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The History of Restricted Choice
As far as I know, the second episode of the history of restricted choice was the second edition (1955) of a seminal book, "Théorie mathématique du bridge a la portée de tous" (mathematical theory of bridge within everyone's reach), by Émile Borel (a great mathematician) and André Chéron (chess ...
Trouble with Love
Thank you both!
Scoring errors
Yes, bridgemate can. See Bridgemate II Scoring System Manual (, page 40.
Women’s Pairs Also Decided by “BridgeMate Top”
Tomaz Adamic: "If the software simply wouldn't allow to enter the "impossible" lead card, most of wrong side sitting mistakes would be eliminated, I guess." James Lawrence: "@Tomaz, it's generally held that prohibiting entering an impossible led card is a bad idea, as then whoever has control of ...
WBF Hot Potatoes
No need to look outside the States:
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
Someone reviewed a lot of hands looking for bids in third seat NV. In his interview, Philippe Cronier points out that "that was not the Spanish statement. It was green against red." And "the Spanish captain gave a file to the director in which there are some boards played in ...
Practicing slam bidding / competitive bidding on high levels
You can find several nice practice hands in
"Why did they win?" Slawomir Zawislak on the Italian team in 2006
Thomas Berg: "Pretty often you can not know if C3 is encouraging or ask for lowest non trumpsuit - or if C8 is discouraging or ask for highest non trumpsuit - unless...!" Sorry, but I can't understand. I'm reading Watson's book on the play of the hand. He says ...
"Why did they win?" Slawomir Zawislak on the Italian team in 2006
"I would be shocked to know that in the last decade none of the pairs at the top would try to adopt these defensive agreements…" This can make sense. However, I'd like to know how many top players use odd/even encouraging or suit preference discards. I'm just ...
Double-dipping on opponents' misunderstanding
Ed Reppert, thank you very much! However, I'd add that if he does know that his explanation was incorrect (he realizes that he had a memory lapse etc.) then he "must" call the director "immediately". Not doing so is "a serious matter", and he can't complain if his ...
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