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Nov. 10, 2014
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shiang chen
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Shiang Chen & John McCormic
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Deb Dhar's bidding problem: AJT A52 97 AJ843
The right answer is "call the director". Sounds like they forgot a convention. 3d is not a real bid if the initial 2d was mini roman. If spades were the short suit they're systematically bound to bid 3c. Calling the director doesn't mean you don't like your ...
How different are these hands? What's your style?
1st hand I think bidding 1nt is better than bidding 1nt on 2nd hand. If 2nd hand had AKxxx Qx AJxx Kx I'm going with 1s actually because it's just TOO good of a 17. As is I'm really on the fence about the 2nd hand. I ...
Forcing or non-forcing?
I think it's actually not forcing. 4th suit forcing doesn't usually apply when a suit is re-bid. Lets say responder is min what's he suppose to do over 1c - 1h - 2c - 2d - 2s - ? 1h doesn't promise anything, 2d doesn't promise anything except that they have ...
Why Youth Players love Conventions
I agree for the most part. I find smart new players tend to overfocus on bidding. I've played only less than 2 years of serious bridge but I tell anyone who seeks to get better: "Work you mastering your play first, you can not be a bad card player ...
Why Youth Players love Conventions
yup not quite 60.
The (Very) Hideous Hog
Nice story I loved it.
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: --- KJT85 AKQJ764 T
with 4s - 5s your partner is more likely to have some values than have a stack in spades. If he has values then 6d seems good hard to find grand as you need 2 specific A's and maybe even the Q.
2nt taking up too much space? Not really, here's a solution.
lol, I agree, great solution. I would even say make 2nt show 5-5 minor weak. I won't argue a big club auction 1c - 1d - 1h(artificial relay to 1s, or nat) - 1s - 1nt (19-21) is a much better start than opening 2nt. Here precision is clearly stronger , and I ...
2nt taking up too much space? Not really, here's a solution.
oh I'm sorry I didn't notice your spade holding changed. Should sign off in 5c off two keys obviously. KQ10 AQxx Kxx AQx x, Kxx, AQxx, xxxxx You may go down a little over half the time, but here Opener had the near worst possible hand with maximum ...
2nt taking up too much space? Not really, here's a solution.
I think it's very bad not to open both 1nt and 2nt with balanced 5 card major. I will often open 5-4 in the majors if I have say kx kx in the minors.

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