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Aug. 25, 2013
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Bid This Grand
you just ask in the cheapest step that would be helpful(which is longest to shortest suits, of the outside suits from the 'set' trumps) once you've got your answer if it doesn't help you ask again in the next suit and so on .. in the sequence I ...
How do you bid these hands?
Similar (up to a point) as Gonzalo's auction - a variation on Viking Precision. 1 (16+) - 1 (negative) - 1 (20+) - 1 (second negative, 0-4) - 2 (20+ unbalanced, 24+ balanced) - 2 (3-4 hcp and natural) - 2NT (best bid I can find, all 3 level bids ...
Bid This Grand
I haven't given it too much thought as yet, but one possible solution could be: (std polish suit quality ask) first step = rubbish, second = Q or AK, third = K or AQ, fourth = A or KQ, fifth = AKQ .. then .. the next step up would be a relay ask in the ...
Bid This Grand
It's a very interesting addition and one I shall be giving some thought to, as I don't think it would take too much away from what we already have in place within our system - it could very well be 'workable'. Many thanks.
Bid This Grand
Interesting. We can (occasionally) find out about the Jack of Trumps in a Queen ask, but not in the outside suits. I abbreviated the above auction between 5 and 7 as in reality I would have enquired as to suit qualities in 's & 's because as ...
Paul Gipson's lead problem: Q762 J42 98 KT93
In the Bird/Anthias book 'winning suit contract leads' - they make a good point that in auctions that go 1M-2M-4M you have more chances to take the contract off than if it went 1M-3M-4M by virtue that declarer will usually have 'little to spare' .. so in these cases passive leads ...
Bid This Grand
Using modified Viking Precision on the hand given I can get to the small slam level but the Grand only makes by virtue of South having the J, which in my methods I have no way of finding out: However, If North was to have KJ and South AQxx ...
What or Who Went Wrong?
Handling voids as Captain; as you've already asked RKC you should know if they hold A or not and if it is still ambiguous you're likely to be able to work it out by asking suit quality in other suits - in reality it really doesn't tend to ...
What or Who Went Wrong?
The Polish suit quality bids work very well as 'captain' has a very good picture of 'slaves' hand in terms of keycards/points and I've not come across an instance where its not known the difference between Q/AK or K/AQ etc. it also has the minor added ...
What or Who Went Wrong?
Profound apologies only just seen this. Instead of escaping the relays 4 is always a sign off (asks partner to puppet to 4 as the start of a pass/place final contract) Note: the '4 sign off' bid only comes into play once full distribution is known ...

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