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Shiang Chen
Shiang Chen
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Nov. 10, 2014
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Jan. 10
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about me

"Advancing begginer" who likes Bridge.  I'm always up for games on BBO when I'm free shiang is the ID.  I am however a top notch hearthstone player, top finish was 8th in the Americas.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Striping a hand and forcing an expert player to ruff his partner's winner high or ruffing my loser high while I promoted my trumps in hand and dummy. When I was brand new to ACBL did a strip endplay in 3nt based off of auction and droping a stiff K to win bracket 2.
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shiang chen
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Shiang Chen & John McCormic
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Selena Pepić's bidding problem: AQ543 95 A754 T7
more tempted to open 1s then bid now. It's so dangerous with a 2nd seat vul preempt. pass > double > 2s are my votes. At MP I'd be more tempted to bid 2s.
Stu Goodgold's bidding problem: T5 JT5 AQ82 AK42
am I reading this right 22 people passed 5h? If 5h is a cue bid I think I have to go with 5 . I'm min for my range and my spade support isn't great.
Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: 8 A75 AKQ86 JT43
The suit desparity's a little too high, going with 2 . Don't want partner bidding a 4 card heart suit and missing a nice 5-3 diamond fit.
Shiang Chen's bidding problem: AT52 AQT J4 AK94
Results on best play is. Best: 1s + 1 middle: 1h - 1 worst: 1nt - 1 LHO had KQx RHO had x in spades and you got a 9 card spade fit but partner has no entries and 1nt is a pain they can potentially set up 9 whole tricks (though you ...
Jim Olson's bidding problem: 43 T852 AJ863 AT
Not sure I'm comfortable at the 3 level. Why didn't I just double 1 for the reds last round?
Yusuf Sohtorik's bidding problem: 976 AK5 AJ76 Q97
We had no reason to act over 3 why would we now act over 4 ?
Help needed with a player upset with a director's ruling
Adam partner technically can still have 4342 if they play like transfer response after 1c or a short club system. If not there's no reason partner can't have 4333 or something along those lines. If partner has a singleton heart and extra shape he still has a bid ...
Shiang Chen's bidding problem: K742 K4 AKJ76 T6
Sure, it's possible clubs need protecting but in NT it's usually the majors that needs more protection. Also, you're guarding 2/3 of the other suits so still probably better to declare from your side more often than not.
Shiang Chen's bidding problem: K742 K4 AKJ76 T6
1d - 1h - 1s - 1nt now what? Gota pass and miss game opposite 10's and bad 11's. Gota plan more than just 1 step ahead the bidding problem comes on the 3rd round not the 2nd. You don't have much to lose opening 1nt. Was the winning action ...
Liam Milne's lead problem: 752 KT974 T32 82
3 muppet neither promising or denying is better treatment. responder then bids everything he doesn't have up the line (so everything he skips he shows 4) Now we know the 4c M is most likely spades and won't be leading it.

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