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Sean McNally
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July 10, 2017
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about me

I'm a fourth year mathematics major at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.  I spend far too much time on BBO.  If I didn't play bridge I'd probably be much better at math :)

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There Are "GOAT's" and There Are "Goats"
I'm confused. Did West not discourage on the first heart shift?
The Greatest Play
That moment when you check BridgeWinners and see that MR has commented on this post and you excitedly click on the article only to find out you must wait longer for the solution
Michael Kopera's bidding problem: 3 A2 KQJ54 AQ642
Assuming the opps run to 2M and partner doesn't double, I'll bid 2NT.
Play 3NT - Lots of Choices
Thanks for the hand and the analysis!
Play 3NT - Lots of Choices
If you take a club finesse and it wins, you're still not in the clear. North needs to have 3 or fewer clubs or the hearts need to come in for four tricks.
A two-fer
You don’t need spades 3-3 on diamond lead nor the club hook. Just the 3rd heart to stand up and you have 12 tricks on a crossruff.
A junior defense
I must be missing something. If declarer has the Ace of spades, they still only have eight tricks on a spade return: 3 clubs, 2 spades, 3 red cards. (Why would they play partner for club length holding if they have 5 clubs in their hand?) Hence, they would have ...
Mike Cassel's bidding problem: Q9 A QT9852 Q972
"You are going to remove partner's spade call to diamonds or raise partner's club rebid." Not something you do without prior discussion. Partner will probably interpret that as either a game try in spades or as a GF hand with that minor. "Doubler is a passed hand and ...
Michael Kopera's bidding problem: --- 72 KQ964 KQ8754
Against robots you can open 1S and pass partners very likely 2C bid :)
Michael Kopera's bidding problem: --- 72 KQ964 KQ8754
I wanted to bid 3C but that didn't seem like enough. 4C seems a bit too committal for me. So I pass and over the (expected) 1S opening on my left, RHO will do something and then I'll bid 2NT and vaguely show my hand.

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