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Silvana Zangri
Silvana Zangri
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Jan. 25, 2011
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Nov. 27, 2019
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Bridge Teacher

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Favorite Bridge Memory
It was my first game of duplicate. My friend and I had taken 6 lessons and thought we knew It all and were ready. We were at the first table and at the first hand my RHO bid 1NT and with 5 hearts and 12 points I bid 2H. This prompted my the LHO to ask my partner what my bid meant. She responded I think hearts and then the Opp said “what convention are you playing? Acappelletti, Landry, Meckwell, Brozell? My partner, caught off guard and confused said “we play shenanigans” and the whole table laughed. It’s my favorite because It reminds me always to find the good side of all things that can happen at a table and It also reminds me how resilient we were as beginners not to be frazzled or intimidated. I wish I could teach that.
Bridge Accomplishments
In 2016, She was honored with the NSBA lifetime achievement recognition, The Gordon Duffy Award, for her dedication to growing bridge on Long Island and in 2013, the ACBL awarded her the Volunteer of the Year award for her dedication and active participation in helping the league branch Bridge into a national marathon, The Longest Day, to benefit the Alzheimer's Association. ​
Regular Bridge Partners
Rich Morici
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Sagamore Bridge Club, Syosset, NY (owner)
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ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Disposing of old cards
Donate them to senior centers, youth bridge programs, nursing homes.
Best Practices Workshop
Steve, as a club owner, we teach both bridge for “bridge sake” and for future duplicate players. And I encourage Anyone who wants to teach, for any reason, to do so. At our club, we never charge teachers while they are teaching. This may include a waived card fee if ...
Request to Teachers: Knock It Off with the dang POINT COUNT!
It seems you may have never actually taught a rank beginner. Beginners need strict guidelines th can trust to learn the game. The small adjustments like recognizing a poor distribution and a great one, or balancing, sacrificing, etc must come later with experience.
Best Practices Workshop
Jeff isn’t wrong. I personally know a dozen+ people that got certified and then do nothing because they felt they weren’t well prepared. So then I signed up to see what It was about and it’s really not well done. Sorry to report. It was a waste ...
Twelve-board games for Alzheimer Fund games -- small sections, movement suggestions?
The award opportunity in these games is a huge draw. I'm packed from 6am to 9:30pm and we gave away 500 MP THAT DAY. Players wouldn't like It normally, but because it's part of a playing marathon, they love It. I have about 25 players play ...
Replace SAYC
I dont want anyone to fail. To grow numbers, we need to produce players. If a hothouse flower wants to play in Newplicate for the rest of her years, I’m okay with It. I don’t need anyone to run to a tournament either. And what is so wrong ...
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The answer comes with the club. Only a few teach. If we had real incentives for teaching bridge and loading members, we could do a great deal as a collective. The Acbl keeps coming up with small incentives that aren't appealing. If we divided clubs into centers that teach ...
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What system we teach is lot the future of bridge growth. The reason why bridge is dying is because the people are dying. In the 1950's, if you didn't learn to play bridge, you were in sociable. You wouldn't be a candidate for couple dinners, parties or ...
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I beg to differ. Not all hands open in a major, many auctions have competitive bids which reverts 2/1 responses off, beginners can barely remember basic foundations of bridge, let alone the concepts of conventions such as splinter, jac2n, 4sf, etc. With 25-30 beginner tables in play a week ...
Replace SAYC
I think speed reading and new math concepts that allow you to compute numbers quickly in your head are amazing concepts too, but when We teach elementary school, we always find the benefit of starting with the alphabet and numbers. Precision is not the future of building bridge, because I ...
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