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July 29, 2014
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April 30, 2016
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IMPs play problem
This line is interesting I missed. DK pick up is really good. Lost to DK to W and Sx back?--at least not bad if W has SA and quite flexible
Shades of Ottlik II
CA instead of CQ makes much sense on this dummy layout and should get rewarded in general and here as well. After CQ, the defense is dead even on h return---HK/Dx or DK, which should not be very difficult to find if S took the view E has the ...
IMPs play problem
Attacking d right away per Dx or DA from dummy is just too risky against good opponents. Ideally you would want to deep hook DK/DJ from dummy but entry is a big issue. To resolve it, I think both lines have chances: 1. Sx to SK: if W has ...
The first incorrect bid is....
3H is the culprit derailing the bidding. 2C is a free bid and could have been on a weaker hand, thus 3H treated by all as GF should have been better bid on more strength and 6H suit. I do not agree 3H sets H as trump suit absolute but ...
Lead costing two tricks
Nice construction, Mike and nice story Max. Given the lead, you would have 3 tricks, but it is the objective of number of tricks to win with that holding dictates how you play on your own. Say for 2/4 tricks, I think without much checking the % play is to ...
Lavazza Defends Vanderbilt Title
Thanks Jan. Appreciate the wonderful service.
Lavazza Defends Vanderbilt Title
Thanks Michael and Khokan. I will check.
Lavazza Defends Vanderbilt Title
That makes sense. Zia did ruff a spade to dummy, so if running DT successfully, play 4th heart will either endplay Lauria to win CK or for Versace to be allowed ruff down DQ9 to DAx....exact sequence is needed. Tough hand to defend, worse Zia pulled cards fast:-)
Lavazza Defends Vanderbilt Title
Though I know one defense might set it. Anyone saw and can explain how Zia made 5Dx hand when Lauria made a speculative double with Dx sitting behind Zia: Zia: SAxxx Hx DAxxxx CKxx Dummy: SKx HAJT98 DKJTx Cxx Plays went: SA, HA, H ruff, SK, H ruff...screen became ...
Lead costing two tricks
Honor crashes is the theme I bet. Pretty good but the example will win at least 2 tricks left on your own--not even double dummy? Overall I don't think this is a well-defined puzzle. For example,is it repeated play or only the lead in term of play initiation?
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