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Shiang Chen
Shiang Chen
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Nov. 10, 2014
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about me

"Advancing begginer" who likes Bridge.  I'm always up for games on BBO when I'm free shiang is the ID.  I am however a top notch hearthstone player, top finish was 8th in the Americas.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Striping a hand and forcing an expert player to ruff his partner's winner high or ruffing my loser high while I promoted my trumps in hand and dummy. When I was brand new to ACBL did a strip endplay in 3nt based off of auction and droping a stiff K to win bracket 2.
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shiang chen
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Shiang Chen & John McCormic
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Luc Bellicaud's bidding problem: --- AQ65 97 AKQT865
Sure, but the hand probably belongs to us. Doesn't take that much to make 4h or 5c. They got balanced garbage we got shapely gold.
Luc Bellicaud's bidding problem: --- AQ65 97 AKQT865
double, then maybe 3c. This hand's too strong for 3c anyways.
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: KQ42 765 T42 J43
Definitely bidding. I thought about 4 but I don't want to make life too hard for my partner.
Shawn Drenning's bidding problem: JT3 Q95 K3 AKQ75
2 I need a little more for 1nt overcall. Be a shame if we bid 1nt it went all pass and just sank like the Titanic after a major lead and a diamond switch. If partner has the values for 3nt we'll get there.
Péter Talyigás's bidding problem: K95 T5 954 KT983
partner has a REALLY good hand but he's willing to play for penalty as he could bid 4nt if he really was unwilling to penalize. He also didn't open 2c so his hand is limited. I'll pass, odds of 5c is low he might 2434 or 2443 ...
Jyri Tamminen's bidding problem: A643 A AQJ9876 A
need more information. How much has partner promised? Would bidding spades now show 4+ spades 5+ diamonds and a max?
Tien-Chun Yang's bidding problem: 7 AQ2 KJT986 Q93
partner's a passed hand, we don't have a great fit yet so game is unlikely.
Michael Moschella's bidding problem: AQ AKT98532 --- AQ5
So u know there's 2 heart voids out there. LHO has QJ764 BEHIND our AK109532. So we're losing 3 hearts and probably 2 clubs and a spade as we have no way to reach partner unless he's got a K. Just pass, as much as you want ...
Emanuel Evacic's bidding problem: AT8 --- J54 JT98765
I'm not sure what I would've actually done. The suit is REALLY lacking but I do have a heart void and a splattering of pts. Since it's posted as a problem, it's clear to pass. Less can go wrong with a pass.
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: AQ JT973 KT K876
2 . Seems as strait forward of a hand as it can be. I'm not interested in slam until partner makes some kind of a supper accept.

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