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Selena Pepić
Selena Pepić
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Sept. 29, 2015
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Sept. 20
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Bridge Player
about me

I study Computer Science at ETH in Zurich and I am in love with bridge, discrete mathematics and other parts of theoretical computer science, artificial intelligence, board games and good music. I am currently playing in Serbian junior and women team.


Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
gold medal from World Youth Open Championship in Opatija 2015 (girls U26) and bronze medal from World University Championship in Lodz 2016
Regular Bridge Partners
Olga Simic, Darko Parezanin
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Favorite Conventions
Ekrens, non-serious 3NT
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Which set of opening bids?
There is almost no difference between 2 and 2 as weak twos in hearts as there is still preemptive effect on 4th seat player and auctions like 2-4 etc. The only minus is that person in direct seat can pass with bad 10-12 count and three-suited ...
Which set of opening bids?
I have played Ekren as 5-4 or better and not trying to make opponents fools but trying to either preeempt one in 4th seat or make them play 3NT with 23-25HCP and Ax as only stopper in one major. Player after 2 opening bid bids 2NT normally with single ...
Which set of opening bids?
That is true. But I have never played that because I really like weak twos the way they are. And actually, I thought about playing what you suggested combining it with 2 = weak two in diamonds or weak two in hearts. I guess it is a brown sticker and ...
Which set of opening bids?
That is its biggest disadvantage for sure. I have never agreed to play multi so far, not even a single board, because every opponent has billion chances to bid.
What is this double
I am not saying that it should not be pure penalty, I only disagree with idea that it can be any penalty. The thing is that there are hands that can be bid like classic reverse hands, but people like to double with those because 1NT will probably go down.
What is this double
I wouldn't bid it over 1. But even if you would, what do you do with xxx x JT9xx xxxx? Or even better question is what do you do if RHO redoubles 1NT and you have 0 count, 5 hearts and 1-2 diamonds?
What is this double
What I wanted to find out is what is the hand that can/should bid on partner's second double. Or is the bidding like (1) - x - (1) - p (1NT) - x - p - 2 p - 2 - p - 3... etc. possible?
Selena Pepić's bidding problem: JT98762 A 8 Q764
Well some went down and when I said headache I was more thinking about bid over 4 in pass out position.
Selena Pepić's bidding problem: JT98762 A 8 Q764
It is, 4 was opening bid that brought headache to opponents.
Selena Pepić's bidding problem: QT8 Q73 K62 Q982
We do play 2 in other minor as 8-11hcp and 3-card support but not after double. Do you think it should be the same after double?

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