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Shawn Drenning
Shawn Drenning
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March 14, 2011
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4 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Austin, TX player.  Trying to get better.

United States of America

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I have been on the cover of popular bridge publications such as the ACBL bridge bulletin
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Austin Bridge Center
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Ruby Life Master
Sam Shawn
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2 over 1
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World championships individual
He could also create his own set of standards e.g. either won a Spingold/Vanderbilt/Reisinger, a world championship, or whatever other prestigious thing would make the truly world class players eligible and eliminate scrubs like me
Jorge Barrera Wins Spring NABC Robot Individual
You kids get off my lawn!!!
Gatlinburg regional (4/20-26/2020) is NOT cancelled
Bud: Personally, I think a statement that said something to the effect of "the tournament is not currently canceled, but that is subject to change and we will reevaluate closer to the date" would be much better. Certainly I hope the situation is better by the end of April and ...
NABC Coronavirus Precautions
"What did you hope to achieve by your criticisms?" Help construct a more useful survey?
NABC Coronavirus Precautions
"The attitude "I know what's right, and if people don't do what I want I'm going to get the government to force them to do it" is anathema to me." Surely you recognize the value in some laws restricting what people can do? I agree with the ...
NABC Coronavirus Precautions
"Should it be that the NABC does occur, I still have great difficulty comprehending why people are upset that willing people attend an event they wish to attend." Peg: Maybe you didn't see Barry's comment above? The concern is that many feel that it's possible that holding ...
CDC says older adults (60+) should “stay at home as much as possible” due to coronavirus
Peg: In addition on what Richard said, I don't think the article you linked necessarily supports the argument you're making. My takeaway from reading it is that many (most?) traffic deaths are avoidable and there are steps that could be taken to limit their impact on society similar ...
CDC says older adults (60+) should “stay at home as much as possible” due to coronavirus
I think at least SOME consideration should be given to the greater good. For instance, if the ACBL elects to hold the Columbus NABC against the recommendation of health experts (not saying this is currently happening) even though my personal risk is lower than average, I would still feel irresponsible ...
What is a logical alternative anyway?
I view being able to bid in tempo as a bridge skill and I do not see how being bad at some part of bridge can be considered unethical. Playing with me, partner will realize that giving UI usually decreases our EV on a hand and (hopefully) will get better ...
What is a logical alternative anyway?
It's not unethical to not be able to bid in tempo (unless you're doing it on purpose)

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