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For your consideration: Are Bridge and Baseball facing similar problems appealing to youth?
The average age of self-described American MLB fans is rising. So what? Baseball's demise among youth in America is greatly overblown. When you throw in softball (primarily a girls' sport in that country, I'm told) youth participation is on the up: ...
USBC Semifinal Matchups
Why do winning underdogs "take over" the seeding in bridge? Does not happen i tennis, NCAA basketball, etc. The bridge way loses a piece of info in the process.
Seeking PhD Candidate for 3 year Bridge Project
Educate me on a related matter: Back when I was in graduate school (PhDs weren't still just a cheap German gimmick, but it has been awhile), students had to propose the research topic and find a prof who wanted to supervise them. While certain profs always had budgets for ...
We play with tablets on Sunday
Hi, Jim... An interesting question!. I would argue that we should like the software to eliminate revokes, plays out of turn (etc) just as we'd like to eliminate --cards falling on the floor from a shaky hand --a table getting the wrong boards (or some other mess-up of the ...
Can We Ever Play in Clubs
"I honestly don't see that anyone did anything clearly wrong in any case. Just wrong hands for the methods you were playing at the time." I concur. Consider a couple of novices bidding Board 1, unopposed: 1-1 (East bids his four card suit, mindful that opener could ...
Takeout or Penalty
Lots of votes for Penalty. Can someone please make the case for Penalty as I don't see it. What's my hand if I can both --put 2 down effectively alone (partner has shown absolutely no enthusiasm) AND --overcall 1NT at my first turn? Thanks.
Zlatan tied to Sweden Open
When Zlatan opens 1 it is 16 HCP EXACTLY. When he opens 1 it is 13 HCP EXACTLY. Zlatan is much more precise than ordinary men.
Selection Committees
"I have no friends in Formula 1, I have never driven in a competitive race; yet I would have Lewis Hamilton on my team and so would you." But you see, I wouldn't. I'd have Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso. They'd be driving the Mercedes works cars ...
Say No To Cheats
Hi Frank, You write in conclusion: "What exactly is achieved by having many people signing a document like this?" I'm not sure. Maybe nothing. But I don't think it can hurt. If it's a step forward, even the tiniest of steps, it might help.
Say No To Cheats
Hi Richard, You write in part "However, the players want someone else - in this case the tournament organizers - to bear the costs of the inevitable lawsuits." Which 'inevitable lawsuits' are these? In a major horse race, eligible entries are published weeks (months) out. If my horse matches up poorly over ...

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