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Sophie Ashton
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Aug. 29, 2013
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April 17
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Board 13, 9 April
Definitely not a reverse type hand! Maybe I just didn’t want to be declarer on board 13 for a change! :)
Board 30, 2 April: 2007 Bermuda Bowl Argentina vs USA1
Me too!
Board 31 from April 2 matches
Nice thinking about right siding the hand!
Board 22 - April 2nd Bermuda Bowl
I like 1D opening in 3rd seat - you have a suit, 10 points and a couple of 10s and hopefully partner won't hang you for any 3rd seat actions! My partner opened 1D and N overcalled 1NT at the table I bid 2S but think bidding 2C (both majors ...
Board 19 , April 2019
I like this theory too. Sartaj thinks it's even more the case when you open 2NT and partner tranfers to a major you and then bids 3NT...
Board 18 BB2007 2 April 19 Argentina v USA1
On this hand Anita you were really unlucky because I was napping. this is an auto 2S bid for me in this seat normally and perhaps you might have been content in 4C!
Board 4, 2nd April (USA1 v. Argentina)
I like your 1NT bid Barbara - it gets your hand off your chest and agree with a few others that S has a 3NT bid over 1NT. Sartaj recommends that you start inviting with good 7 counts opposite a 1NT overcall - because you're partner is more likely to have ...
BD 8 - March 26 - Italy vs Egypt
We played in 3D on this hand. I didn't open 2S, we only play weak 2s and in 2nd seat I feel like I'm pre-empting my partner more often than pre-empting the opposition. So generally my 2nd seat pre-empts are pretty reasonable. However, after the bidding had gone ...
Board 29 march 19 2007BB Brazil vs Netherlands
I've seen Ish pass with solid diamonds but the rest of his hand was "balanced" and he didn't hold an outside Ace... I don't know much more about the tactic though
Board 7 Set 1 Oz Match 20 March
Actually, thinking more about the bidding on this hand- I think east could never really expect their partner to cue... they know they hold both minor Kings so their partner has already lied about their reversing values even with x x AQJxx AQJxxxx where slam is cold... so it’s ...

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