparity which made the club lead easier to find. My fault for inserting a little bit of ...
Robert Schachter's bidding problem: --- KQJ954 --- AKJ9654
I also had the pleasure of holding this hand with the same preempt. At the table I chose to bid the humble 3. Firstly, the auction is very very unlikely to get passed out here. I'm hoping to either stay low enough to find out the relevant information ...
My ACBL NABC Online Individual Journey - Day 1
Hi Richard! Fantastic article! Don't the robots tend to fly with Ax(xx) when in a position similar to Board 7? (Since they think you'll never guess wrong.) I think that may be why so many people chose to finesse against the queen and I don't know ...
Calling All Legal Beagles
Hi Peg, I just wanted to quote Law 61 B part 3 directly. It says that: "Defenders may ask declarer and one another (at the risk of creating unauthorized information)." Since the law already recognizes the risk of creating UI after asking, presumably, just once, I would think that there ...
Proper Framing a Director Call for a Teachable Moment: UI
Hi Mike! Firstly, I don't think you should ever be worried about using the phrase "unauthorized information." When I first heard that phrase, I became quite captivated by that entire notion as well as the role of ethics in bridge. Obviously, being introduced to it away from the table ...

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