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Serge de Muller
Serge de Muller
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March 17, 2011
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4 hours ago
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Bridge Pro
about me

full time player and ACBL certified teacher



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Favorite Bridge Memory
Jean René Vernes, Bridge Moderne de la Défense, Paris 1966
Bridge Accomplishments
represented Argentina in World Mind Sport Games Beijing 2008
Regular Bridge Partners
available and looking for
Member of Bridge Club(s)
San Diego Adventures in Bridge
Favorite Tournaments
USA National, WBF and European Open
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Sapphire Life Master
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An Easy Top with BBO Bots
yes great bidding except I do not understand the spade cue bid I would cue bid heart where there is a control ...
Pierre Schmidt's bidding problem: KT972 74 A75 AQ4
j'oubliais je suis de l'ecole de Barry Crane le meilleur de tous les temps dit on, il avait "12 Barry Cranes Commandments" a suivre obligatoirement et le deuxieme etait de prendre toujpurs le benefice quand il se presente sans chercher mieux éventuellement "2. Always take a sure profit ...
Pierre Schmidt's bidding problem: KT972 74 A75 AQ4
je suis convervateur pourquoi compliquer et chercher des aventures ? je passe I am old fashioned I pass why look for adventures ?
Pierre Schmidt's bidding problem: QJ 743 QT632 KT5
il y a un probleme ? lire le standard Français bon c'est vrai de nos jours cela degenere ils parlent avec toutes les main pour occuper du terrain mais a leur risque et peril there some problem ? read please the french bridge standard athough nowadays they bid with almost ...
Tracey Bauer's bidding problem: JTxx x Jxxxx xxx
yes Tracey I voted 2 spades but 2 diamond and 2 spades if partner rebids 2 hearts are ok but he may presume that we have more hcp something like 4/7 and he sees 3NT because he could have a big hand
Unflattering for Bridge
Las Vegas shooting: What was Stephen Paddock's motive FBI is looking for, should they read my message they should know "As is the father so is the son " like his father he exited on the front page, he belongs to history now like his father. Yes he was a ...
Robot meltdown
yes 3 heart would be textbook on standard bridge but here we play bridge similar to goulash, refering your post "He never leads the suit I bid" yes right same to me but I was reading on BBO that if he do not lead your suit GIB has very good ...
Robot meltdown
yes some bugs happens from time to time this is a machine but in overall GIB play like a Master, I forgive those mistakes and try to bid easy here IMP I bid 4 heart and MP I pass
Chris Gibson's bidding problem: AT8652 9 8 A8753
2 spades a textbook bid, 2 heart if forcing and 2 spades is waiting and means many hands
Chris Gibson's bidding problem: AT8652 9 8 A8753
yes 1 spade is ok good hand 2 defensive tricks and bidding available after partner expected bid, he is going to bid 2 something and I can bid 2 spades this is no overvalue opening

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