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Shawn Drenning
Shawn Drenning
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March 14, 2011
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about me

Austin, TX player.  Trying to get better.

United States of America

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I have been on the cover of popular bridge publications such as the ACBL bridge bulletin
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Austin Bridge Center
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Ruby Life Master
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BBO claims should be "*You* (opponents) get X more tricks", not "I claim X more tricks"
While it won't let you pick up a missing Q, you can game the robot claim system. For instance, suppose you had S: 8 H: Ax opposite S: - H: Kxx and you are unsure if the 8 is the high spade. You can claim three tricks and if the ...
Phil Clayton's lead problem: KQT9x xxx Axx xx
At the table I suspect I would lead the K, but I posed as a problem I can convince myself the 10 is reasonable. Leading the 10 will be bad if partner has the stiff J or declarer has AJx(x). However, if partner has Ax and declarer Jxxx then ...
My own thoughts on the NAOBC Events
What deserves its own thread is of course arbitrary and subjective, but my take is Bharat made a thoughtful post defending the new event (and it was worthy of having its own thread to discuss). Even though I agree with what you say, I'm not convinced it added enough ...
2020 North American Online Bridge Championships
I'm not really convinced that master points are what motivates people to cheat. I would be interested to see though for various fixed event formats the distribution of how many master points needs to be awarded before a player will cheat (I'm implicitly assuming if a player will ...
2020 North American Online Bridge Championships
"obviously I am not entering, do you think that means I shouldn't say it costs too much?" If you are not planning on participating and you have no actual information about how much it is costing the ACBL to run the event, I don't see why you would.
2020 North American Online Bridge Championships
The ACBL claims that their goal is to breakeven on this tournament and they have added security costs they do not have for a live event. In any event, if the event is a ripoff and the pricing is exorbitant, you could choose to just not enter the event . . .
2020 North American Online Bridge Championships
Richard: My partner opens a 15-17 NT and I drive to a making 6NT with a 4333 14 count. If I am a top expert I do not think you would have to observe too many actions like this to conclude there is a good chance I am cheating. Obviously ...
Master as a racist term
"Most of the controversy I have heard about it involves someone educated enough to use it properly who gets caught up in outrage improperly directed at its phonemic resemblance" I admit I would have some amount of skepticism of the motivations of someone who used the word 'niggardly' too often ...
Undos in the Reynolds KOs
I knew their system at a high level, but I don't (for instance) know the intricacies of their Minorwood agreements to know who was right on this auction. In a live tournament, I would have called the director and explained what I did know (that opponents were not on ...
Undos in the Reynolds KOs
It was our opponent. The reason for the slow signoff was that he bid 4C intended as Minorwood and his partner bid 4D intended as a cue bid in response. It's unclear what the 4D bidder thought 4C meant, but given that 4D bidder had something like a 2 ...

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