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How would you rule, and would you request a ruling?
Good to hear so many voices that are appalled by this. Unsportsmanlike conduct is an offence in many games (yellow card in football/soccer) These opponents are demonstrating it in spades, whatever age their opponents. Once the law sanctions this behaviour then the game is into its death spiral. Many ...
"Selling" bridge to the youth market
Steve I agree with you on this point: the Foundation I work for - dedicated to teaching bridge to kids and in schools - has twice turned down applications to fund bridge-playing children going abroad. The job is done already for them - they play bridge, they love it they are good at ...
We don't know why more young people aren't playing bridge
Dave - 100% agree. This is totally part of my agenda. Let the kids have the forcing pass - in my version of the bidding box there are Passes and there are Forcing Passes. I've been teaching in schools now for 18 months. At one school every single contract is doubled ...
We don't know why more young people aren't playing bridge
ACBL membership (or EBU membership) is not the desired outcome. Getting kids playing bridge is the desired outcome. The two are almost mutually exclusive IMO.
We don't know why more young people aren't playing bridge
It is certainly not a death spiral Nat - Amareshe, Morten Bilde and myself (and many others I'm sure) have some exciting and radical ideas that I am convinced will help bring the game to a younger audience. I wish to protect my ideas before I reveal them publicly. My ...
We don't know why more young people aren't playing bridge
It's a great app and getting better - Amareshe had to show me the solution to the first problem at the highest level (and I consider myself no slouch) - it was a one-suited squeeze hand.
We don't know why more young people aren't playing bridge
My dad taught me and my three siblings bridge. All four of us make a living out of bridge (my brothers a very good living indeed). Both parents now go on the bridge holidays my siblings offer and teach independently as well. All this because we were taught bridge and ...
Looking for more articles
This thread is like gold dust for me - thank you. I've just added a comment on the article below. I explain a little what I am up to.
gotta go viral ......
Thanks John - great videos. It all helps. Where are you based? Will you be in Toronto in July?
Help Wanted - NYC - Challenging Job - No Pay
I'm working on this in other countries - I hope to be able to provide a universal method in due course. I'm also building up a list of success stories in other countries which will help convince those in charge of youth education.
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