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Sergey Kustarov
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Sept. 23, 2010
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May 13, 2017
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How do you bid this to a Grand Slam?
1 3 3N 4 4 4N 5 7N 3 - strong jump shift, (semi)solid suit 3N - no fit (xx at most) 4 and 4 - cuebids with as trumps (by default) 4N - DI (so has extras), no ace or king 5 ...
4 Way Transfers with Range Ask
"after the pass, responder can XX to suggest to play". I doubt it's good idea when opener doesnt have stopper. Better way is to play XX as half-stopper.
4 Way Transfers with Range Ask
This "The new method" is at least 20 years old.
The Maze of Fisher/Schwartz
Michael, let me disagree with your disagreement: from my POV 3 leads - A, x and x (in the order of hierarchy) - are more or less equal. It's rather the matter of the mood. While Q (or K) lead, after heart bid and raised, is OBVIOUS for me. Heart lead ...
Boye Shows the Jack of Spades
Yes, mis-saw the bidding. Still X asks major lead not club. At other table hearts also were led.
Boye Shows the Jack of Spades
Ag 6 club lead is out of question because he wd double 6 having AK. So heart lead is preferable to spade one (no X of 3).
Grade This Bid #4 - Part Two
Am I all alone who wd reopen with 1NT?
Mario Fonzo's bidding problem: --- 86532 A97 QT963
I bid 3 coz luckily I play it as constructive. With A in clubs it wd be preemptive hand. Also: 1. Our hand is worth only 1 bid so we cant show 's and then support (bid 5 over probable 4?). 2. Against 4 ...
Michael Rosenberg's bidding problem: K4 AQT762 753 94
With both minor kings u bid 3 and over 3 (4th suit) bid 3N.
Michael Rosenberg's bidding problem: K4 AQT762 753 94
I would bid 2N as showing H. Dont see better use for 2N bid.

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