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Sigurbjörn Haraldsson
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March 18, 2011
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The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Anyone who uses that amazingly silly 9 of diamond lead as an example to convince others that the Blue team weren't cheating just simply doesn't understand the game. To me, it, at the very least, strongly suggests, if not flat out proves, that east signalled diamond strength to ...
Who Will Direct the Directors?
Seriously, was 1s not alerted ? Adjust to -50 for at least N-S, more facts needed regarding E-W adjustment. I feel that 1s bid should have been forcefully alerted.
Clubs and Hearts
The committee mentioned that south should and DID realize something strange was going on after the strange explanation from west and is therefore on his own in the bidding. South did not ask further. It is not a stretch for south to guess exactly what is happening. Also, I would ...
Clubs and Hearts
West just said that he got confused, he did not maintain that he believed the opening bid to be 2s, perhaps suggesting that at the time he thought 4m leaping michaels did apply over 1M. EW did have a convention card, which alhtough did not mention exactly 1M-4c, it did ...
Clubs and Hearts
Iceland has a rather small bridge community. It would be fair to say that probably no icelandic bridge player plays 4c there as h+c, especially these guys who play very natural methods with few gadgets. It is very possible that west isn't used to leaping michaels and is ...
Illegal convention wins big IMPs
To clarify, when I say we almost always open 1N with 5card major when in range, I mean with a 5332 shape.
Illegal convention wins big IMPs
In my partnership, we will open 1N with 5card Major almost all the time when we're in the range of a 1N opener. Some play it that way, for some it's optional and the player uses his judgment whether he opens 1M or 1N. Obviously we and others ...
Official Spanish Team Statement
I apologize for my harsh opinions, but IMO, no real bridge player would go whining about light third hand openers. No real bridge player would accuse his opponents of cheating with virtually nothing supporting the fact. In the immortal words of Mike "the mouth" Matusow: "the kiddy game is down ...
To Sabine and Roy
This is sad beyond words for both pairs. Why on earth wouldn't the director(s), knowing about the direction switch and possible confusion, make sure the score was correct.
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
I wasn't aware that transfers, or anything for that matter, in competition had to be written down in a suppliment. One hardly sees suppliments nowadays, and I'm sure many are playing some groovy stuff in competition, are they being unlawful if doing so ?

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