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Another Reese-Schapiro Hand
If you read Wilsmore's book, you'll note he found actual witches.
Repeat Locations for Nationals
"Here’s an analogy: In the sports world...the tennis majors are always in London, Paris, Melbourne and NY -- they don't go to XYZ, OH just to rotate around." Seriously? Those tournaments have thousands of 'kibitzers' turning up daily, many of whom pay well over $100 to watch the ...
Comments please, on this 2D opening
Just more evidence, I think, that 2 should be a gadget opener, not weak. Even this hand (six diamonds and a quacky 9-count) isn't a weak-2 that most people are happy with. White, as dealer, I'm opening this 1. I'm also risking having to walk ...
Tough bidding challenge for BOTH partners
I don't like the 2 open because with this hand I haven't played methods where responder is going to be able to tell me what I need to know. Open 1, rebid 3 and hope Partner knows what to do.
Easier Than Eleven
This hand is awfully quacky to open 1N IMO. If I get to open 1 and rebid 2 I think I've described my hand almost perfectly (since methods have me 5-4 either way), and perfectly cheaply.
A thought much would it be worth to see dummy before the lead?
Link was posted here in a prior thread to a write-up... I can't find it. Punchline is that the baseball players could look at each other's hands for a few seconds BUT the hands were constructs, not random deals. Zany distributions, entry issues etc.
Thank you Zia!
Warms the heart.
To Record or Not To Record, That is the Question
How does W not drive to slam here? 15 HCP (feat. 3 bullets) and a void in the enemy suit opposite a second seat vulnerable opener. If I'm W I demand my god-given right to go down in six of something.
Which is the agreed trumf suit?
If responder had bid 2N instead of 2, what would 2N show?
Crunch Time
Can we please stop feeding Felix? Cheers.

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