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Shahzaad Natt
Shahzaad Natt
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Basic Information

Member Since
March 21, 2013
Last Seen
April 28
Member Type
Bridge Player
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
The first time I really made an effort to count, which was also my first tournament win.
Regular Bridge Partners
Kiril Delev, Steve Root, Nick Sandqvist
Favorite Tournaments
Brighton Summer Meeting
Favorite Conventions
Any kind of transfer
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Shahzaad Natt's bidding problem: Q J87 K8632 T943
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: Q95 A62 AK32 T82
3NT what's the problem? I would bid it at matchpoints too.
Chess type ending
This is a very cool ending.
Jay Barronen's bidding problem: xxx Kx KJTxx AKx
Are we not playing 15-17 NT? If we are, then why didn't I open one?
Christopher Diamond's bidding problem: 5 Q3 AJ76 KQ7654
I think the fact that game is making opposite a minimum tells you that you should be bidding on with that hand. The most this hand changed and for me to still bid 2C is to swap the diamond jack for the ten.
Chess type ending
I think in most examples in the books it's just a 'simple squeeze without the count', but I think in real life, you nearly always have to squeeze them out of exit cards.
Shahzaad Natt's bidding problem: T9865 J7 A63 KQ5
So it depends a little bit on suit quality, this is probably the minimum I would have for such a suit. Conversely I am allowed KQT9x and out.
Shahzaad Natt's bidding problem: KQT 85 83 AJ5432
I personally thought pass was clear, but all my junior friends mocked me for being conservative. So I thought I'd ask.
ATB - You be the Lunacy Commisioner
Just wow.
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: AJT97 972 5 T864
Would have bid 2 the first time.

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