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Confession of a Self-Kibitzer
Hi Gonzalo, Of course the claim "and I know he would ha[ve] never done so in real life" is ridiculously illogical. I grew weary/frustrated with the responses, so I took the lazy way out with the 'and on and on'. As to the personal case to which you ...
Confession of a Self-Kibitzer
The responses to this post boggle my mind. The OP confesses to cheating over and over and over again. For this, he is repeatedly thanked for coming clean without any proof that he's done so in full, told his conduct is "impressive", been given a 'bravo', assured he is ...
The Kibs Are Not Alright
FYI wrestling's back, if the olympics are back.
Anti cheating committee
"Therefore they have the right to ban anyone without giving a reason. " And here I thought we got rid of the Star Chamber centuries ago.
Does 2 promise four hearts, or five? If four only, I think I bid either of 3 or 4 before I bid 3... Looks like a hand fit for a variation on (was it Kantar's?) quip that we've completely lost the ability to bid ...
Redesigned Bridge Club
Looks great. As a bonus the ergonomics looks good for wheelchair users, people who use card-holding devices, and so forth. I'm sure some nattering nabobs of negativism will find something to complain about but they needn't turn up.
(4441) shape and Reverses
Hi Eric, Why wouldn't you open that hand Strong/Artificial instead of 1?
Friday Night Bridge Duels
CAD 20/mo. when I went to the sign up page.
Draw Trumps and Claim
Hi Kit, What is South's toolbox in your system over 3 by East? Thanks very much.
No Open World Championships Until 2024?
Not virtue signalling at all. And yes would apply to all team games/sports. Sure, I'll watch international soccer if it's on, but I'd much rather watch my club. (It does help that they play 50 times a year and there's a certain familiarity.)

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