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July 1, 2016
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Robots at Virtual Club Games? Yes or No
I played in an EBU game on Wednesday. 102 pairs, 13 of whom included a robot. Robots won in both directions, with 72% and 69%. How does Robbie know what his opposition are playing? The field was split between weak and strong NT; if alerted, can Robbie read it? What ...
An unusual literary poll
Nice one, Barry. I vaguely recognised the text and dug around in deep memory for a name. (I had written about him but not used that particular quote.) I was fairly sure I was right - but I was wrong - no, wait a minute, I was right after all.
2020 World Championships postponed until 2021
My wife, who belongs to a primitive tribe, often says to me “One too many”.
Searching for a Hand
By coincidence, I read about this situation yesterday in an NYT article by Alan Truscott that was reprinted in an old bridge magazine. LHO won trick 12 but had no 13th card. (Two cards, stuck together, had been played earlier.). The lead passed to dummy who made the last trick ...
An Amusing Matchpoint Result from Monaco
Right. There are two ‘impossible’ leads - C2 at table 1 and H6 at table 11. Why don’t the organisers use the lead-checking facility available on the scoring boxes? Or maybe the lead was right and the declarer was wrong - who knows?
Blind pass or bid!
‘face down’ is important! Some players seem to count them one at a time, lifting each card at about a 45 degree angle before adding it to the pile. I am sure their partner could see them if they looked ... maybe not the pips, but certainly the number of picture ...
One liners
Playing against a pro and a Japanese client. I underled the king of hearts against a spade contract. Dummy went down with AQxx and the Japanese declarer, with a small doubleton in hand, called for the ace. The contract went one down and dummy asked why she hadn’t finessed ...
What are your rights and obligations when you don't know who hessitated at the other side?
There may have been no real BIT in the bidding. Both bids may have taken, say, 5 seconds, but the second player to bid might have wanted to ask questions while he could still see the whole auction.
Do Sandwich No Trump bids need to be alerted
I reckon 5% of pairs play ‘Sandwich’ in England, and fewer/less than 20% of club pairs have even heard of it. Of course it should be alerted.
Other as a logical alternative
If you take a letter away from Mother you get: # An angry parent who was expecting a postal communication # other # Other
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