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Shawn Young
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Sept. 15, 2015
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Original Bridge Event Formats
There exists the very real sport of chessboxing: Alas my bidding style would likely leave me open to my own regular partner's Bridgeboxing attacks, and someone once taught her to double up on her jab. So I'm out...
"I think that while there are many people that would solve it when given as a puzzle, few would make the hand at the table."-- HP This, exactly. A well-written tale too (as usual).
Open Toronto Discussion Thread
As a Canadian, I fly foreign carriers whenever I can.
Trick 12 Decision
P2, par 1: "...Best looks to be to take the invitational route with 2♣. " I think from the prior page, that's "...1N".
Mediate This Auction
I see three bids I don't like here. I prefer 3 to X by S. I prefer various options to 4 by N. I have no idea why S bids 5 -- what does that say beyond the original X? Meh.
Bridge is a sport, says preliminary ruling in European Court VAT case
It's my understanding that Curling was able to negotiate certain exemptions in the drug testing protocols as it became an Olympic sport and subjected itself to CAS. Curling, particularly at the highest levels, has a serious amount of physical exertion. (Watch a top sweeping tandem drag a rock down ...
The Worst Convention Ever
Among more common ones, Gerber for me...
Suggestions for our new CEO -- starting a list
Devise a strategy to market the game to under-50s.
Suggestions for our new CEO -- starting a list
Hi Mr. Heitzman, I don't think we can emulate Poker for a simple reason: Poker (at least the most watched variant, Texas Hold'em) is more TV-friendly. Why? Because even a losing amateur can quickly figure out exactly what's going on and quickly form an opinion. Before any ...
IRS of NORWAY is on bridge pros!
Hi Ms. Arnesen, Can you please confirm or correct something I once read: people's incomes and taxes paid in Norway are matters of public record, to the point where if I'm in Norway someone knows a little bit about me, they can easily search out my income and ...

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