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Sept. 15, 2015
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600k boards from Vugraph: lies, damned lies, and statistics
Great fun, thank you! Re: Stoppage time: Do the numbers really bear out that there's a jump bid in basically every-other-auction? (I understand there could be two in one auction...). Intuitively, I find that high. Of course I could be just wrong. Does this include limit raises e.g ...
ATB Missed Game
West needs to bid 1 Then East needs to bid 2N. Two bad bids but E is worse.
Hobson's Choice
As long as we're nitpicking... A Hobson's Choice is indeed a choice, but it's Take-It-or-Leave-It. (Originally, if I recall correctly/apocryphally, the horse in the occupied stall nearest the barn door.
3NT - perhaps this is where Jim is heading
Undiscussed with my regular partner, but in a pick-up situation I would expect it to be to play.
Brigitta Fischer's bidding problem: Kxx KQ Q AKQ9xxx
Playing 2/1, I'm very much in the minority here opening 2. Can't say I mind. If partner has 13 cards I think I want to be in 3NT or 5 more often than not, and the strong opener should keep opponents out. If partner is ...
Potentially Objectionable Content
That new iphone, if I hold it up to someone's face while she sleeps, will it open? ...oh, forgot: asking for a friend...
Is anyone to blame?
I assume the question is about missing 6. I don't see how you get there, and I don't think I want to be there as South. Even looking at both hands, I'm not sure I want to be there with West on lead. Roll it back ...
Original Bridge Event Formats
There exists the very real sport of chessboxing: Alas my bidding style would likely leave me open to my own regular partner's Bridgeboxing attacks, and someone once taught her to double up on her jab. So I'm out...
"I think that while there are many people that would solve it when given as a puzzle, few would make the hand at the table."-- HP This, exactly. A well-written tale too (as usual).
Open Toronto Discussion Thread
As a Canadian, I fly foreign carriers whenever I can.

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