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Do Sandwich No Trump bids need to be alerted
I reckon 5% of pairs play ‘Sandwich’ in England, and fewer/less than 20% of club pairs have even heard of it. Of course it should be alerted.
Other as a logical alternative
If you take a letter away from Mother you get: # An angry parent who was expecting a postal communication # other # Other
How should Multi be allowed (if at all) under the Open+ chart?
I was playing in Florida with an English partner. I opened 1NT, announced as 12-14, and he bid 2C. I alerted and, when asked, said it showed a multitude of possible hands. On hearing the partial word 'multi' my opponents snapped into action and called the director. When the director ...
Tales from the Past, Part 2: Double Bay
Did I miss Part 1? I can’f find it.
The notorious doctors
David C: The German Seniors won the d’Orsi Bowl (senior equivalent of the Bermuda Bowl) in Bali in 2013. They were subsequently found to have been cheating (one cough for clubs, etc (?)) and the Gold medal was awarded to the American team. It was presented to five of the ...
What are your preferred methods: priority to count or to attitude?
I have a partner who explained his signalling on a board where declarer played spades (trumps): "I threw the ♥8 to tell you I liked hearts, then the ♣2 to tell you that I didn't like clubs, then the ♥7 to remind you that I liked hearts. He didn ...
What are your preferred methods: priority to count or to attitude?
I did a similar analysis of the methods of the pairs who qualified for the quarter-finals of the World Championships in Chennai in 2015. 56% played Attitude, 23% played Count or Reverse Count, 8% played simple Suit Preference, and 13% played Odd-Encouraging discards. 60% of those who played Attitude actually ...
2019 Buffett Cup
The press release for the event includes the following: According to reports, this bridge competition is named after the “share god”, Mr. Warren Buffett, known as the world's highest top-level event. Bridge is an entertainment sport with cards. Because the two sides of the game have been fighting against ...
Bridge Players and the movie world
Yes, the TV version was made in 2005. By chance, Christie's description of the deal will appear in December's ACBL Bulletin, I believe. One more anecdote. The scene which included the (spoiler alert) murderous deal was meant to start with the opening lead, then dummy laying down his ...
Bridge Players and the movie world
I was the bridge 'consultant' on the set of the TV version of Cards on the Table with David Suchet as Poirot. None of the actors played bridge at all. Someone else had trained them on the mechanics of the game, bidding in turn, cards in the middle, collecting tricks ...
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