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Have you booked your rooms in Istanbul?
I am not going to comment on the politics but on the logistics/ admin. The venue was originally Opatija (Croatia), then moved to Kusadasi and now it’s apparently going to be Istanbul. Very interesting city but I might delay booking until a week before the event in case there ...
David Eddleston's bidding problem: AJ Q98 6 AQJ9743
This one looks familiar - is it from the ECL vs Northants at the weekend? I rebid 3 - 7th club and partial spade fit swayed me.
Gazilli Questions - Meaning of opener’s rebids of 3M and 3NT?
Sorry for some reason when I posted initially, all of my carefully prepared text disappeared! Now edited.
Necessary Shift
In the bidding, would it be completely reckless at these colours to try 3NT over 3 suggesting values just shy of a game force with at least 5-5 in the minors?
How good a 1651 hand needs to be to do 2 over 1 game force?
A good hand for playing (uncontested) 1 - 3 as natural invitational. If not playing that method, I’m sure I would stretch and respond 2 rather than 1NT as game could easily be cold opposite a suitable weak NT.
Range Stayman after a Protective 1NT?
David Gold recently wrote an article in English Bridge recommending 1NT as 11-16 after 1 any - pass - pass. Advancer’s 2 acts as a shape and range enquiry. After which, the rebids are as follows:- 2 = any 11-12, no 4-card major; 2M = 11-12, natural; 2NT = any 13-14 (now ...
Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
I’m not going to comment on the specific allegations against Mr Horton, but on the subject of plagiarism and on a lighter note, I’ve just come across the following:- “To an aspiring author who had hoped for praise, Dr. Johnson wrote: ‘Your manuscript is both good and original ...
Andy Bowles's bidding problem: Q6 AK97 8 A98752
I voted for 5. Let’s give the oppo the last guess.
Leaping Michaels over a Multi
Frances, this seems a good agreement, but how do you modify it after (2) - pass - (2M)? Passing with a big 2-suiter with diamonds and a major is less attractive now given the risk that 2M ends the auction.
Leaping Michaels over a Multi
Indeed! Now corrected.

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