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Utility of a 3-card super-accept raise over Jacoby Transfers and a Strong NT
Brett, if you don’t open a strong NT with Andy’s hand, assuming natural rebids, you have created a difficult (some would say impossible) rebid problem for yourself after 1 - 1M. Nor do you have a clear-cut rebid after 1 - 2.
4NT Natural
Andy, I have an agreement with at least one partner that 4NT in your 1st sequence should be natural. On the basis that a forcing 3 is available with 3-card spade support and that if responder wishes to set diamonds as trumps, responder bids 4. I haven’t ...
Is there an expert standard here?
Sorry I should have been clearer and have now edited the article. In the version of Bergen which I play, major suit raises become progressively from 2NT (GF/ Jacoby). So 3 is the limit raise and 3 is the mixed raise in each case with 4+ card trump ...
So, you're playing 2/1 with an expert partner with a not very extensive discussion period...
For me, the 2 rebid already confirmed 6 hearts in opener's hand, but that's a question of style of course. Depends on whether opener's reverses (e.g. 1 - 2 - 2 ) show extras - I now play that they don't and 2NT is the ...
Bermuda Bowl Q&A
Very enjoyable discussion, thanks both!
Principle of Fast Arrival
Michael, I would definitely rebid 3 with your example hand - 5 positive controls and the Q of trumps must be too good for fast arrival even with a "minimum".
Jacoby 2NT?
Maximum passed hand with 4-card support and some shape. Flat 4-card raises use Drury.
In the Well: Jeff Meckstroth
Jeff, Hi I remember watching you at the (now sadly defunct) Macallan invitational pairs in London around the turn of the century. If my memory is correct, you were partnering Tony Forrester and playing against Paul Chemla and the late Omar Sharif. I have a question concerning the serious 3NT ...
Peter Hasenson's bidding problem: A85 AJ63 AKJT5 Q
This would be an even tougher problem at unfavourable. At least they are going down in 100s. 2N is possible. If I double, one of two bad things is likely to happen - (I) partner bids clubs; or (2) oppo find their club fit.
Unlucky or naive?
Sorry Jeff, I am new to Bridge Winners (at least as a contributor) so I was blissfully unaware that these existed!
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