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Shawn Drenning
Shawn Drenning
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March 14, 2011
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11 hours ago
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about me

Just moved from NYC to Austin, TX.

United States of America

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I have been on the cover of popular bridge publications such as the ACBL bridge bulletin
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Austin Bridge Center
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Silver Life Master
Sam Shawn
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2 over 1
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1!C - 1!H - rebid??
Our spades are good if we want to use them to draw trump, but if we want to use them to ruff partner’s losing hearts, they seem like wasted values. Even if the plan is to use them to draw trump, it seems we will need a good lie ...
1!C - 1!H - rebid??
Sure, but a broken six card suit will often play better opposite a singleton honor or two small. We may land on our feet anyway of course and obviously partner could misjudge if you bid 1S or 2c too. To me the smallest distortion is rebidding clubs though, but have ...
1!C - 1!H - rebid??
Do you (or BWS) have agreements to sort out when opener has bid 1nt with a small singleton? In the absence of agreements, I'm not as worried about playing 1nt as I am in playing in hearts when it is wrong because responder cannot properly judge the hand. Agree ...
1!C - 1!H - rebid??
Even if you are generally happy to open 1d with 4=5 in the minors, don't you think it is a distortion when you have AKxxx of clubs and xxxx of diamonds?
Could be worth watching the French courts this week.
I would be more surprised if there was an athlete in Salazar's group who WASN'T doing this.
Directing on BBO
I think cuebids with unexpected meanings are still alertable. When I play 2 over their 1 is natural, I alert it for instance.
This One Amused Me
It does in every US club I’ve played at recently
You too can score 90%!
As opposed to skill at "real" bridge, which has what usefulness in real life?
You too can score 90%!
'Solve' a lot of the problems or just make the game less enjoyable (and probably less successful)? Personally, I play plenty of 'real' bridge and that is not my aim when playing with the bots.
Is filing a recorder form warranted.
If I were going to take another bid because I thought partner's huddle showed extra strength, I'd probably bid 2nt and let partner raise me to game.

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