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Shireen Mohandes
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April 9, 2014
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about me

I live and work in London, England. My profession is "Business Analyst" in the Broadcast and Advertising Industry.

I compete in events in the UK, USA (about once every 7 nationals). Have played in festival and championships in many countries (25+) so I appreciate the need to adapt to the conditions of the contest, variations of regulations that apply to the event.

I write a regular 2-3 page column for a UK title called Bridge, published by MrBridge. In the past i've written for 5 other titles.

My current series of articles focus on bridge between 1925 and 1965.

Am researching the life of S J Simon and Carmel Withers and would appreciate any input from people.

I sometimes direct at clubs.

A long time ago I read the laws of bridge. I re-read the parts that have changed and are important. I think it is important to know the rules (not the really obscure ones) and I also thing that it is great idea to follow them. This levels the playing field.

I would like people to come to the table with a completed convention card. Sometimes I want to look for something without them knowing what I am trying to find out it. If I need details I ask.  The response "I don't have a card, just ask me and I will tell you", is just terrible.

When I can improve on something or disagree with something, instead of ranting, I write to the authorities to ask them to reconsider the matter.

Along with Andy Bowles, we warmly invite bridge players to participate in Online Barbu  (see ). If you are interested you will be in the good company of fellow bridge players.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Andy Bowles
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Young Chelsea (London, England)
Favorite Tournaments
Fall Nationals, USA
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Rosenkrantz double of splinters
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Danailov-Stamatov Win Cavendish Pairs
Timo: if all of the players were of approximately the same skill set then the auction would be almost nonsense. Most likely the auction prices is are a fair indication of range of ability.
Code breaking bridge players, WW2
Goren said: What he did during the war he has never described exactly, but one of the reasons his name does not appear in the recent book The Codebreakers is that the Director of Naval Intelligence asked Jacoby not to ...
Code breaking bridge players, WW2
Here is an interesting link about him, and his work
Code breaking bridge players, WW2
Kevin, that is the title that I write for! For almost 3 years I have been writing about the past ...
are you a Wiki editor?
Nicholas - thank you for all of that. Between Peter H and I, we have probably taken photos of 80-90% of living and recently deceased players.Since we took the photos ourselves, the copyright issues should be easy to sort out. Composition: Personally, I think mugshots are least interesting. Far better ...
are you a Wiki editor?
Peter: I know you have an extensive collection, including those which you have taken yourself (so permission etc easiest). Alan: will do, thanks Might it be an idea that we work with what we have, and then after the first round, we then go looking for more images by asking ...
are you a Wiki editor?
What is the policy on photos? I mean, if we know that the owner of the image has granted permission to use their photo on Wiki, is it policy to have maybe 2 or 3 photos per person (for profile pages) I have read this: ...
Letting them off a revoke
Mike Bell: you may like this story from the ACBL website, about Johnny Crawford: Never at a loss for words, Crawford brimmed with confidence and hubris. He was once approached at a tournament by a player who wanted his opinion on a hand. ‘Before you give me the hand, who ...
Letting them off a revoke
Thanks Richard, I should have written that better, I meant I would ask the TD to take into account my request, and the circumstances.
Letting them off a revoke
I changed my vote. These are reasons (keeping in mind OP stated "approx as good as me"). a) person with vision impairment; b) a person who clearly finds it hard to separate and play cards; c) somebody who was trying to follow suit to dummy's discard, and in some ...

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