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Shawn Quinn
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May 8, 2011
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July 30, 2019
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Foreign Competitors in ACBL masterpoint limited events
There are players on the first and second place teams who have definitely won multiple NABC+ events. I don't understand how they possible thought they should be playing in a limited event.
Make Bridge Fun Again
Love your ideas. The point is we need to freshen up the formats to engage a new audience. Make it Fun!
Childcare at Las Vegas
Thank you. Actually, this is my point. At a minimum, the league should have contacted players who have utilized the service and let them know it won't be available for Vegas. But that would assume they were trying for any small level of customer service.
Childcare at Las Vegas
Thank you Randi! This is what I was hoping! Awesome!
Childcare at Las Vegas
Of course an adult should not be alone with a child. There are always two adults or more as part of safe sanctuary practices. This is a digression however....
Childcare at Las Vegas
I have reached out to the tournament chair. That was the first thing I did. She referred me to the gentleman with whom I spoke. I know I started a controversy , but I am just trying to figure out what to do. I had to cancel my games in the ...
Childcare at Las Vegas
You've summed up my understanding. The decisions they make are truly baffling. It is a stunningly shortsighted choice not to offer childcare but the decision to withhold the information feels like a betrayal to me. Then the gentleman with whom I spoke started with a litany about how they ...
Childcare at Las Vegas
Thank you Chris. Very much appreciated it.
Thanks to Jay Whipple
Hawaii was a terrible idea. Super expensive and hard to get to - entry fees or no entry fees. The BOD wanted a nice trip to Hawaii so they booked the tourney there. Don't blame the members for not going. We did go. We had to leave by the 3rd ...
Hawaii NABC Childcare CANCELLED
The ACBL removed the nasty post about the Comptons. I am glad about that. It was rude. Now they have a number for the hotel. It's just a general number though so plan on spending some time working through to get a person to speak with. Ask me how ...

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