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Shawn Young
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Sept. 15, 2015
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March 11 Statement from ACBL (hidden in news feed)
Thing is, whenever someone repeatedly says "it's not about the money"...'s almost always about the money.
Has Panic & Fear Overwhelmed Us? Far worse than COVID-19
Thanks for your post and comments in various threads Jonathan. Your facts are pertinent and your opinions are well-reasoned. (Now can you do something about the Canadian Peso so our travel to US-based events is more economical?)
Simple Approach
"North's 3♦ call, showing a limit raise, is clear. North doesn't want to punish South for opening light." North needs something in his arsenal that says "giddy-up if you have something decent". North is already a passed hand, so South won't expect too much, but South has ...
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
Cannot 'like' your post...but man, rest assured that I empathise.
Another reason for why Bridge is viewed as an old people's game
Horse...feathers. (I wouldn't want to burn any unsuspecting Juniors' ears.) Other sports are actually adding mixed events. Mixed doubles curling recently debuted at the Olympics. Mixed Medley Relay swimming debuts at Tokyo 2020. I'm told that korfball, a mixed sport, is on the rise. There are too ...
Flawed Multi
I think N is bidding because the X of 2 can show either the 13-15 or some big hand. If S is 17-ish, N/S clearly need to be in a vulnerable game somewhere. As to what X is, I am also somewhat confused. But I don't see ...
12 IMPs penalty against the opps - what would you do ?
I would leave it to the offending team to make whatever representations they saw fit, if any, keep quiet myself, and abide by whatever was ultimately decided.
Change of Heart
Maybe it's bad bridge but I like 3N as my first call. We might get drilled on clubs, sure. For that to happen, two things need to go wrong: 1) Partner has no club stopper 2) Opps need to figure that out. Could it happen? Certainly. But we have ...
The notorious doctors
MR: "In team sports, it is accepted practice to try to 'get away' with stuff. In bridge, it is not." In some team sports. Perhaps many/most. In curling it is most certainly not accepted practice.
Bridge on "Corrie" .... including some cheating
Next week: Those characters weren't actually cheating... it was their Evil Twins.

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