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Sireen Barakat
Sireen Barakat
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Sept. 17, 2015
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March 18, 2016
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Bridge Player
about me

Playing Bridge on and off since 1987 when I was 27. I got addicted at day one. I qualified to represent my country on the ladies team in 1988 in Venice. The team got canceled at the last minute but I was so excited to get to a world championship, and had been saving up for it for months, that I went anyway to watch. I did get to play a few matches on our open team.


I kept playing with the ladies team for a few years although my regular partner is a man. Eventually, I decided to play on the Open Team, and took a few years off from championships till our federation agreed to allow ladies on the open team in the nineties.


I have represented my country on the open team in a number of Zonal and World Championships, including twice in the Bermuda Bowl.


I retired early from the software industry in 2007, which gave me a lot more time to focus on bridge. It was very difficult to juggle my career and bridge. We used to play 4 handed so I had to play all the matches then spend a few hours working at the business center late at night. That was the only way I could take time off to travel and play championship bridge.


I had to take a second long hiatus to care for my late Dad in 2011. I started again in early 2015 and am still scraping the rust ;) I own hundreds of bridge books and am rereading them as fast as I can!


When I am not playing bridge, I play piano or draw.


I !H bridge


Bridge Information

Regular Bridge Partners
Marwan Ghanem
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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Your Opening 1NT Range
14+ to 17-
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
Bidding by beginners goes 2NT-P-P-P and dummy has 8 points. We pointed it out to them and they asked if we could let them play 3NT and we said sure. We managed to take 5 tricks on the lead and they asked if we could let them play 2NT after ...
Your Greatest Moment
All the firsts are magic moments: first tournament, first time we won a tournament, first internatonal game, first time I qualified to represent my country, first world championship, first trophy (I was young and reckless and blew half the prize money on a bottle of champagne at the gala dinner ...
Rules question: Can you open this 2!C strong?
In my country you can open it. Many players play 2 strong 9+ playing tricks. I used to play that but do not anymore. I would not open 2 with this it could lead to all sorts of disasters, but I have seen many players open 2 ...
weirdest Conventions and Treatments
Anything where 1NT-3NT is not natural my partner insisted we play that for a short spell until HE forgot it. He still suggests it every now and then but is only allowed to play it against me ;)
Best line in slam?
Qxx would be around 13 and would offset Qxxx with S which is around 5 so I still believe Line 1 is better but not when N has 6 Diamonds
Best line in slam?
I was just trying to get Line 1 to become higher than Line 2 I also did not look into 5-2 with N overruffing for the 6 Diamonds case. At the table once Line 1 goes over 50% I would go for it but if I knew N had 6 ...
Best line in slam?
Ignoring Q singleton I think it works out something like this...Line 1: 31.1 (4 with South) + 2/7x30.5 (Qx with either) + 7/15x31.1 (3 with South and trump with N) which is around 54% and better than finesse If N has 6 Diamonds then it becomes ...
Your worst mistake
Ah yes thank you Dale I have read both books :) Going to find them and read them again it has been a few years :)
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
Those french cards got me a few times...not seeing s the 1s and thinking the V are kings

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